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  1. Oh Sid, I've missed cruise Sid! Wonderful read, thank you
  2. Not weird. I put mine away too, who knows what could get on you toothbrush?
  3. Love your posts Mary. Now I'm just sitting here waiting to see if you have banana or orange muffins. Both sound delicious 🍊🍌
  4. I've never really paid much attention to what others are wearing in the dining room unless it's particularly stricking in some way (utterly beautiful, garish pattern and/or color, simply on point styling, or things like a man so large he couldn't button his overalls). But did it in anyway alter my enjoyment, no, more often brought a grin and the thought of "you go for it!" Elegant night can be as simple colored jeans and a collared shirt for the gents, and a dress or dressier top/pants for ladies. Be you, but more you
  5. My rule is to always wear long pants when going somewhere public. This, after reading reports on what is found on public seating: fecal matter, e coli, staph..., and never sit on your bed on the same pants or put anything that touched a public seat on a kitchen counter. No, I'm not a huge germaphobe, but that stuff is just nasty.
  6. But she's wearing socks and also is a very stiff sleeper, that can't be comfy. I'd wake up with numb hands.
  7. There is some beautiful artwork on this ship. Thanks for being our eyes.
  8. Since our next cruise is leaving from a nearby port I'm bringing my cozy nap time blanket, so I understand the pillow!
  9. FYI, the hotel is undergoing renovations and the pools are closed 😫
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