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  1. Liability issues aside, what if the cruise line gave you a shot of the Johnson and Johnson 1 shot vaccine before you boarded the ship. Check in, get your shot, wait 30 minutes and then board.
  2. Live and work in Mexico so we are going to Mazatlan over Christmas.
  3. Oh and I forgot to mention, I read somewhere a company in Quebec would fly people on a small charter plane across the border and transport their RV's to the airport. An ingenious idea to get around the border closing. And I don't think it was too much. Something like $1000 or so.
  4. Driving across the board still remains an issue but flying seems to be ok. We recently flew through between Mexico and Canada via the US with no issues. In fact we have done this 5 or 6 times this year. Not for vacation but we live and I work here in Mexico. But reading the article I am more concerned with the $381B debit. And it doesn't matter which political flavour we get, we will either have tax increases, service reductions or both.
  5. As a Canadian living and working in Mexico we have flew a couple of times. We have flown on Aeromexico, United and Air Canada back and forth about 6 times during this pandemic. We always wore masks and used lysol wipes at our seats in every plane. All our trips had a layover either in Mexico City or Houston. For work purposes I need to have a Covid test every 2 weeks. On our last visit to Canada we participated in a travelling study to determine if 2 weeks of quarantine was necessary. We have not contracted Covid. Our biggest fears were an overnight stay in Houston and an 8 hour lay
  6. Make friends on the first portion of the B2B and have them purchase your liquor for you. That way when it is delivered to them on their last day you can have a bottle or two for the second leg. Try to get the same room, if you can't don't worry, they will move you. You will just need to pack up the drawers as they will move all the hanging stuff.
  7. Royal cancelled our Brilliance cruise and we took the FCC. Applied it to 3 of our next cruises no problems. Not sure why there is so much emotion here? Also got our money back from a non refundable flight on Air2sea as well as moved our reward flight with no issues on Air Canada.
  8. No not just China. My company has an app and is "encouraging" all employees to download it. There is a section where you perform a self assessment by answering a series of questions. One of the requirements is you must input your temperature. They purchased 60,000 thermometers to give to all personal in North America. Depending on what you answer you will get either a green, yellow or red screen as well as a number with a time and date stamp. You must show this screen to security before they let you on to the grounds. And yes we are a Canadian company.
  9. Had a great conversation with the F&B manager last cruise. This was back in Feb just as the Covid was coming out. He said that the cruises out of China never had any issues with Noro or any other gastro virus. He did concede that they most smoked like chimneys. He surmised that perhaps it was the smoking so maybe you have something here.
  10. Thank you for creating something special and allowing people to see the world in this unique way. Rest in Peace https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/royal-caribbean-founder-arne-wilhelmsen-dies-at-age-90-1.4892981
  11. Thanks, now I have that song stuck in my head. "Jussst, wash your hands, bump bump bump, Washing never felt so good, so good so good"
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