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  1. You are in the right place. Start reading all the threads, almost every question you can think of will be asked 3 or more times a week.
  2. It is not very strenuous, climbing some flights of stairs for the practice run if I remember correctly. They will release your group all at the same time.
  3. Our Last trip on Grandure in 2018, I found a cocktail called a Kentucky Burgundy. I believe it was on the menu in the Solarium. Does anyone know the correct ingredients for this drink. From what I remember it was Makers Mark, lime wedge, Sours mix ?, and he used blackberry brandy as a substitute for the last thing ? How close am I ? Does anyone remember this drink ?
  4. Will be on a total of 8 ships by late spring.... Don't hurry and put it on ALL the ships Royal.... But the more important question is , what will we do without the endless, hour after hour of cricket matches ???
  5. What did you read in the review that has you so concerned ? Nothing jumped out at me that is much different than things are on Grandure from my many cruises.
  6. The paper straws are terrible, for my next cruise, I will be bringing my own plastic straws.
  7. Everything is for sale if the price is right....
  8. Never had a problem with noise, and I tend to be a light sleeper....
  9. Interested in going to Leatherback brewing company, anyone been there ? We usually do the ship tours, but were thinking of hiring a taxi to take us there and stay while we drink, anyone's thoughts on that ? There is a ship tour but thought this might be doable on our own.... Everyone please chime in !!
  10. Hello Mandies, looking to do something similar and go to Leatherback Brewing Company. Just have a few questions, as we usually stick to the Ship tours, #1 are all the taxi's from a reputable company ? Did you pay the whole cost up front or do like a half at the start and half at the end ?
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