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  1. Love my Bosch! My California cousin has one, I loaded it a few times when we were staying with them, the third rack is wonderful. We got one with the door that matches our cabinets, 5 years ago. We run it probably every second or third day. I had stainless steel cutlery that was looking grungy, and I had been looking for a new set, when we started using the Bosch, suddenly it was like new again.
  2. Good morning, Dailyites! Thank you, Rich, Roy, and all who post such interesting stuff. I like chilli, but I don't think I have ever made it - I'm not even sure I spelled it right. I do know that if I made it, I would definitely want corn bread with it. Why is that? Maybe a childhood memory? Pat is off to the bank this morning to get the Euros and US dollars we will need for the cruise. A week from today we will be boarding, so we will hunker down after the bank and sort of isolate until we leave, although I do have an appointment for a haircut on Saturday. I think we will attend virtual Mass on Sunday, as there is always a crowd in church - and they sing.
  3. The dermatologist said the rest of me is fine, and she wants to wait until we get back from our cruise to do the bump near my eye. She said I will have a black eye, and it might be prone to infection so better to wait. Thanks, @erewhon. I think it’s just a keratosis.
  4. Thanks. I guess we'll have to get on to it. Hope they accept our BC Vaccination certificates.
  5. I don't think you have to use your key card - you can take any old credit card sized card and use that.
  6. Good morning, all! Lots of exciting news today, but some difficult bits, too. I'll be thinking of you all I have dermatologist today, and I have a bump right near one eye which I'm hoping can just be zapped. I can't really tell what it is. But I'll probably have a black eye when we board next week, @VMax1700! We are getting excited about the cruise, too, a week from now we'll be heading for the Travel Medicine place to get tested and then to the airport, heading for Venice. @VMax1700, did you do plf's for both Italy and Greece? We haven't done them yet, as we haven't been able to do seat selection on Lufthansa. My ancestor story: My grandmother's maiden name was English, and her family had come west from Maryland and Virginia. When my genealogy class had a trip to the Library of Congress in DC, we were each given a computer (this was a long time ago, not much experience with computers), told to type in the family name we were researching and push a button. So I typed in E-n-g-l-i-s-h and pushed the button, and alarms went off, lights started flashing and the supervisor rushed over to turn my computer off. Evidently there are so many references to English, I just about blew the whole system! @St. Louis Sal, "Smith" might just do the same. We visited Sydney on our way to Perth in 2010, and it was also on our Oosterdam cruise for next year, which was cancelled. My pictures from our visit are about the same, but I'll add a couple. Bondi Beach The like their statues properly attired!
  7. Good to hear that he is home. Hope he continues to improve.
  8. Good afternoon! Almost didn't make it to the party... The Seattle cousins have gone shopping, Murchie's for tea and then Rogers Chocolates are a must, then they are going to the cemetery to put some flowers on their parents' grave. Then they will have dinner at my Victoria cousin's house and to see the newlyweds (now married 1 year) and the new baby. We sent a gift for the baby with them, as we haven't seen Connor either. Perhaps they will have pictures when they get back here. Tomorrow morning is breakfast at the golf club with more cousins, and then they are going to the ferry. It's been a whirlwind. I have lots of pictures from our day in General San Martin on Zaandam. The Ballestas, aka the Galapagos of Peru, were fascinating, barren islands covered with guano which is collected for sale every few years. Birds and other wildlife everywhere. Then we went to the desert, more barren land with just nothing anywhere. Evidently it was originally under the sea and the land is too salt to grow anything. The Ballestas And the desert
  9. So sorry to hear this. I hope, too, that it will be just a mild case. Here the schools are having a bad time of it. At the beginning of the school year, the decision was made not to notify other parents if a child in their child's class caught it, but they have now reversed that decisions and will make notifications.
  10. HAL cancelled our cruise which included a TA to Fort Lauderdale as we are Canadian. They did agree to transfer most of the funds to a similar cruise, without a TA. There is over $3,000 still owing us. That includes $2,800 of Flight Ease, as we had to re-book our flights and pay again for those. We asked if some of that money owing us (as it is Flight Ease money!) could be applied to our new flights to upgrade us to business class, and the answer was a resounding no . So, now we want that money back! I can't find a form on the paperwork that I have. ( I may have inadvertently deleted it.) If anyone has a link to the form I would appreciate it. I'm also going to be in touch with our PCC on Monday, but I figure, the sooner the better to get the form done. @vinonme2, 11 days must be a record! We still have not received refunds for shore excursions or the dinners we booked and the cruise was cancelled September 16!
  11. I received my credit today - I had applied on September 16. In the past it had taken as little as 3 hours or so, but they said they are very busy.
  12. Good to get the advance notice. Looking forward to hearing more tomorrow.
  13. He is a lovely dog - they were just so lucky their Good Samaritan was an honest Good Samaritan!
  14. Oskar is actually a shihtzu- I don’t know where the name came from. And I have been trying for a while to post using my phone, but CC has been adding the whole thread to my post, right from page 1! Hope my iPad is better behaved.
  15. Good morning, but only just, I’ve had a busy morning getting ready for our guests who are arriving tomorrow. I made a big lasagna for dinner tomorrow, my cousins will feed them Saturday, we’ll go for brunch at the golf club on Sunday, and then they head back to Seattle. Had to do some cleaning, too, and now that Pat is back from golf, we’ll open up the sofa bed in his office. Today the test is posting from my iPad. I know I don’t have all my photos on it, so I will have to try something current. That will be alright if I can do that from the ship. this is the box of grapes a friend gave me last week to make grape jelly. I sent him 12 jars and kept 6. It’s not political, but I have a dog story. DS came over with puppy Oskar yesterday and said that on Monday a woman had walked into the opticians where he works with a dog that looked just like Oskar, and as they got closer he noticed that even the leash was similar. And the dog started wagging. The woman asked “are you Neil?” And when he said yes, she handed over the dog! This Good Samaritan had found a lady who had fallen and was concussed, holding the dog, and when the ambulance arrived she requested someone take the dog across town to Neil at work. The injured lady was Neil’s partner’s mother who had been walking the dog for them when they are both at work at the same time. So the story had a happy ending and his DMIL is home and feeling better. Graham, glad the cataract surgery went well.
  16. Thanks, I've been following that, I wonder if it requires less "oomph" to post on FB? The lowest priced internet on the ships lets you do that, doesn't it? Then the middle one is the one we usually get, for emails and such, like posting here...
  17. Great news. If HAL doesn't do the same, we may have to move up!
  18. Haha! You're only saying that because you know I will be sending stuff to you for posting here, if I can't figure it all out on the ship! I do wonder how the internet is on the Eurodam, no one seems to be posting any more. Or maybe they're just having too much fun....
  19. This is a test. Good morning everyone, and thanks for the Daily News. Graham, I hope your cataract surgery is completely successful, and you can get some new eyeglasses. Pat was thrilled with his, and now doesn’t need to wear glasses to drive. However, every once in a while he forgets and puts on his reading glasses. (There's no cure for that!) I decided I had better start practicing posting on my devices, as I’m not taking my laptop when we travel, and there have been complaints about CC and the smaller devices. I did have to sign in on my phone, although it knew me yesterday. Now I’ll try to post some pictures of Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica. We were on Zaandam in SA. Our itinerary we took a tour and saw lots of animals
  20. Good morning, Daiyites. Many thanks to Rich and Roy for keeping us going, and all the interesting news from everyone! We flew to Australia in 2010, starting in Sydney, we took the train to Perth to visit Pat's sister. They treated us royally, with a few days on Rottnest Island, and we also visited Margaret River, the wine country, and Fremantle. Train across the Nullarbor Plain View of Perth from the Botanic Garden Ferry to Rottnest A quokka, the smallest kangaroo, on Rottnest and a few pictures of Fremantle
  21. The Clipper ferry started coming back to Victoria yesterday from Seattle, but Canadians are not allowed to take it over to the States.
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