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  1. We went to the Parisian show. I thought it would be nice to see the famous Hotel Nacional. The show was nice for about the first hour, and then got seemingly repetitive, being that all the songs were in Spanish. Also, the chairs were very hard and uncomfortable. About 40 minutes before the show ended, my wife and I left and just walked around the hotel lobby. If I ever get back to Havana I think I would go see the Tropicana.
  2. Don't know how many Cuban ports your cruise is doing, but we found better chotckes in Cinefuegos than Havana - actually some very interesting and creative things there.
  3. I have never taken a tour/cruise with Tauck, and probably never will due to the high cost, but one thing I do know is that everything I ever read about their trips and cruises are that they are absolutely top shelf. Can things go sideways sometimes, even on a Tauck trip - probably, but I can't imagine them not making every effort to make things right for one of their guests. One thing I have learned over the years, is that there are some people who seem to be in a perennially unhappy state, and you are better off ignoring their complaints.
  4. Being Floridians, we actually prefer the cool air. We did our Danube cruise toward the end of October and loved it, (and we saved some money too).
  5. The cruise we took down the Rhone had 43 pax on the ship. I can't say what happens on their larger ships, but a nice tour bus will accommodate about 40 people, so it seems logical to break things up along those lines.
  6. We went on Grand Circle to Paris, and then down the Rhone. It sure didn't feel "budget" to me in any way, shape, or form. Some of the best food and service we've ever experienced. The ship was a bit older, but very clean and well maintained with a H U G E cabin. And, yes, you can get some great deals in their Last Minute section.
  7. We went on the Oceania Sirena back in December. 10 days, 3 stops in Cuba. It was our first time on this cruise line, and we would definitely go with them again on the right itinerary. Great food and service. We liked the "small ship" format - really first class all the way.
  8. We came back to Miami. I had a box + in cigars, plus a couple of bottles of rum. It took about 5 minutes to go through Customs and Immigration. He looked at our passports, asked if we had anything to declare, and then welcomed us home.
  9. Yes, specialty coffee drinks are included, and yes you can purchase an alcohol package if desired (we did not and came out ahead $ wise). But they do let you bring up to six bottles of wine on board, and only charge a corkage fee ($25?) if you bring the bottle into a public area or a dining area. I brought 3 bottles for our 10 day cruise which I consumed during our diners. So while you do have to pay for alcohol separately, and there are excursions included in the "O" package the cost is still far below Regent. And YES, the food is still excellent, especially in the specialty restaurants.
  10. We recently sailed on an Oceania cruise to Cuba, on one of their smaller 684 passenger ships (Sirena). It was our first time sailing with them...and we really liked it. Over the years we have sailed down the Rhone on the 45 pax m/s Provence with Grand Circle, and also on the very large Royal Caribbean behemoths. This felt just right, and I loved the high tea every day at 4 'oclock.
  11. We had some daiquiris at the El Floridita Bar - best daiquiris I've ever had!!!
  12. One of the best sights we visited during our stay in Cuba was only about a five minute walk from the pier in Havana. "Palacio de los Capitanes Generales Casa de gobierno" was the palace that the Spanish governors ruled Cuba from and the place contained magnificent treasures and was a truly interesting place to visit. My wife and I enjoyed it immensely and learned quite a bit about Cuban history. Also, if I recall correctly, the admission was only $3 CUC. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Palacio+de+los+Capitanes+Generales+Casa+de+gobierno/@23.1398484,-82.3523843,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x88cd79a8d6909d83:0x7d19cf0ce8315595!8m2!3d23.1398484!4d-82.3501903
  13. We tipped about 10% when we were in Cuba. It seemed that the wait staff appreciated it.
  14. For me - the itinerary is more important than who my fellow passengers are. For the most part you are going to get somewhat of an older crowd on river cruises. Then again there are some "seniors" that are much more active that I am.
  15. As mentioned, the tour ended at St. Stephan Cathederal. We informed our guide that we were going to depart the tour at that time (good thing to do as they do a head count when everybody is back on the bus). Since we had gone by the entrance of the Hofburg on the tour, I knew it was only a few blocks from St. Stephans. Backtracked to the entrance - spent most of the afternoon there, and then went on to Demel for some coffee and cake. The Metro station is close to St. Stephans. Make sure you get on the right train going in the right direction - 2 stops (I think) and then it is a few blocks walk to where the ship is. Your program director will be happy to give you more detailed instructions I am sure. We loved the Hofburg. Very worthwhile to visit.
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