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  1. Hi there, TA here - part of this might be that your travel agency booked a "group rate", meaning they block off a group of rooms at a set price when the schedules first come out. As time goes by, Celebrity can change their rates, however these rates stay the same until about 4-6 months prior to sailing, when they are released back into general inventory. Going through a TA is a great way to save money off of published fares, provided they have the space available. Anytime you are working with a TA, make sure to ask if they have any group rates available. 🙂
  2. I just don't see how they are able to restart cruising by summer if they have only repatriated half of their current crew. I have a cruise scheduled in November and I am starting to wonder if they will even be sailing by then. It's taken about two months to get half of the crew home, how long will it take to get the rest off? Add to this the time to rehire staff, gett them cleared to work, and keep them safe and virus-free until sailings start again...the timeline just doesn't look good for any cruising in 2020. The logistics involved are monumental; also, how many of these people who just
  3. X and RCCL are sending 90 percent of their crew home (or at least are trying to). Anyone who thinks that somehow all of these people are just going to resign contracts, get back on a plane, and start cruising again is wrong. Cruising will not start back up until all of this is under control; I'd suspect we're not going to see.cruiaing start back up until fall/winter at the earliest. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  4. A good question that I have is that if all of the crew from the ships are finally being sent home fleet wide, how is anyone supposed to cruise in the next few months? It's going to cost millions of dollars to get them home via private transport (as stated in the CDC terms they agreed to); they are just supposed to do an about face in 2-3 months time to get everyone back? Doesn't seem to make much sense to me. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  5. Check out the link below. It looks like RCCL has filed a Trademark for "Seaface" for a mask to be worn to protect against viral particles.... Think they will be color coded like your Seapass card? Maybe they'll even display your CC/Blue Chip Tier as well. Crazy times we're living in. www.royal caribbean blog.com/2020/04/22/royal-caribbean-trademarks-name-sanitary-masks Having issues with link, get rid of spaces at beginning to see page. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  6. The OP was trying to make this thread about something being positive - clearly relating to their love of cruising, but it's morphing into a debate about how modern day businesses conduct their finances. Firstly to my comment about cash flow. Just like in the great depression, there were the "runs on the banks". If we all went to our bank and demanded all of our cash back, the banks wouldn't be able to give it to us, not because they don't have the cash, but because when you make a deposit in a bank, that cash is used for other things for the bank like loans, mortgages, LOC, etc
  7. Hey everyone, TA here - the best way that you can help out Celebrity is to reward them with your patience. To date I have had 73 client's bookings that I have had to take care of that were cancelled, or changed with their "Cruise with Confidence" program. To clear a few things up: 1. Refunds are taking between 45-60 days to process if you choose to take them. This is not because they are hoarding your money, it's because they have to mitigate their cash flow. If everyone tried to get their money back at the same time, they (or any other service/banking related industry) would go bust
  8. This is not a Celebrity policy - this policy was enacted by CLIA. Other lines are following the same protocols as Celebrity. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/industry-proposes-people-over-70-171330071.html This has been the case since early March, so it's nothing new. For those who are claiming "age discrimination" - discrimination has to have some malice intent behind it. If a ride at an amusement park says if you're under 13 you can't go on the the roller coaster, am I supposed to say to my niece that she is being discriminated against? They are doing it because based on all current kno
  9. I think that for the first time ever, the cruise lines know that their bottom lines (and very existence) are at stake. A norovirus outbreak here and there never really put the fear of God into to them that they have now since Uncle Sam isn't going to be helping them out. Going forward I think you're going to see a lot more screening at ports, and enforcement of pax activity onboard. In the past it might have been about not wanting to "rock the boat" (pun intended); now it's all about getting people onboard to spend money, which they will not do unless their health is guaranteed. I'd ima
  10. This questionnaire is the same thing that you get every cruise - the only addition is the travel history. This was done BEFORE the new policy that was activated as of today which bars people with chronic conditions. Again, you can choose not to abide by the policy, but you do so at risk of losing your cruise fare. I cannot stress enough that the list Celebrity is providing is used to be a guide for chronic conditions, and not absolute. If you take medicine for any chronic condition, there is a high chance that they will view it as "chronic" and deny you boarding. I
  11. Hello All, TA here - have gotten a lot of questions pertaining to this new policy. Celebrity is aware that some people might not be truthful with the policy and have been told to look for prescription medications at the pier. They also will be signing a form stating they don't have anything, on risk of being denied boarding with forfeit of fare. I know no one wants to risk not being able to to go on their vacation - however I strongly recommend everyone abide by this new policy, as you risk not only being denied boarding, but losing your money as well. While I agree
  12. Most data shows that the older you are, the higher mortality rate there is - that's not a personal opinion, that's the medical data. Being that cruises (depending on sailing date, line, etc.) have a lot of seniors, it would make sense that they are the most affected by this travel issue. Just because you say you're healthy, that you can run a 5k and go to the gym doesn't mean you can't get sick and potentially die from this disease. Bottom line it's your travel (and life) - do what you feel comfortable with, however the data doesn't lie - the mortality rate is higher the older you are.
  13. Hi there, To put it in context, let's assume you book an "Exciting deal" and get your cruise at a super low rate with no perks. If you book the beverage package onboard or before hand on your cruise planner on the website, you will have pay the per day price, plus the 20% gratituity, it won't affect your cruise rate. If you want to purchase your cruise with the beverage package included, it will increase your cruise fare by $14/pp, per day. If you're buying it separately, the pricing for the package will remain the same (I haven't been told th
  14. Hello all, TA here - thought I would help clear the air regarding the new Bev Pkgs. I actually saw a similar post in late august regarding this, and at the time hadn't heard anything about what was going on. I found out about this information last week that it was going to start on 10/2, but it later got pushed back to 10/10. Here are a few pieces of information, hopefully this well help - keep in mind I don't have all the answers, just what's been put out to us. On 10/10 there will be four new rates: - Cruise Only (No perks) - 2 Perks - 2 Perks w/ B
  15. We never saw it full enough to be an issue, there always was ample seating for all. In any case with the summit getting out of drydock now she's not going to be back in for another 5 years at the earliest. It seems Celebrity is removing a lot of the shade from all their ships, and not including it in their new builds (i.e. Edge). I'm a shade guy, so I hope they don't forget about those who don't want to be in the sun the time. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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