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  1. I was on the September 15th Spirit cruise and no smartphone guides were used on excursions.
  2. I like a reasonably firm mattress (not a super firm one) and find Silversea beds just right. Perhaps if you like a really soft mattress it might be a bit firm, but I'm sure my butler told me last time that alternatives were available if it wasn't right for me.
  3. I contacted Silversea because I am genuinely exempt due to a disability. They have informed staff, my butler and shore excursion staff, and asked me to wear my sunflower lanyard when boarding and walking around the ship, which I'm happy to do.
  4. Glad it's back! Booked my excursions for next week. Restaurant bookings were all still there once I'd changed my password.
  5. Me too, except my sailing is next week! I thought I'd be able to get onto My Silversea by now; looks like I might be booking excursions onboard, or just not bothering..
  6. No. I just managed to upload my covid pass before the outage and received an eticket hours later, but nothing about luggage tags. No good at the terminal because I've booked my case with the Baggage Handling Company who now cover Silversea in Southampton, and they're collecting it on Tuesday 7th. As I'm therefore packing it tomorrow I've made some temporary labels and slid them inside the plastic label holders attached to my case. Also the Baggage Handling Company label has my suite number written on. I sail on the altered 15th September itinerary. That will have to do...
  7. No information apart from the email. I just assumed there would be no further labels but I could be wrong. Got all my documents and going to Southampton. We will see how it goes. It all feels a bit surreal.
  8. Bit difficult if you're in the UK. All I've been sent is an eticket, and that after I struggled just before their systems went down to upload my covid vaccination record to Silversea. I'm getting a new suitcase tomorrow because mine is at the end of its well travelled life, and I'll have to buy one with luggage tags attached to put my cabin number on.
  9. I now have the email. The itinerary is VERY different from the one I booked: no Torquay, Channel islands, France, Hamburg or Amsterdam. Instead it's mainly Scotland, with only Falmouth in England and Fishguard in Wales. Scottish ports are Glasgow, Edinburgh, Oban, Dundee and the islands of Stornaway and Kirkwall. Of course as My Silversea is still down I cannot book any excursions; I assume the ones I'd booked in the cancelled ports will automatically be cancelled, and I assume my restaurant bookings will still be on there otherwise that's going to be a right nuisance! I was offered a refund or 110% future cruise credit in the email. As I've booked baggage transfer, train and hotel the night before I've decided to go and see how it is. At least no flying is involved so only a pre boarding test.
  10. I'm on the 15th September cruise and haven't received a message; wouldn't have known without this site. I am not that worried and did suspect it would turn into a UK only cruise, but lack of communication IS a worry...
  11. I have a lanyard and a badge and am quite prepared to show them if it makes life easier for staff at the terminal or onboard.
  12. All of your comments about staying locked up at home etc because I am genuinely exempt from mask wearing are unlawful disablist hate speech and have been reported. I have enough problems being disabled without this amount of hate. I am removing myself from this forum for the sake of my mental health, What a nasty bunch you are!
  13. I am genuinely exempt and have been told I will need a doctor's letter, which is against the Law. My GP said that doctors are NOT issuing letters because the Law says they don't have to. So between a rock and a hard place, I shall have to cancel. Currently consulting with the EHRC over disability discrimination.
  14. I'm not that bothered about £50 actually; it's the remaining £2000 I'm not paying to be restricted. I would just charge back to annoy P and O
  15. I am booked for July 2021. it might all be over by then, but it was a booking done 2 years ago to get a single balcony cabin. Balance will be due in April; if it looks as though these restrictions will be in place I intend not to pay, and to charge back my credit card for the deposit ( which was small).
  16. A lot of the cases in the north east were students being tested; many were asymptomatic which is why it seemed to spread so quickly. I've just had a message from Durham university ( I do a bit of work for them) that cases are now falling. They did lock down any affected "bubbles" immediately.
  17. On Sunday I booked Southampton to Sydney on Aurora for 2022. I had worked out to the nearest £ how much FCC I should have based on a cancelled fully paid cruise and 2 deposits, the one for the half world 2021 quite large. To my surprise the TA I used gave me the amount correct to the £ and used it against my new booking. So now they owe me nothing.
  18. I have rum runners; they really work well. If I want something that the ship doesn't sell then I may use them. Wrapped in clothing they are not easily identifiable by scanners. That is the point. More popular spirits are sold at good prices onboard for drinks on the balcony. I suspect I may be doing more balcony drinking on my next cruise rather than try to find seats in a bar.
  19. Yes I am going to try Saga when things get going again. I am stuck with P and O till early 2022 because of the number of cancelled cruises this year, but I tried Silversea last year, liked it very much and have another booked for the end of 2021. Saga sounds like good value with a 50% supplement instead of near 100%. 2 of my rebooked cruises with P and O are with a friend so prices weren't too bad.
  20. One of my earliest memories was watching a Cunard ship edge into the Pier Head in Liverpool. I told my Dad that when I was grown up i was going on one of those, and he replied that they were "Only for rich people, not for the likes of us". I was determined to cruise from that moment on; perhaps explains why I've done over 30 now. And it does sound as if we are heading back to "only for the rich" with the prices changing as they are.
  21. We just booked it through a TA and yes it was applied. It's Aurora not Arcadia which suits me.
  22. Likewise; my friend and I were booked from Southampton to Sydney ( also retirement celebrations) and we really didn't want to go as there will still be so many restrictions, but nor did we want to lose over £1500 each that we had paid as deposit. Now we can use 125% of that against a future cruise. We'll re book for 2022 or 2023 instead.
  23. The noise of the ship's wake as we cruise out to open sea. I dreamed of it last night and woke up crying when I realised it was just a dream!
  24. That is a wonderful cruise; i did it on Oriana a few years ago. Something to look forward to.
  25. I don't think we need to judge other people. I will definitely have the vaccination asap, as it will help everyone return to normal and enable me to cruise again. I have a disability which makes it impossible for me to tolerate a mask or face covering, and I get very upset when people are judgemental or bully me for something I cannot change. As Lockdown eases for most, it becomes a greater prison for me.
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