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  1. Sorted today with my TA; they will transfer the booking to 2022 to as similar itinerary as possible; even offered an upgrade as incentive.
  2. I'm always impressed by the service I get from this TA whom I've used for about 10 years, but we're not allowed to reveal names on here are we? The personal call and the attention to detail from the cruise consultant were impressive.
  3. My TA rang me this morning. My FCC for both cancelled cruises (April 12th and May 31st) was available on my account so I used more than half of it to rebook for November 2021. The rest I'll think about and take a shorter cruise once cruising restarts. Regarding the half World Southampton to Sydney in January 2021 he agreed it might not happen, but we agreed to pay the balance in September and that we'd be upgraded and transferred to similar itinerary in 2022 instead. So more or less sorted. He didn't think October on Aurora would happen, and that my deposit would be rolled into my FCC (I only paid £50 because it was an onboard booking) if I decided not to pay balance in July.
  4. I'm on the first half of this, Southampton to Sydney with a friend. We are planning to pay, take the FCC and transfer the booking to 2022 or 2023.
  5. Well my 87 year old mother has definitely had the virus. She is a diabetic so you'd think she would be a greater risk. She has a week of being unwell, but described it as a mild illness. Now she knows for certain she feels a lot safer going out shopping.
  6. I got this email today; have been Baltic for the past 2 years but with 2 cancelled cruises and a 3rd likely in October, then I would have dropped back to caribbean, so I was pleased to see that loyalty points are protected for Baltic and Ligurian customers who would drop back through no fault of their own.
  7. I'm actually booked on Arcadia for a similar itinerary in JulyAugust 2021.
  8. Now had 2 cruises cancelled. Decided to take the FCC and get a better cabin on a 2021 cruise. Could I do it online? Could I hell! I refuse to phone their pay number. Might try the free one next week. And I WANT to spend my FCC with P and O!
  9. Far fewer cars where I am, though enough to make you wonder who will blink first when you're out for a walk; who will be forced into the road to distance. Got wind of the fact that a local was thinking of "reporting" my OH as his car disappears for a few hours each day. He is semi retired but currently printing stuff for the NHS who chose him as he has a little workshop and works alone so no risks. He also supports/shops for his 90 year old mother who is in isolation for 12 weeks. Apparently the "snitch" has received the message and is now slightly ashamed.
  10. Glass House steak with garlic and vine tomatoes! Oooh.
  11. I've had 2 in response to emails I sent in 2017 and 2018, both satisfactorily resolved at the time!
  12. I have just left a group I used to enjoy on a social media site; it used to be lighthearted, informative and a chance to have a go at our rather inefficient Council on occasions. However since this lunacy started it has become abusive, very aggressive, and if you don't follow the "received line" of gloom and doom you get death threats; I've had 6 since last week! In comparison, posters on here are angels if a bit doom-laden.
  13. Yes because both FCCs will be applied to my account, and when I rebook I can apply whatever is on my account, so I'm waiting till the 31st May Azura sailing is cancelled before I rebook though I've already chosen the cruise I want.
  14. I am meant to be on Azura at the end of May; don't think so. The combined FCC from these 2 ought to get me a good cabin for a future cruise next year or at the start of 2022.
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