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  1. Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t able to see cabins available for tomorrow’s sailing. With a 48 hour window required to reschedule that was announced yesterday, I guess most guests will be going. We’re in a sky suite towards the front of the ship, I wanted to move midship but now I think we’re better off being in a low traffic area. I’m thinking about putting a bid in for a higher suite as I’m sure they’ll grab any money they can at this point. I hope you have a great and safe trip.
  2. Booked a few months ago and have really looking forward to sailing, now unsure what to do. Does anyone know what it’s like onboard? Is it business as usual? Or fear everywhere and you can’t enjoy vacation like when a bad Norovirus breakout happens? I’ll probably decide by mid week as the world changes daily. I counted 193 available cabins this afternoon and 210 tonight. If we do go, and it looks like there will be tons of empty cabins, does Celebrity offer upgrades?
  3. I think we did get in at 7:00 but we did our own thing and took the trolley around and Hemingway house. if you’re not in a rush, wait them out until the line is done.
  4. Does anyone know if the internet included with the 4 perks is the high speed that you can stream and Skype or if it’s the basic lower speed that is for surfing the web and email?
  5. We were on that 1/4/20 sailing and it was the first time we had to go through customs on the ship. It was a pain! The line started by the stairs of deck 4 and went all the way through the casino to the elevator by the theater and all the way back to the dining room where you showed your passport to customs. That was our assigned time at 7:45 and it took close to an hour. we went for breakfast after and they kept calling those who didn’t go with the threat of a fine. If I have to do that again, I’m ignoring the time on the letter and going much later when the line isn’t an hour long.
  6. It has changed at least a little. I had looked on the Celebrity app when I booked last week for 3/15/20 and the menu for Fine Cut didn’t have Dover Sole and I don’t remember a lobster tail. I don’t eat steak and not a fan of bass so I didn’t plan on booking but would go for the Dover Sole which was excellent years ago in Normandie and the couple times I had a few weeks ago on Equinox.
  7. Cranston is the man! That guy loves KFC! We’d ask him what he did in port or was going to do at next port and he would go to KFC! Definitely a fun guy and adds to the vacation. I hope he’s there in March when we sail.
  8. I tried using the menu in upper left corner to see other ships and changing Edge in URL to reflection with no luck. The edge menus seemed to be accurate compared to the app other than night 2 and 3 are reversed on the site or the app. I just booked Edge Sky Suite for 3/15/20 and really looking forward to seeing how it looks. I really enjoy the Solstice Class but it’s been about 11 years of the same ship. Also hoping to run into some of our favorites. We were just on Equinox a few weeks ago and Auricka from Luminae is one of our favorites! Does anyone know where Cranston from Michaels
  9. I like to eat, especially on Celebrity. I was looking for some menus on Edge and found this site. It’s some type of press kit but has pretty much every meal and menu broken down. Hope you find it interesting. https://www.celebritycruisespresscenter.com/press-kit/10/celebrity-edge-menus/
  10. Thanks Randy, I haven’t heard of any of those people but I’m sure they’re all great.
  11. Hi, I’m booking Edge for March in a suite. Does anyone know who the current concierge/manager in the retreat is and Manager in Luminae? Does anyone still keep the charts of staff by ship like others used to post on here? thanks
  12. Hi again Suzanne, We’re on Equinox now, the Trio Package for $100 is decent deal. The staff did not seem to care if you used one dinner the first night as the rules claim you do. When we boarded we requested Murano the first night and they told us it was completely booked. I requested to speak to a manager as I tried to explain that the rules were 6:00 or 6:30 night 1, I pick the place and I pick the time and place for the second dinner. After back and forth they gave us Murano for night 2, and Murano for the last night of the cruise. Then a group booked all of Murano for night 2 a
  13. Hi, We’re sailing Saturday 1/4 and booked it. I’ll try and give you an update when we see how it goes. There are terms and conditions that you have to make your reservation for embarkation day and it has to be around 6-6:30. I had called to ask when I booked and they said you pick which restaurant when you board. The second dinner sounded like it’s any time and restaurant you choose. The past day the celebrity app has some schedule info. We’re only doing a 5 day sailing so another length could be different but it looks like they have lunch at Tuscan the first sea day from 12-1:30 a
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