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  1. We were on the February 23rd sailing and the CL was only for suite"s and Pinnacles. They did have an overflow area for Diamond/Diamond plus in the Viking lounge, the DL is on deck 6 and very small.
  2. Wow I'm surprised. We saw her everywhere and we met up with her every morning for coffee for an hour. Check the Compass because she will have "Coffee with Simona" almost every morning. It was very fun and interactive.
  3. we had Simona on the Jewel TA in November and she was great!
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! And yes, all we can do is spread the word on how they operate so it does not happen to others.
  5. We had also booked the San Giorgio and had our room cancelled on Friday for our cruise that leaves on November 5. We had booked directly with the hotel on November 12,2017 . We were advised by San Girogio they could move us to another hotel that was currently offering rooms for 48 Euro and we had paid 119 Euro for our room at San Giorgio. We were advised that we would not get a refund for the difference - great way for a hotel to make extra money. We cancelled our booking with them and just booked direct with the hotel. Just be aware of this hotel and its practices.
  6. Hi- I love your reviews! I would highly recommend Tracy's crab shack as the place to go for lunch! Tracey:D
  7. I won't comment on whether the app will work as well as their web site or not, however on our recent NCL cruise, NCL has a similar app. You had to pay or purchase their internet package to use it though. So with Royal's history of nickel and diming, I will predict that this will also be a money making jem for their crown.
  8. Quick update: New site says I'm Diamond and does not have all my points and there are really only 2 buttons that work, Dashboard and Preferences. Back door site has my points including my recent sailing and all my future cruises as well as my correct status. Didn't someone say this was supposed to be fixed last week?
  9. So is it true that Royal is taking away the 2 free Heini's and bottle of wine? That kinda sucks.
  10. Why is everyone complaining about the new site? I think Royal Caribbean created the most secure site in the world against cyber crime. If the clients can't get into the site, how will the hackers? And would the hackers even want to? Brilliant I say, just brilliant!
  11. Excellent question as I would like to know the answer too. We are scheduled to board the Freedom in a week and a half so at the rate they are progressing, I see this problem still here when we go. So I will report back, take pictures at the loyalty desk, customer service, and both Diamond and D+ lounges.
  12. Through the Mexican site it takes you through to the old RCI web site except in Spanish. There you can change preferences, view your past cruise history and do everything you always you could do. Accessing cruise planner brings you tot he English site where you have no issues doing anything you used to do.
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