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  1. I am considering doing some type of door decorations this trip. Please post pics so I can see yours!
  2. I am considering doing some type of door decorations this trip. Please post pics so I can see yours!
  3. Make sure to book air independently. I just had someone try to do this after booking air through Princess and they could not do any deviations.
  4. That was what I thought too! Haha. I was going through the steps, just trying to see how much flexibility and see when payment would be due etc. Before I ever saw the payment screen, it popped up with the confirmation. The invoice said it was due by final payment date. We have already paid our cruise in full, ahead of final so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  5. Took a little while but all set. Air is removed and emailed a confirmation. Whew!!! Thanks all!!
  6. OK, so I am 99% sure husband is not going. I have since been able to get additional info. The 3rd person fare is $510. We only paid $50 deposits. Port taxes and fees are $125 and change. Keeping the connecting cabin while it is ideal, it isn't as big of a deal as originally thought. If we end up moved, it's fine. My concern is the repricing possibility. I have called so many times and the responses seem to be 50/50.
  7. That's actually AMAZING for cancelling within 24 hours of departure!! And I am calling now, so happy to hear a confirmation on the ability to cancel with no penalty!
  8. Hello, Totally embarrassed over here. I just accidentally made an an actual booking for airfare through Air2Sea. The original intent was to see how the process went, how payment worked etc. Unfortunately, it went through...... These flights are SUPER high and not exactly what I would have chosen at all. I know I would have 24 hours to cancel if booked directly but since I went through their program does that change anything? It appears all of Royal and Air2Sea are closed for the night. So I am now sitting here stressing til I call in the morning. Any experiences would be appreciated.
  9. Spoke with someone today who seemed to know what she was talking about. She said we can cancel and just pay for passenger 1 and 2 but would probably be moved. That will be my new battle since we are booked in connecting with my parents.
  10. Reviving the topic bc I am in the exact situation. What did you end up doing?
  11. I know this post is old. OP what was the outcome?
  12. Hello, I am looking for any and all advice. We are just over 30 days from final payment and my husband just found out his employer probably is not going to allow him to take a week off of work for our Thanksgiving cruise. We booked under early saver rate so I know there will be an administrative fee of $50. I have called Carnival 3 different times today to ask what the price difference is. We have paid about 40% of the total as of now. One rep couldn't even understand what I meant by cancelling just one person and kept saying I could cancel up until final and be charged $50 per person and the rest that I have paid would go to future cruise credit (I was not aware of that, I will never make any payments prior to final above the minimum required to book). One just kept telling me that the "fee" is the same as the third passenger fare but that she had no idea what that actually is bc the only break down numbers show the average per person. And one told me absolutely nothing besides maybe he can talk to his boss about working overtime before the trip but said absolutely nothing about the booking. My concern is, if they cancel us to rebook, pricing is significantly higher now and we would be better off to pay it and have him be a no show. Also, could they really force us to change cabins? We are currently booked in a connecting cabin with my parents and there are no others available. Has anyone been here? I am not sure what to do from here.
  13. Thanks so much, I love hearing from others who have sailed. I did call Royal last week about bringing drinks on board. I was told 12 per cabin, up to 17 oz each. I"m sure what actually happens may be different but that was the "official" policy she said. Normally, we spend a lot of time in the cabin on the balcony but this trip, we want to try to check out EVERYTHING haha. Any tips for a plan of attack?
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