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  1. I booked a cruise on the Discovery Princess (not even built yet!) on 10/09/2019 for a cruise leaving on 02/07/2022. That is 852 days ahead. I think that will be my earliest I ever book! Did it to get room I wanted. First choice gone already! Got my second. Pooh
  2. Just booked ez air from denver to athens, greece. It cost me for first/business $1500. If I had booked the second leg, EWR to Athens alone with the airline, just that portion would have cost me $9000! Yes, $9000. I am now of the age if I have to do over 4-5 hours I will do EZair and always book First/Bus. Can mentally pay EZ air prices for the comfort, just not the individual airlines' prices! Pooh
  3. Gee, guess I am very fortunate then. My fare went down $125pp. Mine is to Alaska this coming July. Pooh
  4. Go to any cruise that has this sale as if you were starting the booking process and then click on the top left middle area where it says "View Details." Wow, just did it myself after doing it 15 minutes ago and they have removed the 2 free bottles of $32 wine already!!
  5. HOWEVER, just ran into this situation and called Princess to get the nitty gritty. If you have already booked and then a new sale comes up that includes an airfare sale too, you cannot just rebook the airfare portion with the new sale price. SO, if your booking is a cabin category that is sold out, to get the sale price on the airfare, you would have to completely rebook with a different cabin selection. So you will have to do the math. In my case with all the freebies, the airfare reduction doesn't even cover them. Found this out by initially cancelling my current airfare booking in my personalizer and then rebooking for the new fare. But when my flights showed up the sale price was not there. Thank goodness I was able to rebook the flights I wanted and even saved a few dollars as the regular price had gone down some. So if you have already booked and your itinerary comes up with an air sale, just pretend to book new and see if overall it saves you money or not. Pooh
  6. Just spent only 5 minutes on the phone with Princess and was able to refare(already had this promotion including wine!) only for my cruise that I just initially booked on 10/7. Fare went down $125pp. So check your cruise as if you are going to book, and see if your fare went down too. Mine is for Alaska this coming July. Pooh
  7. Along with the add on of specialty dining (and wine!) to the 3 for free, just wanted to let you guys know that fares have gone down too. I just booked Alaska on 10/07 and already our fare for a CC mini has gone down $125pp. Just a matter of refaring as sale is exactly same. Took my rep. literally 2 seconds to refare and showed up in my personalizer immediately. So a 5 minute phone call saved me $250! So be sure to check your booking too! Pooh
  8. I just booked a 3 for free cruise and got the usual lower fare, OBC, and free gratuities. BUT, I also got 2 $32 bottles of wine, and one specialty dinner for two!!! So go in and pretend to book a cruise(just don't pay!Grin) and see if you aren't already getting the free dinner (and don't forget the wine-at $32 each Princess is quick to state!) Pooh
  9. But be careful to look at the small print. If A/C is important to you, this hotel does not have it. We just were in Copenhagen on August 27th and WAS very glad our rooms had A/C. Would have been a restless night without it! Pooh
  10. I just want to say thanks. I am one of those old people and use Princess' insurance. I don't mind being partially self-insured and Princess' insurance is much less expensive for me. Also I do have MedJet coverage also. What I do want to thank the OP for is that I have an upcoming B2B and will make sure I book departure flight connected to the first cruise and return flight connected to the second cruise! Pooh
  11. Did you get a WS or were you assigned a suite itself? I also have an S7 guarantee on the Grand for a sailing way out, but already there are no WS's available to book! Pooh
  12. Just got off the Regal yesterday. They do not do the cooking at the portable station like on some ships. But they do offer a special menu item for each dinner. Sometimes small like a special sauce and sometimes more like lobster tails or special cut of steak. Pooh
  13. Interesting. I will find out in 4 days when I join the Regal in Copenhagen. Nothing is cooked literally table side so that doesn't bother me. But usually there is a stainless steel table with at least makings for a special Caesar salad or side pasta dish in the CC dining area. I will say that the Grand offered special main meals too- like ribeye steak etc. that wasn't offered to mainline MDR guests. So will be interesting to see what we get. I just like the ease of going when I want and getting right in; the extra offerings never mean anything to me. I get the CC class for the really anytime dining opportunities, the cabin location, and the mini's bathroom set-up! Worth the extra $10-20pp per day for me. Pooh
  14. If I remember correctly, you sign up at Guest Services once aboard..... am I correct? Pooh
  15. Don't know how much you are paying for restricted airfare. Do know they are usually much more than flexible. Have you looked into flying EZair first class at a flexible price? I found that for me to fly into FLL from Denver, that there are no non-stop flights in economy or premium economy but nice flights non-stop in first and not much more than a restricted flight would cost. Just thinking you should check first. Pooh
  16. Hi and congrats! Wondering, are you doing the 14 day Norway and Iceland on the Grand starting June 26th, 2021? If so, see you onboard! As far as transfers go, I have found that private transfers work great for us(much easier and calmer and nicer) to take us to the ship for embarkation from wherever we are staying and use Princess transfers on disembarkation as we are usually just flying home the same day. My Princess transfer (one way) has cost me from $29-39pp usually. Usually more towards $39pp. Princess only picks up at the airport for transfers to the ship and at the port to the airport after cruise. If you do decide to use Princess transfer for some reason to the ship, you will have to get back to the airport and go the the area that the Princess rep will be and meet up there. It is ok if you flew in day or days earlier. We did just this our last Canada/New England cruise. Pooh
  17. You also almost have to check daily too. Just last week my return flight went from an additional $169 to $8! Cancelled original booking and rebooked. Very easy to do. Checked the very next morning and the cost was back up to $169. I have not used EZair extensively, but I have on average, rebooked one time before the 45 day deadline. Never saved a bunch, but did save some. But like you said, most of my flights have gone up in price not down. Pooh
  18. That's why there are options which I like. Personally I would not be caught dead in the buffet area. Hate that it is so big an area and personally, I like being served and relaxing with my mocktail at meals! And when I can have a suite, I just adore the special suite breakfast areas and that they cook the food there. Relaxing over all meals is a wonderful thing to me. Also, I don't have to cook and clean up! Do not look forward to port days where I have to eat lunch in the buffet (unless I want Alfredo's or IC). If the timing is right, I have lunch from room service. Also, I have found the CC area for dining to not be noisy. Maybe I have just been lucky. Pooh
  19. June 26, 2021. Note. There are now two regular sized WS's open for booking. If you love this itinerary and WS's , grab one now. I was thinking of changing, but I think I will stick with the guarantee for the fun and excitement of doing it once. Since there are WS's available, S7 guarantee as a choice is not. Pooh
  20. Don't worry Don. You don't have to have medallions sent to you. Pick up when check in at port. Then go to Guest Services and ask to opt out of medallion and they will give you a cruise card to use, just like other cruise lines. Pooh
  21. I have a credit card sized RDIF case. I put just the quarter sized medallion in it. I just open the case when I want to use the medallion. Closed, no one can charge me or know where I am! Pooh
  22. It's just a line item for the benefit of Princess bookkeeping. If you notice, it does nothing to the bottom line and isn't added into or taken from the amount you owe. Don't need to worry about it. Pooh
  23. I am really excited about doing my first guarantee and am glad to see that I will definitely have a room! Grin. I booked an S7 guarantee on the Grand. Now there are only 7 S7 staterooms and booking started just yesterday and today already there are no more S7 (window suites) available. Initially I could have booked the last WS available (F301 which is the smallest and most forward S7 stateroom) but then said wait. If I book a guarantee, the worst I will get is the only WS left to specifically book and maybe I will get one of the other 6, or, sigh, maybe even upgraded to a suite? So I jumped at this guarantee. First one and probably last one I will ever do because I like to pick my specific cabin! Pooh
  24. I gotcha. I really don't care because in this particular instance only, I cannot do worse than if I had booked a specific WS as when I called (the first morning I could!) the only one left was F301. So I mean, in this case, the worse I could do is end up in F301 anyway and might get a better located WS or even a suite. So in this case, I decided it would be fun to go with the S7 guarantee! Pooh
  25. Hi, voljeep: Never thought about the moveover/down offer possibility!! Was just hoping for better WS position or even a suite! Now I will really have to do some thinking just to be prepared! Pooh
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