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  1. Thank you! Helps a lot. We ended up renting a car because we have to pick someone up from the airport. I found it cheaper to rent a car through Enterprise. I'll report back on the experience since it seems most prefer the train. We will be using the train in May throughout Europe so if I change my mind I can cancel the rental car for our July cruise and do the train.
  2. Thank you for your response. How do i buy tickets and do I need to buy on advance? How do they store your luggage? I haven’t ridden a train with luggage.
  3. Thank you. Sorry to take so long to respond. I’ve never ridden a train with luggage. How do they store your luggage? Do you need to buy train tickets in advance? Is there a website that is trustworthy? Thanks...
  4. I'm not having luck with the search function so wondering if there is already a topic on this or if anyone has any suggestions. We are taking a Canada/New England cruise that sails from Montreal but we will be spending a few days in Quebec City before the cruise. What would be our best transportation to the port from Quebec City? Should we rent a car? Thanks
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