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  1. Hi there, To put it in context, let's assume you book an "Exciting deal" and get your cruise at a super low rate with no perks. If you book the beverage package onboard or before hand on your cruise planner on the website, you will have pay the per day price, plus the 20% gratituity, it won't affect your cruise rate. If you want to purchase your cruise with the beverage package included, it will increase your cruise fare by $14/pp, per day. If you're buying it separately, the pricing for the package will remain the same (I haven't been told the beverage package pricing is changing, but these things do change all the time). Hope this helps!
  2. Hello all, TA here - thought I would help clear the air regarding the new Bev Pkgs. I actually saw a similar post in late august regarding this, and at the time hadn't heard anything about what was going on. I found out about this information last week that it was going to start on 10/2, but it later got pushed back to 10/10. Here are a few pieces of information, hopefully this well help - keep in mind I don't have all the answers, just what's been put out to us. On 10/10 there will be four new rates: - Cruise Only (No perks) - 2 Perks - 2 Perks w/ Beverage Package - 4 Perks If you choose the Bev Pkg or 4 PERKS, the rate will increase $14/pp/pd (this is for both classic & non-alcoholic for those guests under 21). THIS WILL NOT AFFECT SUITES, their pricing does not have the fare increase. These rates are only for new bookings made on 10/10 or later, if you have a booking made before 10/10, you will not pay the increased fare. From what I understand in talking with my contacts at X, all of the beverage packages were starting to eat into their costs, so they were faced with a dilemma: do they charge a "fee" (like NCL, which usually is 10% of the gross cruise fare), raise fares across the board, or raise rates on those with the beverage package. They clearly chose to go with the third option - this allowed them to keep rates the same for those who didn't use it, while raising rates slightly for those that do. Keep in mind that this doesn't effect purchasing the packages onboard, you can still do that without paying an increased fare. As someone who loves the X brand and is mostly what I sell, I am not happy about it, but overall I don't think that the increase in fare will hurt their customer base, as it still does remain a good value IMHO. I hope this helps clear the air a little, time will tell how this works out for the brand, and customer base.
  3. We never saw it full enough to be an issue, there always was ample seating for all. In any case with the summit getting out of drydock now she's not going to be back in for another 5 years at the earliest. It seems Celebrity is removing a lot of the shade from all their ships, and not including it in their new builds (i.e. Edge). I'm a shade guy, so I hope they don't forget about those who don't want to be in the sun the time. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  4. We were on the summit to Bermuda in late May and didn't take issue with it. There is still enough shade under the bar (where the stools are) that those who wanted shade could sit there, and those who wanted to be in the sun could sit at a table. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  5. It always was going to be a gain of 20 pax with those new rooms that were on deck 10. They changed those to 2C, and changed 10 C3 to AQ. I believe they think that with Lumanie, suite guests will go there (rightly so) IMHO.
  6. HI everyone, It looks like the new cabins on deck 10 of the SUMMIT (1000 - 1024) have been changed to 2C cabins. I don't know why this was done, but it might have to do with it being a partially obstructed view, as that's what the 2C category denotes (maybe people complained?). To offset these rooms, Celebrity has recategorized 10 C3 rooms to AquaClass on deck 9: 9141-9157 on port, 9118-9126 on starboard. You can see these changes on the new deck plans on Celebrity's site for the Summit, I would think that if they were changing it here on the Summit, they probably mean to do it on all the the Millennium class ships? EDIT: Looks like the same thing on the Millennium Deck Plan on their website, those C3 rooms were changed to AquaClass.
  7. My partner and I are in our mid-30's now and started sailing X when we were 29. We've been very loyal and will be Elite Plus after our next cruise this month. That being said, just get a normal table already - either in the room, or on the balcony. We're going on Summit on the 19th to Bermuda, and we just want to have somewhere for us to enjoy some breakfast in the morning, or late night munchies before bed. It's common sense to have a table in a room where people are going to sit, converse, or just hang out. While a desk/vanity might be fine to work on an iPad or put makeup on, it's not a one-stop place for all food/beverage/snacks in the room. I believe it to be a major design flaw with these "revolutionized" rooms, and I hope they fix the issue soon. #tableplease
  8. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to review the Summit, she looks great! I am going to going to Bermuda on her on the 5/19 sailing. In looking at your photos, I am sad to see them take away the normal tables that were there before, and replace it with a smaller table; how are you supposed to use your balcony for room service? My partner and I enjoy having breakfast on the balcony in the morning, it's hard to see how we can do that on such as small surface....don't people think of these things when they are making the purchase order for "tiny round cocktail tables"? In any case, enjoy the rest of your cruise, and thank you for your amazing effort!
  9. Here's the graphic I got in my email that shows the breakdown by cabin type.
  10. Hey guys, What you are saying is sad because I believe it to be true. I like you all prefer the same-sex saunas as it is more private and (like a sauna should be) you can go in with just a towel after a workout. I'm a travel agent and while I haven't gotten any new info on deck plans on the ships post drydock, there is a bullet point that says that there are going to be 13 new AquaClass rooms located right near that spa, based on the current location of things on the ship that would either be where the kids club is now, or where the locker rooms are. While I am holding out that this won't be true we have no choice but to wait and see. I am going on Summit in May post drydock and am hoping this isn't true. Looks like I am going to have to enjoy the private Men's Sauna for the last time possibly when I am on Silhouette in Feb.
  11. Great page with videos showing construction of the ship, and the new "Grand Plaza" - thought everyone would like to see ;-) https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/celebrity-cruises-unveils-the-grand-plaza-the-breathtaking-epicenter-of-celebrity-edge-300712353.html
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