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  1. LauraLap

    Falmouth Pay It Forward Volunteer RCCL Excursion

    I was thinking of doing the same with my family, but I haven't seen much about it.
  2. We just left Vision two days ago! She was in great shape, the food and service was top notch, I was pleasantly surprised. However, if you are looking for a ship with tons of activities, this is not the right ship. We had 4 sea days, and all were spent reading and eating (with kids in the kids club). The pool was so packed, and it was saltwater with many kids splashing the saltwater into our eyes, that we used it once and never again. The kids did some rock-climbing, but there is only so much rock climbing one can do! However, the itinerary was once in a lifetime amazing! We didn't do it for the ship at all. If you know going in you are there for the ports, don't set your expectations as high as you would on other class ships, you will enjoy your cruise. For us, it was the best trip of our lives! And we've been on many. :)
  3. Have fun in Paris Nicole! We are doing Paris pre-trip so would love to hear all about your Paris travels as well :) I have a question - Did you need a Visa in Turkey?? There seems to be some ambiguity as to whether or not we need the temporary visa. Thanks :)
  4. I've been following along as well as I'm taking this same ship/itinerary in July! I'm so sorry you had to miss your port in Santorini - how disappointing!! :( I hope the rest of your cruise is amazing. Thanks for letting us join in.
  5. LauraLap

    Paris to Barcelona via TGV

    [quote name='sddsddean']If you are thinking about doing it, read this first [URL]http://www.seat61.com/Paris-to-Barcelona-by-TGV-train.htm#Paris_-_Barcelona_TGV_Timetable[/URL] especially the bit about splitting tickets...could save you over 40% of the price. Its all worth reading...Mark knows his stuff! We went on the overnight Elipsos train 6 years ago, but I see this has now been taken out of service as the TGV has replaced it. Simon[/QUOTE] Wow, this has great info, thanks! He actually has info on how to do it overnight. It seems less riskier as it would have us arriving 2 hours earlier. It may be a bit painful to do with two kids though.....
  6. LauraLap

    Paris to Barcelona via TGV

    I'm curious to know if anyone has tried doing this....taking the TGV from Paris to Barcelona on the day of embarkation.
  7. Love this review!!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.
  8. LauraLap

    Anyone been denied The Vibe?

    Are the Vibe passes 79 dollars each person or per cabin?
  9. LauraLap

    2 day cruises from NYC

    The Breakaway is going to Bermuda Spring/Summer 2013
  10. OK, thanks all - you made me feel better about it. Just a good excuse for another cruise I guess :)
  11. We just got off the Enchantment to Bermuda yesterday and had a wonderful time. The exception was one night in which we were awoken at around 3:30am with what seemed to be a drilling/sawing sound. This went on for maybe an hour or so. We were informed there was nothing they could do about this because they were fixing pipes, it just happened to be right above our cabin. For our troubles we were given some sort of certificate for 20% off our next cruise (at current cruise prices). So at most this will be 250 dollars or so. We really would have preferred OBC, but guest relations would not budge and said this was the best they could do. We also got a Next Cruise certificate (bought it before this happened) and I'm hoping I can combine the two but not sure as it seemed so confusing! Has anybody received this sort of discount before and have you had any trouble using it or combining with other discounts?
  12. I love to read on my balcony on my cruises but - EEKS! - we got an inside cabin for our next cruise. Does anyone have any suggestions for a great place to sit and read?
  13. LauraLap

    Nickelodeon Gem

    Is there a character breakfast or is that just on the Jewel?
  14. LauraLap

    Nickelodeon Gem

    I would love to see it as well!
  15. I'll be on the Gem, but it is odd that it leaves right on NYE! We would have been driving all day with the kids from Toronto, so we may be a bit pooped. We may decide to drive halfway and stop, we'll see. I'm excited! We're surprising the kids! :)