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  1. I received that email yesterday, I went into email this morning to take the survey (it would not have been a good report) and it said my time to reply to the survey had expired. So much for telling Princess what I really think of them.
  2. I ALWAYS get statements like that in writing from Princess, if they won't give it to me I don't bite on what they are offering. Just a warning, it has been my experience with Princess that there are times when they won't even accept the written statement - SO BEWARE.
  3. I am thinking about using EZair now on my May 22 cruise, since I think the cruise is still iffy and don't want to really buy the tickets through the airline this far out. The price on EZair is close to the price by the airline, but this way I don't have to pay for them until February. My questions : do you know if I do it now are my flights really booked , or does Princess not really book them until some time later, like 90 or 45 days before the flight? And when in the timeline between now and May do I really know that I have the flights with a confirmation etc?
  4. By the way, the Grand does have center stairs.
  5. JBJ48 - First thing---do what you want to do, I was just trying to be helpful Second thing---take whatever you read or hear from Princess with a grain of salt, no matter what they tell you, all decks on balconies are not the same The balconies on decks 11 & 12 (Baha and Aloha) are identical, they are both under cover from the weather and are the 46 sq ft variety (approx 5 feet deep and the width of the cabin). The balconies on deck 10 (Caribe) are approx 9-10 feet deep and the width of the cabin, with the closest half of the balcony to your room being under cover (it is the floor of the balcony of the cabin above yours on deck 11. The outer 5 feet of those balconies are exposed to the weather, but overall it is twice as big as the Aloha balconies. The balconies on deck 9 (Dolphin) are the same size as the Caribe balconies, but they are all Mini-Suites. I would also suggest that you read cr8tiv1's reply re:issues being under the Lido deck. I know you have not been on an Alaska cruise before, and you mentioned spending a lot of time on the Lido deck on other cruises, believe me an Alaska cruise IS NOT the same as being in the Caribbean. Only the bravest of souls are hanging around outside on the Lido deck near the pools, the air temp and winds when sailing are not conducive to sunbathing. At least on your own deck you can see the scenic beauty of Alaska while having the balcony dividers to break the wind. Depending where you are on the Aloha deck, look on the Lido deck plans and see what may be above you, with the exception of the front part of the ship, 80% of Lido deck would have chairs and tables overhead (either around the pools or in the Horizon Court). That is the issue with being under the Lido deck. AGAIN THOUGH, YOU DO WHATEVER 'YOU' WANT , I will say this, you made the right choice in taking the land portion first and the cruise part second.
  6. Why did you choose deck 12 (Aloha)? If it is because you wanted to be just below the Lido deck then it is just fine. But...... if you are looking for a quieter setting (not right under the Lido deck) AND would like a balcony that is twice as big.... half covered from the elements and half uncovered....I would suggest moving to deck 10 (Caribe)---{same price} This is only a suggestion but have cruised to Alaska 13 times and a bigger deck is much nicer since Alaska is a SCENIC CRUISE.
  7. Fortunately our next 4 cruises are all in 2022 starting in January. I have been trying for weeks to get stuff loaded for our January cruise and have obviously not had the same luck that others have had. As of yesterday I gave up. I am hoping that since US cruising starts back tomorrow that this app will be working for me before too long, since I still have some time to get it straight. I really feel for those who are taking these early Alaska cruises who still have things messed up. I do pray that they are still accepted on their cruise and not turned away because of this app, they are the real losers in all of this, and Princess doesn't seem to care.
  8. With the direction they are heading regarding their loyal customers, they may very well be out of business by then.
  9. This has not been my experience. I would say that was the case for my first 20-25 cruises with Princess, but since then (about 5 years ago) when I ask for berries (I tell them any kind of berries) they always give me the same answer: 'We don't have any for guest consumption in the dining room, they are needed in the pastry kitchen.' Like everything else of late at Princess, going, going, gone down-hill.
  10. That is one of the reasons I cancelled my August booking to Alaska. It is like shooting at a moving target. Initially Princess said they would be 'fully vaccinated cruises' then they changed their minds. Who knows, they may change their mind again tomorrow or whenever THEY want. I would say there is no guarantees regarding 'walking off the ship on your own' until the very day that you want to get off the ship. My final payment was due, and there was no way I would give Princess more of my $ and having to live with whatever rules THEY decide to put in place. I no longer have any confidence in Princess and I definitely don't trust them. If this is the way they are going to operate after having no business for the last 16 months, how will they be in the future.
  11. After watching the John Chernesky webinar, where Princess was the only line to lie to us about 'ALL VACCINATED CRUISE', I decided that I have ha enough with Princess. All they do is lie through their teeth and they think we will live with it. Well I am not going to that. It was time when my Alaska cruise was due for final payment (60 day before sailing), and I decided to cancel. Who knows what rules etc. Princess will change before that sailing, at the rate its going there will be a lot of changes with Princess. I was not about to give them full payment now, not knowing if I will ever get to sail on the cruise with whatever new rules they put in place. I booked because Princess said it would be a FULLY VACCINATED CRUISE, and of course we know now that this is not the truth. I am not about to give them any more of my $, they have far too much of my money already. With 40 cruises with Princess it is hard to give up the perks, but it is time to switch to a different cruise.
  12. Thanks, can you post something on this topic when you find out what some of those new rules will be (I don't currently use a TA)
  13. Does anyone really know if vaccinated passengers on these Alaska cruises will have to show a negative covid test prior to boarding? Of course I understand that all of these things change on a daily basis, but it makes a difference to me today on deciding to book or not.
  14. Well we know that 2021 is OUT for Alaska and New England cruises. I wouldn't be at all surprised that other ports of call won't let ships in until 2022.
  15. The hard part for me is getting to and from Vancouver. My airline of choice does not fly there. And Princess is not offering a TRANSFER from the Seattle airport.
  16. went once several years back, and have not gone back since. It was pretty bad. Sent the first meal back, and decided to try something else on the menu, it was just as bad.
  17. Loreni, I think I fell into about 12 of those 17 categories. After 50+ cruises on Princess, I plan to never cruise again. For us cruising was FUN, but it doesn't sound like fun in the future, actually frightful. We have already planned 3 other types of vacations for later in 2020 and early 2021, Princess isn't going to get us back.
  18. I read in some other post last week that Princess was going to have a 48 hour sale on Alaska cruises in the 2021 season starting on August 11. Either it didn't happen, or their SALE PRICES are higher than the last time I checked on an Alaska cruise.
  19. I am glad to see a lot of meaningful thought went into all of your plans about cruising in the future. It gives me hope that not all cruisers are willing to RISK IT ALL just to be cruising again.
  20. Even Americans can't get back home after 5 months stuck at sea. https://www.foxnews.com/travel/12000-cruise-ship-workers-stuck-on-boats
  21. Princess should think long and hard about resuming Alaska cruises in 2021. This past week another SMALL cruise tried it in Alaska, and didn't make it. The 63 passengers and crew aboard the UnCruise Adventures' ship were just three days into their Alaskan vacation when they were informed Wednesday the guest had tested positive and they would have to return to port. How could they expect a cruise of thousands to be able to control Covid-19 when a cruise of only 63 couldn't. Alaska is my number one place to cruise, of my more than 50 cruises over 1/3 were to Alaska. But I won't be cruising there in 2021 and maybe never again. My life is worth more than that.
  22. They are still waiting to get OFF of the ships that have Covid-19
  23. The cruise lines are just trying to find out how many people are so addicted to cruising that they are willing to put up with ANYTHING just to cruising again. The NEW WAVE of cruising is NOT a vacation that I would spend my money on, NOR risk with my health.
  24. Absolutely NOT - it is not SAFE being around anybody, anywhere right now - why would you want to get on ship with wall-to-wall people that you don't know anything about and NOT be able to get away from them.
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