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  1. Just got back from there over Thanksgiving holiday. Once in a lifetime experience.
  2. First sea day CC meet and greet with the captain.

    © Cin D. B.

  3. Liljo22 I agree with you wholeheartedly! DH and I are not big drinkers but we do like to imbibe when cruising. I feel the true value in having the package is being able to try new drinks without obligation to finish because one costs anywhere from $8-$12 a shot... pun intended. I once tried a drink in the Italian restaurant (a Negroni) that was so offensive to my palate that I couldn't get past the first taste. Luckily we had the drink package so I could easily say (and w/o guilt) that it was awful and could I get something else instead? Just another reason for considering the drink package.
  4. DH and I drink but are not BIG drinkers. For us the drink package is not so much about "breaking even" but more about not having to keep track. We start early by getting regular free cups of coffee, then head to a bar for a sweet shot like Amaretto and make our own "specialty" coffees without the charge. Also it gives affords the opportunity to not pay for something you don't like. Once at dinner I tried some sort of Italian cocktail and absolutely hated the taste, but felt no guilt in getting a different drink and just leaving it on the table. Normally if I paid $7 - $10 for a drink, I would feel compelled to choke it down anyway. Yuck! I liken the drink package to having unlimited minutes on a phone service. You can do whatever and just not have to worry about the bill at the end. Sent from my SM-G930P using Forums mobile app
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