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  1. They have been the line with the problems though. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Ahhh there it is I must be blind. Wonder what will happen with my cruise out of Venice this summer? Hopefully things will have settled down by then. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Why yes I have. Still don’t see Italy. Lots of people visit Italy then get on cruise ships. And also fly back home. RC has banned them from boarding which seems like the smart thing to do. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. So Royal has already banned people from Italy, Iran, China, Korea from boarding. Why isn't NCl doing this as well?
  5. Hi. I am planning to book with RC and we were told we would get free drinks in the casino. My husband gambles and I do very little. Is there a bar in there where we can just walk up and get drinks to go or do we have to be playing?
  6. We used Urcomped for Celebrity, and no perks. When I call NCL Casinos at Sea I always get whatever promotions they have going on which works out well but you have to pay Admin fees and taxes. But our Celebrity Mediterranean cruise only cost us like $200 through Urcomped which is fantastic. I heard of casinoconnections which I plan to look up.
  7. We are talking at least 18 months out, trials need to begin for safety and effectiveness. I wouldn't put all your eggs in that basket though, don't expect it to be more effective then the current flu vaccine (not very effective).
  8. We would have 3 devices but I think my husband and I could share and get our daughter her own. So is this correct, we would get the 2 device plan and my husband and I could share logging on and off. Or would it force us to get 3 device plan?
  9. Hi, I have not booked yet, and can't seem to find a current price list for the internet packages anywhere. Is anyone willing to post a screenshot please? Thanks so much!
  10. So I wonder what they will be doing about cruises leaving from Venice. Technically we would all be traveling into Venice.
  11. I'm also thinking of booking this ship too. The reviews have been pretty poor lately with talk of awful food, dirty common soaces, worn out carpet/outdated cabins, rude staff. I realize some people are extremely picky and will never be happy and lots of people do negative reviews while the good aren't seen. Is the ship really that bad? I'm hoping not.
  12. Ha! Well, thought maybe the time of year had calmer seas.
  13. Another question, this cruise goes to GSC 2 times and Nassau one day. I'm reluctant to book after seeing how often GSC is cancelled. I wouldn't want to get stuck only going to Nassau this entire cruise. Does anyone know how the seas are in Bahamas in mid April?
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