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  1. Enjoy following your posts as usual. Will be sailing the Ruby later next month & have a few questions if you have the time & Internet minutes to answer I would greatly appreciate the info. 1. When does the Commodore disembark for leave? 2. Who is the piano player in Crooners? 3. Names of Head Waiters/ Asst. Md onboard? 4. Are there still port day reduced prices in the Spa? Thanks so much. Hope you enjoy the remainder of your cruise!
  2. Just got a email from Rui. He is at home in Portugal for the holidays. No reassignment yet for next year. He is one of my favorites also.
  3. Hey Good To Go....... This Doggatini will join you on that cruise across the pond!
  4. Bon voyage to all on the T/A. Have enjoyed the posts to date and am looking forward to more. If anyone onboard runs into Head Waiter Rui, could you please ask him if he will remain through the end of the year? Not sailing the Royal until December and am hoping he will still be there. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for another "Live From". Looking forward to hearing your thoughts & comparisons. Hope you have calm seas and fair winds. Please say hello to Pasquale for me. I know he's heading home in November so I will not see him when I board in Dec. if you get a chance, Please ask Head Waiter Rui if he will still be aboard thru the end of the year. Have a great cruise!
  6. That is the correct recipe from the deck of cards. I also like it with the Citron Vodka & sometimes exchange the cranberry juice with pomegranite.
  7. Couldn't agree more Shogun. Always remember.................................. There's no such thing as a bad cruise, just some that are better than others.
  8. Hi Jan. I have a deck of cards from the Original CROONERS Bar on the Coral Princess that has drink recipes on them. I believe they are still sold onboard. Were you looking for a specific one???
  9. We will also be on the Feb 28th Ruby cruise. Godwyn is scheduled to be back onbaord after a few months off but not sure which anytime dining room he will be assigned to. Just check both and he will be out front in one of the two anythime DR. Yes, he was also on the Crown back a few years ago so I'm sure he's the one you remember. Hope you have a wonderful cruise & maybe we'll run into each other.
  10. Your Pixs make it look unbelievable!! How far is it from the cruise ship pier and what would a taxi cost???
  11. Billy is currently onboard the Ruby in the Med
  12. Pia How many days did the 1st, 2nd & 3rd most traveled passengers have if you missed it by 9 days???
  13. I can also concur with Kal. Have done business with Touch of Gold for over 15 yrs now and have always been completely satisfied. Last trip there in May had my friend along who manages a jewelry store here in the States, and she bought several pieces of tanzanite there because it was a better quality and less expensive than she could get at "cost" or at the jewelry shows. My suggestion is to look around and price at several places before making a purchase.They are very willing to deal here and you can get some great buys!!
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