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  1. Most times you will be fine with 11:20. We normally choose right after noon. Only one time when the Eurodam responded to a rescue at sea the night before disembarkation where we 2 hours late getting into Ft. Lauderdale. There were a lot of missed flights that day but we made our 12:10 flight just fine. I really think you will be ok, but there are no guarantees.
  2. We alternate now pretty much between Princess and HAL........usually based on itinerary. We have been on the Eurodam and think you will enjoy the ship very much. Good choice.
  3. Yes they know......most cruiselines have revenue goals for each area of revenue like bar revenue, gift shop revenue, excursion revenue etc. They can track it day to day to see if they are on target for specific revenue goals. It will also help them adjust those revenue goals for future cruises.
  4. Welcome to cruise critic. You used the term "booking agent" Do you mean a TA or a booking agent direct from the cruise line? If you go with a direct approach do as much research as you can before calling..........sometimes the front line people may not know answers to questions you might have. All can help you with the basics of cabin location, early or late seating, anytime dining etc. For your first cruise I would suggest a TA and you have recieved some good advice from the previous posters. Acessability to a TA, especially on weekends is a must. I have friends who lost out on a weekend price drop because the TA worked M-F. Good luck
  5. delete.........sorry I thought I was answering another question
  6. Welcome to cruise critic. Noticed this was your first post. You may also check with a local TA in your area. They have booked transfers I'm sure in the past. We did a google search when thinking of doing a cruise out of Harwich and came up with many options as well........we never got that far and decided on another cruise. Again welcome.........I'm sure many will be along to help you.
  7. Hlitner, Krazy Kruisers, Sail7Seas and others pretty much hit this on the head. When you are looking for information, one liners or as I call them FP's (frivoulous posts) can be frustrating. You have to keep a smile on your face, learn to laugh and learn to skip or skim....... Funny how the typical one liner's haven't responded to this. Hank I might add if you cat gets furballs.......that can be very serious:D
  8. isujim


    Thanks JB and Hancock...........I'm pretty sure the way I understand it, it is 2 bottles period......shucks......I'm not sure that will last the first night:)
  9. Also agree with Donna. We give the recommended amount and then give extra only if someone gives really outstanding service. Which for us is usually one person per cruise that really stands out.
  10. isujim


    JB First thanks for answering the question..........second you mention "you can take more on board but there will be a corkage fee regardless of where you drink it". I knew this was the policy for Princess but didn't know RC was the same. We haven't sailed on them in several years but now have a cruise booked for 2014..........can abide by anything but want to make sure what the rule really is I thought it was 2 bottles period! Are you saying I can take more wine as long as I'm willing the pay the corkage fee? Thanks Jim
  11. cruiseline policy varies........but I would ask. I know if you don't ask, the answer will be no OBC.........good luck
  12. I read the rules for a general consensus........but I go with the 100% rule......no value judgements until I try the ship or cruise line on my own:)
  13. Thanks Host Shelia, nice to know questions are welcome here as well as the forum dedicated cruise lines...........
  14. Hope he posts back when the call is made........I'm curious now
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