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  1. But even so, it is worth giving up a walk-in closet in exchange for the major new enhancements the Celebrity "revolution" is now providing for us. For example, instead of the previous, dated, old-fashioned, comfortable and useful balcony furniture Ta dah! Celebrity now brings us the latest in exciting and innovative modern enhancements To quote the famous Celebrity slogan: That's Modern Luxury!
  2. Yes, and "If we have no luck, no big deal" are the key words. We won't take that risk if we have our hearts set on a particular cruise that we really, really want, but if it is a take-it-or-leave-it cruise, booking at the last minute is a great way to do it. You can pick up some really good deals that way, if you are willing and able to be flexible on cabin selection. It is especially easy to do on cruises out of Florida where there is so much competition. We hear that some Florida residents keep their cruise bags packed and ready at all times just to be able to jump on a cruise ship at the last minute. ๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Unless you are someone who only books upper level suites, you may have missed out on some very nice upgrades by not watching prices after final payment.
  4. But probably the worst thing about it is that they deliberately eliminated some of the best features of those FV cabins, the wonderful mirrored wall above the long desk that had large storage cupboards on both sides. Why would anyone want to do such a thing? To think that they actually spent a lot of money (our money) to ruin those cabins. They could easily have just repainted/refinished what was already there to fit the new color scheme.
  5. Yes, if you have a credit card shipboard account. If you don't do anything, it will automatically go back to your credit card at the end of the cruise. Or you can go to Guest Relations and get it back in cash if you prefer, as long as it is refundable credit. If it is non-refundable credit, then it is use it or lose it. You can tell by looking to see how it is coded on the TV screen in the cabin. The last letter of the code is R if it is refundable and N if it is non-refundable.
  6. When I first saw the picture, I thought it had to be a joke and someone had decided to Photoshop in those chairs in place of the real ones. Just picture any petite or even average sized woman sitting at the desk in the white chair and trying to use that mirror above the desk to do her hair and makeup. On second glance, it looks like the mirror would even be too high for a tall person.
  7. For us, it just depends. We will only give our booking to a TA if the TA can offer us sufficient incentive to make involving an unnecessary third party worthwhile. That is often the case for longer and more expensive cruises, or sometimes when a TA is able to offer good group rates and extra perks. The gift card from the large box retailer is more appealing to those who shop there frequently than to those of us who don't, (unless we are planning to make a large purchase there). In general, the more you pay for a cruise, the greater the TA's commission and therefore the more generous the incentives they are able to offer you (but even then there are exceptions). For last minute cruises booked at deeply discounted closeout prices, there is usually very little that any TA can offer us, so that is when we prefer to keep the booking ourselves. The advantages of dealing directly with the cruise line are being able to make changes or payments or cancellations ourselves whenever we want at our own convenience and receiving immediate confirmation that it is a done deal, even in the middle of the night when a travel agency is closed. We dislike having to play telephone tag, leaving a request for a TA on a phone or online and then needing to wait in suspense until they get back to us, not knowing whether or not what we requested has yet been done, or if it was done correctly. I guess we are pretty much "do it yourself" types, but we know that there are other passengers who feel more comfortable using a travel agent.
  8. We agree. San Juan is a vacation destination in itself, with its charm and attractions similar to old world cities. Another major advantage to embarking/disembarking a Caribbean cruise there is avoiding the rough waters often encountered along the Atlantic coast on cruises to or from Florida. As passengers who fly in to get to the embarkation port, we consider it very worthwhile to spend the extra 2 hours sitting on a plane in order to be able to start our Caribbean cruise down in the Caribbean.
  9. This complaint arises frequently. The explanation given by Celebrity staff is that they are trying to reduce the amount of paper they generate, but they do not control the paper generated by the various independent outside vendors who rent concession space on board, (such as the shops, spa, art auction).
  10. It is a department at Celebrity that answers questions and assists passengers with requests or problems. They are usually good about responding promptly. Just send an email explaining your situation to CelebrityOneTouch@celebrity.com
  11. Of course we all realize that things change, but it seems only reasonable to expect the changes to be improvements, not downgrades.
  12. People have been complaining about this issue for years but Celebrity did nothing. We know that the treacherous shower/tubs in the Celebrity Suites on the M-class ships have been reported repeatedly, for many years. We were hoping that they would install grab bars in all the tubs and showers during the "revolution" but so far have not heard anything about that being done. It is certainly understandable that they need to prioritize, and it was more important to spend the money to provide us with those Kelly Hoppen knickknacks that we all appreciate so much. ๐Ÿคจ Additionally, the bottoms of many of the tubs are very slippery and especially dangerous when the ship is rocking. In our last sky suite, they had made a feeble effort by applying some texturizing to a small part of the bottom of the bathtub, but for some reason neglected the rest of it, which was extremely slippery.
  13. It would be nice having the opportunity to ask them to leave the minibar empty in advance, for those of us who don't want them to put anything in it. It always seemed like such a waste of the stateroom attendant's time needing to empty it on the busiest day when they could have just left it empty for us in the first place, if they had known. I wish they would provide that option in advance for all stateroom categories, the same way that we can choose how we want our beds configured (even though we have heard they sometimes overlook or ignore the preference that people choose there).
  14. They probably could have avoided a lot of the controversial discussions about the automatic tips (gratuities) if they just called them service charges, which is what they actually are. Many hotels add service charges to their bills automatically, and they don't provoke this type of controversy (even though we may grumble to ourselves about it when we see the bill).
  15. Guess it depends on how you view it. To me the turn-around day is not "a wasted day" at all but rather an extra bonus port day to use however you please, for sightseeing, or shopping, or running errands, or just staying on the ship, catching up on correspondence, reading and relaxing, perhaps even taking a nap to rest up for the start of the next adventure. But then some turn around ports are certainly a lot more appealing than others.
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