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  1. I cancelled March 12th and have still not received anything. Well, I received FCC but not the refund. I called on Monday and was assured that it is coming soon. I cancelled a Celebrity cruise March 23 and refund came on Monday (April 6th). I have a final payment coming up and I'm forced to cancel because I don't trust they'll refund if they cancel the cruise. So now I'm going to end up with more FCC - ugh!
  2. Nothing for me - will be 4 weeks on Wednesday that I cancelled. I called (again) today and it is supposedly coming soon....
  3. 1. Yes, you can sit on the FCC until you are ready, but you have to cruise by December 2021. 2. When you make your new booking, it will take on the rules you book with. I.e. if you book with a refundable or non-refundable rate. The FCC has no bearing on that. Think of it as a large gift card 🙂
  4. If you take your own luggage off, you'll be fine. We're usually off really early.
  5. Agreed... Years ago we flew in day before cruise. The flight was delayed and we barely made our connection at Ohare. Picture us running through Ohare to make our connection (I wouldn't be able to run these days!) and I looked over at my husband and said "If we're running this fast, our luggage is not!". I was right. The luggage didn't make it. It came to us at 10am the next morning at the hotel. I would never fly in day of after that!
  6. I would also take The Tube to Tower Hill and then walk from there. It's so easy to use, and also everyone is soooo helpful (and bonus, they speak english!).
  7. I don't think you can go wrong. We stayed in the Kensington area and loved it there. But next time we want to try being closer to the "action". The Kensington area has so many wonderful places to walk around and enjoy. 🙂
  8. We stayed at Hotel Citadel. It was affordable, breakfast was actually really good and it was close. We walked from the train station there, I want to say it was a 5-10 mins walk? Not super easy but doable, and we had fun dodging all the bikes. It was very close from there to walk to to the canal cruise (We did the lovers canal cruise wine and cheese) and to the Anne Frank house in the morning. It did not have air conditioning though! They did have large fans. We managed, it was worth it for the location and price.
  9. Sounds like a great itinerary! I'm different in that I actually would go into Paris, especially if you and the kids haven't done it before. If you have been recently or plan on going then maybe skip it and do Normandy. I definitely find on European cruises, given the older crown, the dress code is closer followed. My DH does not like to dress up, he wears golf shirts, and I've seen a few dirty looks - ha ha. I always wear a dress, but nothing fancy. In Brugges, we did the orange umbrella walking tour... it was a few hours and it was great. We took pre-arranged taxi into town. We also managed to walk around the market, eat chocolate and eat Belgium waffles. As for activities on the ship, I think you'll still find there are things to do even if it is a bit cool. You'll be so wiped out from your excursions, I find I don't have as much energy on a European cruise. I prefer to rest on the off days, personally. I also love sitting in a hot tub when it's cool outside! Have a great time!
  10. My very first cruise had Richard Spacey. We really loved him and it's been downhill with cruise director's since then!
  11. I prefer balconies, but we also book insides as well. The best thing about them is how wonderful and easy it is to sleep with no light! When I book an inside I make sure to scope out a good relax spot to read elsewhere on the ship. I really don't mind it at all.
  12. I'm not sure... but it kept malfunctioning and I eventually gave up. We had 4 of them and they rarely worked for us on Harmony.
  13. They are no Magic Bands I can tell you that! Not even close if that's what you're expecting. Ours were a pain. They never worked, they couldn't be used to charge anything so we still had to carry our card around. Not sure what the point was, really.
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