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  1. Yes I realize that. Just wanted a general idea even if it’s a 7 night cruise.
  2. Hi all. I have not been on Royal in quite some time, but am thinking of booking a short 3-4 night cruise. I cannot find internet plan prices. Can someone post it please?
  3. We went back and forth on the excursions. There wasn’t a whole lot of info at our time of booking until I started seeing some people post pictures. We went to the excursion desk to switch the cave/blue hole to Gordon’s beach and we’re very happy with that. Though I heard others liked the blue hole. We did something similar in Turks and Caicos (the wall) and it kind of freaked me out. I really wanted to do a 1/2 day on the water in Exuma but not the pigs. All the outside excursions wanted a full day or they had no room. The Crystal 1/2 day was full. Oh well. I will tell you, walking around for any length of time was HOT. Like sweat dripping down our backs hot. We walked from our Air B&B to get take out and man we were dripping. And also the Exuma tour day. The Nassau tour wasn’t too bad because we were getting in and out of the van. We are also from MA and not accustomed to that kind of heat, though we have had some humid days this summer 😁
  4. The darn bracelets were always coming off. My hubby kept his in his pocket often.
  5. Haha. Well the first flight to FLL was ok. The second flight to CT was delayed so we didn’t land until after 1:00am 😳. Oh the joys of travel. I woke up this morning expecting my cappuccino to be ready and waiting for me, no such luck. The guys in the Marketplace were fantastic, knowing what we wanted (cappuccino and fresh squeezed OJ) as soon as we came in and getting it ready for us. Speaking of marketplace the breakfast buffet was the same every day, but sufficient for us.
  6. We got to the airport at 1:30pm and had no lines at all at JetBlue or TSA pre check line. Customs was fast as well so now we have time to kill. Maybe afternoons are better.
  7. End of our cruise has come , boo! We have heard a good amount of guests are staying an extra week and one person 3 weeks, lucky! We stopped in Freeport yesterday to fuel up. We didn’t end up leaving until 2:00am so we were late getting into Nassau this morning, about 8:30am. We had a 6:00pm flight so it was fine for us. They did seem to get everyone off quickly though. We took a 3 hour tour with Cheryl’s taxi and tours. We enjoyed it, went to Tasty Tea, rum cake store, Harley Davidian store, bat cave, paradise island, queens staircase, general driving around to see the homes and sites. Got to the airport at 1:30. It was super easy checking into JetBlue, no line. Dropped off baggage and did TSA precheck, again no line. Customs was also painless and quick. Maybe getting to the airport in the afternoon is much less busy. So I’m now waiting around for my flight. Bon voyage to all those cruising!!
  8. We tested on our own Wednesday and flew on Friday morning. We did this to avoid getting a positive result before boarding the ship. It’s no guarantee of course but have a bit of peace of mind. Our turn around time for PCR in MA has been good, like 12 hours.
  9. Hi my husband had a massage today and was able to use the steam room after it. We are a 100% vaccinated cruise though, not sure if that will Change or not.
  10. Yes we are interested in Boston to Bermuda cruise too, we live in Ma. I do miss some of the activities that NCL has, you won’t find as many activities on Crystal. But it is a different demographic they cater to so it makes sense. We got our negative Covid tests yay!! We can fly home tomorrow. The longer I am on this cruise the more I appreciate the staff and Crystal itself. We did decide to tip a few folks who made us feel extra special. The casino staff is great too if you frequent that area (we did 😁). And we did pretty well in there.
  11. Our dinner at Umi uma was excellent. We had the lobster tempura, rock shrimp, Nobu Lobster and wagu steak. And of course dessert. Chocolate soufflé with sesame ice cream was to die for. We left very full and happy, a couple pics below. I think the longer we are on the cruise the more we appreciate it. All of the staff really stands out. We have our antigen test this morning, keeping fingers crossed. Another thing, do not miss the Cabaret show with James Fox in the Stardust, he and the band are unbelievable. They play a good variety of Billy Joel, Eagles, and others.
  12. Thursday we got up early and took the first shuttle To Gordon’s Beach. It was well worth the drive, a totally unspoiled and gorgeous beach. There is a food/drink shack if you get hungry. We picked a bunch of colorful shells to take back. We skipped the blue hole but know of people who did both beaches. It’s possible if you get an early start. Came back and went to a late lunch at Silk. The Chinese chicken salad was wonderful and my hubby loved the beef dish. In fact he had 2 servings. I have to say, we Love the people we are meeting. We are Constantly waving at our cruise mates and chatting with them. Same with the staff, they now know us and seem so happy to see us. It’s a great feeling. We go to Umi Uma tonight, very excited. Oh the Brazilian steakhouse was good last night, so much food!
  13. Linda I also liked the paella! And loved the beach at Bimini beach club. The sand was so soft and water so clear and blue.
  14. We took the snorkel tour today in San Salvador. The variety of fish was decent, we saw a baby stingray and a couple eels. Not as good as some of our Caribbean snorkeling but we enjoyed it nonetheless. We then spent some time at the beach next to the pier. It does have some rocks, so our water shoes helped here. Security spotted a shark so we all had to get out of the water. Turns out it was only a small nurse shark wandering around so we were able to go back in. We also had some conch fritters that were pretty good. They have servers coming around to get whatever you want to eat and drink. We made our way back to the ship and got an ice cream in a waffle cone. They don’t advertise the cones so ask for it, they are good 😊. The ice cream quality is good, better then other cruise lines I have been on. We are eating at the Brazilian steakhouse tonight!
  15. We decided to take the Exuma island tour today since we are going snorkeling tomorrow. I bought a few souvenirs at the straw market and a little boutique shop. Not too much to see here. We stopped for a mini Junkanoo show and also had a good buffet lunch. We were tired after being out in the heat so we just went back to The ship and relaxed by the pool area. The service is unbelievable especially with such a low number of guests. Sadly we overheard one of the staff say that some staff was sent home due to this ☹️. Tomorrow we hope to have good snorkeling in San Salvador.
  16. We just dined at Prego, my favorite so far. Superb food and service. Pics of the beetroot ravioli and mushroom soup.
  17. You’re right it does feel eery at times. So few people which isn’t a bad thing with Covid and all but still strange.
  18. I didn’t see a pillow menu but she brought us extra pillows. Not firm but 2 pillows are working for me.
  19. I’m sitting the The Bistro enjoying a vanilla latte and chocolate crossaint (sp?). This is becoming a favorite place of mine. We had a nice dinner at Silk last night, chicken curry and lamb chops. We have been craving for some Indian food and the curry fit the bill. We plan on requesting some Indian food in the dining room soon. Yesterday our room steward took the initiative to re-route the CPAP extension cord around behind the bed so it wasn’t a trip hazard, very nice! The comedian and white party were fun last night, drinks are also done very well here. !
  20. I see something called Tour de Cycle. That may be a Spin class.
  21. We liked Cheryl’s Taxi and tours. We used them for airport pick up as well as from our Air B&B to Baha Mar. Prompt and private.
  22. Oh and also super excited to go to the laundry room on my deck and use the iron. It heated really fast, I will also be using the laundry machines this week as well. There is detergent, fabric softener and spray starch. Seems silly but the little things get me excited 😆
  23. Hello. I have been posting on these board in preparation for our trip. We are in our upper 40s and have cruises with RCL, Disney, NCL, Celebrity and Carnival with NCL being traveled the most frequent. So far Celebrity Edge is our favorite ship. We stayed at an Air B&B the night before the cruise then checked Into the Baha Mar convention center at 2:15. We were early but it wasn’t crowded and no one cared. We forgot our printed boarding passes (duh) so had to fill out some paperwork. We got swabbed and got our negative results in 15 minutes. Woo-hoo! We were nervous even after getting a PCR test at home on Wednesday to make sure. We had a little snack and waited about 20 minutes for the shuttle bus. We got on the shuttle went onto the Serenity we went. Whole process took about and hour. We were very pleased with the service and friendliness of the staff. Staff says our cruise only has about 350 people so it feels empty at times. We were the only ones in the Stardust listening to a lovely band. Though Avenue Six was packed with people listening to the piano player. We didn’t stay too long. The casino was small but we did pretty well. We had nice fish dinners at Waterside. So far I would say food is on par with Celebrity, maybe a bit better presentation. But we only had one meal and then lunch at Trident today. Dinner at Silk tonight. We liked Bimini Beach Club. We had a garden cabana which probably wasn’t necessary, plenty of umbrellas and chairs by the pool and beach for free. The ocean was beautiful, nice soft sandy bottom. Not much as far as fish, hoping to see more in the coming days. The pool was kind of warm not very refreshing but we still enjoyed it. Yes there is music but you can go down toward the other end and it won’t be so loud. We have an ocean view room (the cheap seats) and it is fine nothing special compared to other cruises we have been on. Celebrity was a little nicer and modern, maybe because it’s a newer ship. Beside the bed are European outlets, no adapters available. So we had to get an extension cord for hubby’s CPAP machine. Of course we didn’t notice until late. The ship is nice, we like the lounges by the windows (can’t remember names of everything yet). We still like the Edge better, so many sitting areas, nooks and crannies and the gorgeous Eden area. Can’t help but compare a bit. I also miss the energy of NCL. This is a different experience and we like it. Staff is remarkable here, always someone to help and bring you whatever you want 😁. Will post more tomorrow!
  24. I just got back and no they do not. You can use any pool or beach chair/umbrellas.
  25. That’s so strange about Bimini. We are here at the beach club now and there is no charge to sit at the pool or beach umbrellas/chairs. The water is really nice, sandy bottom no rocks. Maybe there was a miscommunication.
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