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  1. After writing a lengthy response of what I have done on a number of cruises, I decided to delete it. I realized that some of the puritans found on these boards would disapprove. So instead of enduring a relentless barrage of scoldings, I would just like to say, your mileage may vary. Enjoy your cruise.
  2. Hi dpostman, We will be on the Brilliance next year with almost the same itinerary. Could you please advise which port did you dock at in Stockholm? Thanks for the review!
  3. Thanks, what about Russia? Should we carry some local currency in Denmark, Finland and Sweden or can we purchase small items like a bottle of water with a credit card?
  4. I get that the tours will take Euros or US dollars, but if our tour stopped at a local grocery store or market, how would I pay? Has anyone gotten off the beaten path to interact with the locals? Or do the tours sequester you to prevent you meeting with regular folks?
  5. Hi so what did the other places take? Rubles? Would you advise to bring local currency if you head into a small market or shop along the tour?
  6. I thought they said no video taping during the ice show?😎😀
  7. We went to Germany a week precruise and visited a brewery in Bavaria which shares my family name. We purchased schnapps, beer and souvenir glasses to take home with us. We purchased a small suitcase and packed it all away with the expectation of them confiscating it. We were called twice and when the gentleman asked if I had alcohol in the luggage I said "Yes, and you can keep it until the end of the cruise." He was stunned and asked me to remove the bottle. I told him to keep the entire suitcase. I don't think he know what to do as no one has left the entire bag behind. His expression was priceless.
  8. We were on the February 23rd sailing and the CL was only for suite"s and Pinnacles. They did have an overflow area for Diamond/Diamond plus in the Viking lounge, the DL is on deck 6 and very small.
  9. Wow I'm surprised. We saw her everywhere and we met up with her every morning for coffee for an hour. Check the Compass because she will have "Coffee with Simona" almost every morning. It was very fun and interactive.
  10. we had Simona on the Jewel TA in November and she was great!
  11. Thanks for the suggestions! And yes, all we can do is spread the word on how they operate so it does not happen to others.
  12. We had also booked the San Giorgio and had our room cancelled on Friday for our cruise that leaves on November 5. We had booked directly with the hotel on November 12,2017 . We were advised by San Girogio they could move us to another hotel that was currently offering rooms for 48 Euro and we had paid 119 Euro for our room at San Giorgio. We were advised that we would not get a refund for the difference - great way for a hotel to make extra money. We cancelled our booking with them and just booked direct with the hotel. Just be aware of this hotel and its practices.
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