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  1. That's obvious.  I was hoping to elicit some sense of the priority of fixing the CC App. Presumably if there is a queue there is some measure of where we fit.   I worked in software development, I know that critical jobs move to the front.  But our host should be able to get an estimate of the schedule.

  2. Within the last few days the my Cruise Critic Android app has stopped working.  On both a Samsung tablet and a Pixel smartphone it starts up and then crashes.  Sometimes just blinking away, sometimes with an error message "Network error, please try again later. (get_forum | Cruise Critic)".


    This is even more aggravating than always having to log in twice to get to my subscribed Holland America forum.

  3. P&O SS Arcadia. San Francisco to Manila. July 25 to August 17, 1960. For me it was a cruise, but it was transportation for my parents. Back before air travel was common. There was a cohort of English, on subsidized emigration to Australia. Second class was not luxurious, but we had a lot of promenade space. 24 days for $431 each. P%26O%20Arcadia%202nd%20Class%20Cabin%20Four-Berth.jpgP%26O%20Arcadis%201954-79%20b.jpgP%26O%20Arcadis%201954-79%20c.jpg

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  4. Last night we were watching "On the Waterfront" and I thought I recognized an old HAL funnel. A later scene showed the signage of Holland America Line in the background. Turns out it was filmed on the Hoboken Waterfront in 1953 or 54. What was the ship? Must have been the Ryndam or Maasdam, sisters. Three clips from the film, and then the full length photo is the Ryndam. (If I can upload them.)



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  5. I came across this blog post about the need to reform the PVSA.  This is the regulation that requires cruises from the US to stop at a foreign port.



    This seems to be part of a larger effort by Cato that is mainly to reform the Jones Act - which does the same for cargo ships.


  6. It has been posted elsewhere that Taiwan and S Korea have closed their ports to cruise ships.  Maybe true, maybe not. But if it is (or happens after a flareup), what is HAL planning for the 2/29 cruise stop at Keelung and the 3/14 cruise stop at Busan ?  My understanding is that Japan has a rule for round-trip cruises that the ship must make at least one foreign stop.  (Like the US rule)  The 3/28 cruise hits Taiwan again, but the 4/11 cruise goes to Vladivostok.

  7. At 4:45 EST the Westerdam was off Cam Ranh Bay according to VesselTracker.com doing 15 knots.  The track looks more like they plan to turn west and then north to go up to Bangkok rather than bending more to the south to Singapore.  Yesterday Mein Schiff 6 and and Sapphire Princess docked there at Laem Chabang.  Sapphire is still there, and Silver Spirit had been lurking offshore and is now approaching the port.  So it looks like Thailand is accepting ships.  Crystal Symphony is near Westerdam off Vietnam, but is heading more south, and it's AIS reports Singapore as the destination.  Norwegian Jade is approaching Sihanoukville.

  8. As of 32 min ago, the Westerdam's AIS tracker has appeared on VesselFinder.com.  Yesterday it had been loafing up from Ishigaki towards Okinawa, but now it is east of the southern end of Taiwan, heading southeast.  That's a course consistent with heading for Hong Kong.

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