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  1. There is a mandatory muster drill that happens between latest embarkation and sail away. All dining and bar service will be shut down for this and many of the dining venues will be used as muster stations. The only time we had a late sail away we had a light supper when we boarded in the late afternoon and hit the buffet later that night for a snack.
  2. The assumption that only those with FCCs are booking is a false assumption. i don't have FCC and I have one cruise booked and am shopping for another. I love to cruise, and I cannot wait to get back on a boat. Not all NCL prices are through the roof.. My niece and I were looking at a 9 day cruise: Spain Italy Monaco, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia. All 5 free at sea. Flights for 2 people: $4.000 per couple. If it weren't for my fear that we would be required to take ship's excursions, I would have booked it in a second. I love NCL ships, but like to do my own excursions.
  3. Here is a picture of the second bedroom. Hope this helps.
  4. We booked the 2/7/21 Western Caribbean on the Breakaway back in June. We picked this cruise for a couple of reasons: - we have done these ports multiple times so if we didn't feel good about getting off the boat, we wouldn't felt like we missed anything - we love NOLA, and were looking forward to taking in a few Mardi Gras parades on the weekend before Mardi Gras weekend - we can drive to this port (she says in a midwestern accent) - we figured by 2/21, things would be a lot more settled down around COVID Looking forward to that cruise was a bright spo
  5. What would it take? I want to be able to cruise again, and would be willing to sail in months 3 or 4 of the first 4 months: I would not want to book in month 1 or 2 since I think there may be a bit of learning to do. I'd be looking for an attractive price (because it needs to compete against land based vacations which will also be starting up at the same time), and maybe a slightly risk adverse itinerary. By that I mean I'd be looking for a cruise with stops on private islands as opposed to stops in big cities. Or stops in places I was convinced had done a better j
  6. Hey, OP...I am glad you are home safe. I think about the passengers on ships that didn't cancel. There is a Celebrity Eclipse that was supposed to disembark in Santiago that wasn't allowed to on the 15th march and might still be at sea. I know the ship seems like it would have been the safest place to be, but just because you didn't see any passengers coughing doesn't mean there weren't asymptomatic people spreading the virus on board. There is a Holland America ship that has a few deaths reported and a number of sick people that is also, I believe, still at sea.
  7. There is a lot of arm chair business running going on in this thread. Everyone is assuming it is as simple as clicking a button or two for NCL, not thinking at all that there might be other factors in place. I work for a company that cannot simply "cut a check" when someone wants a refund. We are highly regulated and we need to make sure the accounting is done correctly. The money that we "refund" does not come out of the same account as the money you paid in. We have to do a number of offset transactions to move the money to the proper payable account in order to be able to i
  8. One of my favorite meals on board is my first lunch. Getting on board is always a bit stressful...parking, security checks, boarding groups, etc. But when I sit down at that linen covered table, unfold the fancy napkin onto my lap, and order my first beverage while I try to pick out the perfect appetizer and dessert to go with my entree...my vacation has started. For 7 or 10 days: I don't have to make anyone's meal, do anyone's dishes, or keep track of anything more important than whether it is the bushwacker or the mudslide I like better. The pace of the sit-
  9. I am hooked. I travel with my mom, she cruised with us last November at age 90. Can’t wait to read about your experiences!
  10. Dining: If you are a party of 2, unless you request otherwise, you will be seated as a party of 2. You will not be put at a big table and joined by others. Internet: We have only ever used the standard, and its performance varies a lot based on volume of concurrent users. Afternoons when everyone is getting back from shore excursions and posting pictures and what-not it crawls...to the point of not being usable. 2:00am when everyone is asleep, its not too bad.
  11. I can't add too much of value other than to say: when where and for how long you sail can have more impact on your experience than the line itself. A Caribbean cruise out of Florida on any big ship is going to be pretty similar from one line to another. But comparing a Caribbean cruise out of Florida on a big ship to a Quebec cruise on a smaller ship on the same line is going to be two very different experiences in terms of: demographics, activities and "vibe." I have sailed on the Gem out of Quebec on a 10-day cruise. The whole trip was a bit more "sedate" than 7 day cruises
  12. I am soooo confused. Can any of my cruise critics friends tell me what it is she wanted NCL to do differently? Not charge her for medical care? Is that the issue? Is she blaming the ship for the infection? Does she think they did something that made it go septic? She is complaining that the treatment on the ship was inadequate but she is complaining that they wanted her to seek medical care off the boat? She says she went to the embassy? There isn't even a consular office on Cozumel? Where did they go? She says the embassy advised her not to seek treatment
  13. You don't need to allow charging on a given card. I have sailed with my kids, their friends, my niece, her friends, etc. I never allowed charging privileges on their cards. There is not that much that costs money that it is necessary...and if they do want to do something that costs money, it is kind of nice to make them come back and find me and use my card. At least that way I know what they are spending money on...and I know where they are. Go carts require reservations, so it was easy for me to use my card. Video games are not something that they should be spendin
  14. You'll get a variety of answers to the price reduction question. I can only share my own experience. Before final payment (90 days out) I have been able to call and "rebook" my cruise at the lower rate. When I do this, I have to watch what was included as options on my previous booking to what is available now, as I will be booking with today's option. So if I originally booked when they were doing "All 5 Free at Sea" and a $200.00 on board credit (OBC), but today they are doing "Pick 2 Free" and a $75.00 OBC, when I rebook I will only get 2 freebies and $75.00 OBC. Maybe the r
  15. I think one thing that causes some confusion is the use of the word "pool deck". On the Dawn Class ships, there is a pool deck, a deck above that overlooks the pool deck, and a bunch of loungers on different levels (risers) that go up on one side of the pool deck. So when people talk about the "pool deck" on a Dawn class ship, they are probably thinking "chairs that you can see the pool from". On the newer ships, there are not as many seats that you can see a pool from. But there are more areas with loungers on decks above the pool deck (no view of the pool, but plenty of su
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