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  1. My rule is to always wear long pants when going somewhere public. This, after reading reports on what is found on public seating: fecal matter, e coli, staph..., and never sit on your bed on the same pants or put anything that touched a public seat on a kitchen counter. No, I'm not a huge germaphobe, but that stuff is just nasty.
  2. But she's wearing socks and also is a very stiff sleeper, that can't be comfy. I'd wake up with numb hands.
  3. There is some beautiful artwork on this ship. Thanks for being our eyes.
  4. Since our next cruise is leaving from a nearby port I'm bringing my cozy nap time blanket, so I understand the pillow!
  5. FYI, the hotel is undergoing renovations and the pools are closed 😫
  6. My only disappointment was the TOMATO and MOZZARELLA arugula, roasted pepper on focaccia. It was pictured like a caprese salad on bread, but was served grilled. A big miss for me, I remember to ask for it not to be toasted next time.
  7. About 20 yrs ago I got a call regarding suspicious cc usage. "Did you travel out of the country, like Hawaii?" It took all I had not to laugh and explained to the caller that Hawaii was part of the US, and had been for quite a while 🙄
  8. Great idea! Maybe start with a lanyard, other ideas that are small and could easily be added are travel games or card games.
  9. "I watch you when you're sleeping, mhua ha ha"
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