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  1. Speaking as a Canadian living closer to Alaska than our southern border I can attest that businesses will reluctantly accept the US$ but you will not get a good exchange rate. And tips are appreciated in CDN$ according to my server daughter.
  2. Does Princess release what is happening during the scheduled dry dock? I will be on the Grand after this next maintenance and wonder what they will be updating/improving.
  3. I was trying to research flights on EZ Air to Auckland and noticed that there were only Restricted Fares available - nothing under Flexible Fare option. This would require immediate payment which being so far out I am reluctant to do. Is this normal?
  4. Has anyone stayed at the M Social? What was your experience?
  5. Did you notice what happened to passengers who were were unable to get the app on their smart phones?
  6. The full beverage packages for adults includes both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks including soda. Minors can only get a package for non alcoholic drinks.
  7. Isn't it also true that many Princess cruises aren't going ahead in other parts of the world until November? This gives all cruiselines certainty for the 2022 cruises so they can know which ships to put where. This also indicates to me that MAYBE they are looking at opening up the border but I hope that means to fully vaccinated only. The Canadian cruise season is much shorter than in other parts of the world, and we cannot expect cruises to be ready to sail here without adequate notice. As cruises are already set from now to November, it would be extremely difficult to make changes this late into the season anyway. Really, this is the best news we could expect.
  8. We are booked in April of 2023 so will be following this post and hoping to get some good ideas. This is a once in a lifetime cruise for us - 24 days Auckland to Vancouver. Fingers crossed it is a go.
  9. I wonder if taking your marriage certificate which would have your maiden name and your husbands surname on it would suffice.
  10. Do you know if Princess will be posting the webinar anywhere?
  11. Did I read that you will be required to go into the medallion app the day before to complete a health questionnaire? So we will be forced to use the app.
  12. I am sorry if this has been asked and answered but this is a very long thread. I usually enter everything into the cruise personalizor for dh and me. My cell phone is too old to get the app. Cruise isn't until April 2023 so I will wait until fall of 2022 to replace my phone. Dh has a newer phone so could download the app. Can he enter information for both of us now and when I get my new phone and am able to download the app will I be able to see info for us both? Can we use the same email address or will we need separate ones?
  13. Wouldn't the fact that the cruises suggested are either ending or starting in Canada negate any of the US regulations?
  14. Agree 10000000% - I have a Samsung S6 which I intend to hold on to as long as I can. Please, please make it so I don't have to spend $$$ on a new phone.
  15. I agree though that you should have a choice to enter information and access information through a desktop PC. I hate using a smartphone for important things like Passport #'s. Too easy to make a mistake!
  16. Following for Auckland in March of 2023. Will be staying 3 days (or thereabouts) prior to our cruise. Looking for something close to the cruise terminal but don't want to spend a fortune - clean and close to restaurants is most important. Cruise leaves the Saturday before Easter Sunday, so what would be open on Good Friday?
  17. We are booked on the same cruise and hope that by then everything will be as back to normal as one can expect after a pandemic.
  18. I know that I will be getting a new phone prior to my next cruise so I don't want to bother putting the app on my current phone. Can you put the app on a desktop PC?
  19. Canada - Inside Passage - not going to be cruising through our waters will have to go out to International waters. Coast Guard issue?
  20. Does Princess still offer the purchase of bottled water delivered to your cabin? I can't find where to order it from but haven't cruised since 2019 so perhaps they don't do this anymore?
  21. Can't log in either - very frustrating!
  22. I was reading something on one of the travel websites that Mobile Phones from Canada will not work in New Zealand. Can anyone confirm if this is true? https://www.aucklandnz.com/visit/discover/plan-your-trip
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