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  1. Clodia

    Atmosphere on board

    Aurora is very popular and because of this they charge ridiculous prices for solos. I was quoted £6500 for a solo balcony and my reply was that I could go on Silversea for less than that. Bad move by P and O because next Autumn I am doing just that. It may be that I shall cruise less often but with the 6 star lines, if I like it. Still got several P and O cruises booked, but only one on Aurora, which is my favourite, because of the prices.
  2. Clodia

    Noise in Cabins by Lifts

    Have been three times in a midships balcony on Aurora very near the lifts and never heard any noise at all. Occasional dragging of chairs on the deck above when on A deck, but not enough to be more than mildly annoying.
  3. Clodia

    St Petersburg options?

    I have been to St Petersburg for 4 days on a land based tour so have seen all the main sights, but really didn't feel we got enough time at the Hermitage. Do either P and O or independents run a tour centring on the Hermitage as that's what I'd like to do on my Baltic cruise next spring.
  4. Clodia

    Embarkation day lunch

    The buffet generally stays open until about 4.30, and the Glass House will also be open; I ate there on my last cruise at about 2.30.
  5. Clodia

    Canary Islands shore excursions

    On Lanzarote the volcano trip is wonderful; I did it several years ago and I'm about to book it again in December on Oceana because it was so good, especially the drive around the rim of the crater. The Manrique Foundation is also a good trip to do under your own steam.
  6. Well I'm glad someone enjoyed that Ventura cruise! I thought it was the worst one I've ever done with P and O and absolutely hated Ventura; I have cancelled another cruise booked on her for 2019.
  7. I pre registered for a cruise on Arcadia last week while on Ventura; heard nothing yet. I'll be cross if all my cabin choices are gone by the time they contact me.
  8. Clodia

    Aurora 16th Sept missing lady

    Yes I am not arguing with the need to wake people and evacuate if there is a real emergency, merely observing that it spoils the freedom of cruising. The comment about Ventura reflects my experience: the twin Gods of "Elf" and "safety" do indeed loom large on Ventura in comparison to other ships. I am now seriously wondering whether or not I want to go on cruising if being woken at night is going to become a more frequent occurrence.
  9. Clodia

    Aurora 16th Sept missing lady

    I am just beginning to realise after over 20 years of cruising, that if someone "goes missing" (euphemism for gets drunk and goes to other cabin maybe) or someone needs a medical evacuation by helicopter, then you will be woken up. I am struggling to accept this. It just happened to me on Ventura and wrecked the entire cruise because of the circumstances and the fact that I was travelling alone. There is clearly nothing I can do about it, though I have complained to P and O about the way things were done on Ventura, and I suspect it is going to end my cruising days.
  10. Clodia

    Rating the ships

    Aurora Arcadia Oceana Azura Oriana Britannia and having got off Ventura yesterday, have crossed her off the list forever. Still trying to get through to my travel agent to cancel booked cruise on her in 2019 and rebook another ship.
  11. Clodia

    P & O Alcohol Policy

    If you don't want to risk breakages, do what the Americans do and decant into a plastic bottle like a rum runner, sealing the top well, then fold into a towel, jumper or fleece. Very secure, lighter in weight and also (if you're bothered) not detectable by scanners, hence Americans use them to smuggle spirits onboard. I personally don't use mine a lot because I use the Baggage Handling Company and they ask you not to pack alcohol in your case, so I take my bottle of Absolut vodka or the brandy I prefer in my hand luggage and buy something different from Room Service.
  12. Clodia

    Service charge ending!

    I have 3 cruises booked before next May, one starting this weekend. I am going to remove the service charge and tip in cash until May. It's unlikely it will be £7 per day. After May I'll assume staff are being paid fairly and only tip for exceptional service.
  13. Clodia

    Taking alcohol on board

    I had a reply from P and O regarding the variety of brands stocked; they asked me to include on my questionnaire a comment on which brands I wanted them to stock; if there is enough demand they will be made available from Room Service. They accepted my point on few brands of vodka or brandy as I can only take one aboard being a solo cruiser.
  14. Clodia

    Free WiFi

    I co-run a small business so do need to be in touch every few days. I never pay for wifi as it's so expensive. If I can't find a coffee shop or bar ashore with free wifi, I pay £1 for a day's data which is enough to deal with any emails etc.
  15. I am already booked on Aurora for May 19, did it when booking opened and reasonable price for solo occupancy of midships balcony. I think if I want to go on her again in 2020 I'll have to book while I'm on Ventura in September!