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  1. I also had to go thru the casino to get my discount and waited as stated 3 1/2 hours .We even thought hmmm maybe its just that line so my hubby dialed the reservation regular number mnot casino and gave up after an hour. I guess it was a bad day for good customer service.
  2. Ps love the skeleton photo,,,It wasnt that long, but since I have this Australian translantic soon I could loose a few!!!
  3. My only reason for mentioning this is because I was frustrated and love to cruise and would feel awful if these cruise lines loose busness becuase of poor customer service. Was looking to see if anyone else had this experience. A troll are u kidding? It was 3 1/2 hours but of course I didnt sit holding my phone lol. My time is way to valuable. I put it on speaker and had it near by incase someone came to assist me while I went about my business. In the end I was finally able to make my deposit on a cruise I had on hold . For the record I love crusing...I also come to cruise critics to share info and learn valuable information from others. Have a great day and lets hope nine of us have to deal with that kind of service.
  4. Never have this with ROYAL. Fyi. Today called NCL at 11am was on hold until 230 pm. There answer oh sorry for the wait !!!!
  5. Still looking to join tours in Gran Canaria and La Palma Party of 4 adults. Any openings?
  6. Hi gang we are a party of four adults looking for tours from Gran Canaria. And La Palma. We will be their this December. Pending weather any suggestions. And cruise companys to recommend? Anyone looking for some fellow cruisers to noin their tour? Please get back to me.
  7. Hi all , Joe and I have been on 3 translantic cruises and am a bit concerned about needing travel health insurance if we are sick..or have to go to a Dr. Or hospital or even be medivated or taken by ambulance...we have heard many here have annual ins.to cover this. Not thru the cruise line any information to point us in the right direction is appreciated. We head out in Dec to Barcelona and the canary islands and then next april to austrai,ia and new zealand and french polinesia . Thanks in advance for the help
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