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  1. Thanks for the comments. We take all of them for what they are worth. We wish you the best. We live in a world of opinion. Other peoples opinions should be respected and not diminished. La prosima volta
  2. Thanks for the kind post. Quality on food and service on Celebrity is following their market trends. Guests today do not understand what Foie Gras or a Bearnaise sauce is. The days of white glove service are gone. Even in the specialty venues things have changed. Many of today's guests are younger and generally do not have the appreciation of fine food.
  3. Perhaps I was not clear in my review. "the Sommelier could offer a glass of late harvest Tokay and describe the flavor profile of the wine. That would be an up sell." It is a simple task to have the Sommeliers know a few basics on wine/food pairing. I am not looking to educate. Am looking to enjoy my experience and learn.
  4. I have made the same request on all cruises and gotten an " absolutely" from the Maitre d' each time.
  5. My expectations were based on past experiences. Can you give me a better way?
  6. Is asking to talk with an officer "demanding" ?
  7. Hey, I never said I got an "A" in spelling. I find it very refreshing that you are so kind to point out all of my small short comings. Thanks. I will try harder.
  8. Perhaps you missed the parts of absolute praise I expressed for many of the wonderful crew members who made our cruise more bearable. Is being positive being a rant? Thanks for your opinion.
  9. I must kindly disagree with you. On our last cruise, or any others we had, we did not experience any of the issues we did on this one. It is normal for us to dine at the specialty venues frequently but on our last cruise, the MDR was exceptional. Thanks for your opinion
  10. Thanks for the post. My humble apologizes for the misspelling. My German is not 100% I was relying on Word to much. I am a Certified Sommelier but not a Master of wine or a Master Sommelier. Those are the true highly trained people.
  11. Thanks for the post. Yes, over the years we have been sailing Celebrity we have had the privilege to meet several wonderful officers. The vast majority of the past cruises have been way better then this one. I do not believe we are having ridiculous expectations in going on the excursion that we booked, not having to wait 40 minutes for a glass of wine or having hot food hot. It is not beyond the reach of the front waiter to deliver or meals in the correct order. Thanks
  12. My Bad. Wife is recovering and wanting to do things on her own. You know how that is. Just trying to make life as good as possible for her and stay within her desires. The disappointments that we had were caused by simple communication short falls that Celebrity needs to be aware of.
  13. Thanks for the opinion. I do not think it is unrealistic to want a glass of wine delivered in under 10 minutes. I also believe that celebrity should be aware of my experience so they understand my view. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the post. You are right on the carry-on. The jewelry was costume and the meds were not prescription. Still, it is a disappointment. We have been sailing Celebrity because we thought we knew what to expect. Next Cruise is with Oceania to Barcelona.
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