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  1. The proctor is available 24/7. So you can do your test anytime within the 2 days window.
  2. You shouldn't need to turn on the camera unless you have turned it off by default. See below link for a walk through on the whole process:
  3. From what I read by other posters, it should work internationally as emeds does not differentiate where you are. However, I do not know about the date thing. You should call emed customer service to inquire to get the right information directly from source. Also do you mind reporting back in their response? This will help many others as well. Thanks.
  4. Yes, 24/7. No appointment needed. Just log in and start the session.
  5. Glad to know this. It's much easier to stay up past midnight to take the test (hoping to avoid the crowd), than to get up at 5 am in the morning. I know the time is displayed, but I was concerned what the date is. Thanks for the info! If it is possible to figure out the private content be blocked out, uploading it for reference would be so appreciated! Thanks again!
  6. Thanks for the info. However, do you know what's the DATE of the test that the result is showing? I understand about the UTC time and the hours countdown, but the date would help. The cruise line (as far as I know) looks at the date of the test.
  7. As most cruise lines are approving the use of emeds BinaxNow proctored test, and given the 2 days requirement window, I'd expect that there will be more and more people jumping to the queue to be tested during specific 2 days pre-sail days. In order to avoid extremely long hold time for a proctor tp appear, I'm thinkin perhaps we can jump onto the queue as early as shortly after midnight during the 2 days window. For example, our cruise is on a Saturday, the 2 days window starts Thursday. I'm thinking jumping on the test at 1a.m. PST Thursday. I'm just wondering if anyone has done this test in a similar time frame, and whether the test result will display the correct date - i.e. displaying the Thursday date? Thanks!
  8. Yes you can. Just download the Navica app for each of you, or go to emeds.com to create an account for the test. It's been confirmed by other posters here that it can be used by 2 people. Each needs to create your own account.
  9. The BionaxNow at home ag card test is a rapid antigen test accepted by cruise lines and airlines. It is done at home BUT with telehealth supervision. It is avaible for $150 for a package of 6 kits. Great for the whole family, sold only at emed.com Go to emed.co. for all of the details, instructions etc. For couples, they can buy a package of 2 kits for $70, or a package of 3 kits for $100. These kits are sold by optum.com Do a search on this board for BionaxNow, there are a lot of very detail instructions, actual users experience. So all in all, it's around $25 ish per kit. Hope this helps.
  10. Here's a fairly detail instructions and what to expect from the point guy: https://thepointsguy.com/news/abbott-at-home-covid-test/ Also, he wrote: Taking the test When it was time to test, I downloaded the Navica app, created an account and logged in via the web browser on my computer. I then began a short questionnaire.
  11. I'm on the same cruise. Contemplating whether I should order now. I think I'd go ahead and do it.
  12. You can use it for multiple people. Each person needs to create their own account.
  13. Yes. In their faq section, it says the proctors are 24/7
  14. I called emed and was told they have proctors 24/7
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