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  1. We did the 14 night Anchorage to Vancouver. For seeing the scenery while cruising it doesn’t matter which side you are on. We were on the starboard side and mostly faced away from the docks when parked which was nice.
  2. We were on for 14 nights from June 18th this year and the deck was being worked on the whole time. Everything looked in good shape though. (Actually the deck looked fine, not sure what work they were doing).
  3. Interesting responses! Honestly not the way I thought it was going to go. I wonder if it is a generational thing, I’m in my 30’s and have been brought up in a workplace where discrimination based on anything is a no-no. I wonder if everyone would be as happy if American Airlines decided all its cabin crew should be female? Or that it’s Pilots should all be men? Or if Apple decided that all its senior positions should be filled by men? In Australian employment law it would be illegal if challenged. Anyway, I genuinely didn’t mean to start something, I just wanted to confirm if what I saw was correct (and I was wrong about the chefs). I’ll take it up with Seabourn directly and save my forum outrage for what brand of caviar and champagne are being served! 😉
  4. On a recent Sojourn cruise I noticed the room attendants were always referred to as “Stewardesses” and were all female. Is this the case? Also at the last day farewell where the staff ‘parade’ around the pool deck the chefs were entirely male (maybe 10 male chefs and 30 female stewardesses were on parade). If there is a female only room attendant policy (and maybe male only chefs) does that annoy anyone else? I don’t see how a company can have such sexist hiring policies in this day and age?
  5. Still NF on Sojourn. Currently docked in Juneau and dozens of cases of both NF and Montaudon are being loaded from the dock.
  6. RB is the travel industry rate balcony guarantee category used in lieu of OB which is the normal balcony guarantee category. For a recent guarantee booking I had, SU appeared in manage my booking and I assume meant suite unassigned. This changed to my suite number when I was assigned one. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.
  7. Assigned V2 521 (Sojourn) 6 days before departure. I’m happy with that.
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