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  1. Hope your trip is fantastic. We are doing this trip but from Fort Lauderdale on November 20th. Already looking forward to your live posts.
  2. We stayed at the recently reopened "INK" hotel which is within walking distance of the pier. We got it for under $200 a night. I go to NYC 3-4 times a year and this was one of the nicer hotels and is HUGE. Most hotels in NYC are fairly small. No free parking however. If you don't want to walk a few blocks to the pier you can catch a cab. To be honest though, it might be quicker to walk as it gets very, very congested with all the taxi's dropping people off at the pier. (This is dependent on how much luggage you have). I am a walker and have walked many blocks with luggage and have never run in to a problem. There is a wonderful diner near the INK also.
  3. From everything I've read, it is advised not to buy your airline tickets more than 4 months out. This advice comes from many sources such as fare compete, budget travel, etc. Good luck.
  4. Thank you all for all the great information. It will help me decide which route to go.
  5. I have sailed NCL and Princess with another Princess cruise scheduled for November. I think the food is equal. We did both anytime dining and traditional dining on NCL. We liked the any time dining better. We even dressed for formal nights as many anytime diners did. NCL by far, has better shows than Princess. On our first Princess cruise, we left the "big shows" as they were so bad. High school dancers could have done better. I also like disembarkment on NCL better than Princess as you can stay in your cabin until your group is called. Princess does have better appointed cabins than NCL. These are just my opinions. I will sail NCL and Princess again.
  6. Do you remember the cost of the taxi? From the websites I read, a trip from the cruise port to LAX should average $45.00. This is per cab, not per person, which is cheaper than a super shuttle, etc.
  7. From what I've been seeing, the taxi's are supposed to be cheaper than shuttles if you have two or more in the cab. Someone posted $45 to LAX but not sure how long ago that was. I'm sure you can find out average cost by going to the LAX airport web site or the port website and see if anything is posted on ground transportation costs. I'm going to do that today and if I find out anything, I will post.
  8. I will be going to Minneapolis. I already know that Delta flies to MPS from LGB. Thanks for the advise on checking with the cruise line. From what I've read on Cruise Critic, I should have plenty of time. Thank you.
  9. I will be arriving at the San Pedro cruise terminal at the end of my cruise. We are advised not to make any airline reservations before 12:30. Would it be better to fly out of LAX or Long Beach? Also, would a 12:40 p.m. flight be cutting it too close?
  10. We will be ending our cruise in LA and need to know what transportation is available to LAX from the cruise port. Do we need to reserve in advance or will there be shuttles, taxi's, etc. waiting to take people.
  11. You really to check the times on the ferries to the BVI. There are more than one ferry to get you there but the times are VERY limited. Please make sure you check the return time for the ferry back to St. Thomas
  12. We were on the Crown the week of March 29th and we saw noodles being used at many of the beaches. People who were snorkeling were using them. I did not see any near the ship in San Juan. There is a Walgreens in Old San Juan not far from the ship. They may have them.
  13. dlopez 5011: The cost of the cars averaged $40-45 and we didn't book in advance. I was thinking of doing this as you can get better rates on line but when we took a Hawaii cruise our itinerary got changed and had to find a phone fast to unreserve cars. The rental places are close to the ship and seemed to have plenty of cars. Jeeps cost more but we wanted a car with a trunk to lock our stuff up. Turqoisesea: Our muster station was in the Princess Theatre and people came around with a small hand help machine and swiped everyones card. Odd that they don't do that at every muster station.
  14. I forgot that during the muster drill attendance IS taken. Staff took our key cards and ran them through a little machine to verify attendance. I've read on these threads that attendance wasn't taken. I just couldn't believe that because there is some mariner law or something with strict regulations on the muster drills. No big deal. Everyone SHOULD go to these just in case there is an emergency of some kind. I sure wouldn't want someone who didn't go to the muster drills slow things up for the rest of the passengers.
  15. Yes, NCL lets you in the rooms when you board. AND we've found our luggage in our cabin alot quicker than this Princess cruise. I asked our room steward about the bottle of wine and he said that a full bottle of champagne is always given to the mini suits on the crown. Maybe a new thing. Also, when asked when we last checked out of the ship with our key card, I asked if we had to turn them in, the person who was checking us out said that everyone got to keep them and she didn't know what I was talking about when I explained what I had read on these threads about having to turn them in. Also, maybe a new policy. In any rate, we had a great cruise and I consider the bottle of champagne and keeping the key cards a bonus. We are in the middle of a snow storm here and could get up to 16 inches of snow. Wish I were in St. Kitt's now.
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