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  1. Yes sorry the $ was a typo.... The question was how to interpret the offer as originally stated vs. how the posting reads now


    Your Departure Date In 2020 Option 1: Transfer Money Paid + Bonus Future Cruise Credit (higher value) Option 2: Refund + Future Cruise Credit (lower value)
    March 12 - March 25 225% future cruise credit 100% refund + 100% future cruise credit
    March 26 - April 8th 175% future cruise credit 100% refund + 50% future cruise credit
    April 9th – May 10th 150% future cruise credit 100% refund + 25% future cruise credit






  2. We were scheduled to cruise March 21st. So from what I can tell from the original email, Princess has reworded this to clarify. Per my email (below), we would be given the opportunity to transfer what we've currently paid +$225 future cruise credit.


    Per this post, we receive the opportunity to transfer funds +$125 future credit.


    Your Departure Date In 2020 Option 1: Transfer Money Paid + Bonus Future Cruise Credit (higher value) Option 2: Refund + Future Cruise Credit (lower value)
    March 12 - March 25 225% future cruise credit 100% refund + 100% future cruise credit
    March 26 - April 8th 175% future cruise credit 100% refund + 50% future cruise credit
    April 9th – May 10th 150% future cruise credit 100% refund + 25% future cruise credit
  3. We have flown red-eye across the Atlantic twice now to Rome and Barcelona. The plane takes off, you have dinner and then just go to sleep like you would that night. Wake up in the morning 8 hours later like you just slept for the night and you area ready to go. Coming home is a different story and I have no suggestions :)

  4. 16 minutes ago, USCcruisecrazy said:

    PensFan 1028 -  I think you have hit the nail on the head.  That same couple will be the ones to come on CC and give a scathing review of the ship and Staff.  I have found over the years that being friendly, enjoying your cruise, and not expecting to waited on like royalty results in a very good experience.  We always seem to find a waiter in the MDR, bartenders in multiple spots, and a room Steward that are all awesome.  I credit it to our attitude.  Service folks enjoy waiting on those that are enjoyable to serve.  I should know, because I was in the industry for many years!!


    It is likely that they or at least one of them is a member here as we overheard them discussing things about the meet and greet, slot pull and such. But yes, we always have a good time getting to know the staff at the bars and our waiters. I like to feel that we are making their shift go by a little faster by engaging in conversation.

  5. 35 minutes ago, XBGuy said:

    PF1028, thank you for spending the time to share your experience.  I think most people here on Cruise Critic understand the difficult circumstances under which the ship's crew are working and most are sympathetic.  Still, you story does provide focus.


    Additionally, you have my sympathy for having your cruise experience diminished.



    Thank you. This encounter didn't diminish our experience.... I was just sympathetic with the servers and anyone else who had to deal with that couple. We enjoy every cruise to it's fullest.. with respect to those around us and especially to those providing service day in and day out. Happy New Year.

  6. Barcelona is very simple for embarkation. While we haven't gone directly from the Airport to the ship, I do know that any transfer or taxi will drive you into the port and let you off where you need to be, minimal walking or figuring out where to go will be needed. If you could arrive a day ahead of time and get a hotel, Barcelona is an awesome city to explore during the day and some great places to eat along Las Ramblas in the evening. 


    You will most likely be able to board just after 11am, although it may be less crowded if you waited until 1pm or so.

  7. 4 minutes ago, sciteach11 said:

    As a vegetarian I always figured the chef's table would not be worth it to me, so it's exciting to hear they will accommodate! I haven't heard of the Winemakers Dinner. Is that new? We'll be on the Royal this summer and I love wine, so I'd love to check it out! Is it something you sign up for once on board or ahead of time? How much does it cost?


    I've never done Chef's Table but the wine makers dinner is totally worth it if you like wine and good food. We always ask our waiter to sign us up the first night at dinner. I would consult the Maitre d' about substitutions when you sign up. It is $40 per person.

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  8. 11 minutes ago, victory2020 said:

    The dining room will serve fish tacos on a sea day lunch, usually the 3rd one as I recall. Just check the menu outside the dining room after breakfast is closed.


    Did not know that...  I was going to suggest you could most likely construct your own at the buffet. I know the Regal and Royal have tacos almost every day at lunch now and there is typically some kind of grilled or broiled fish somewhere on the buffet.

  9. While we've only done one cruise with Carnival... the one thing we really enjoyed was the sing along piano bar and that it was a little easier to have fun without making your own fun if that makes sens. Otherwise, we won't cruise with Carnival again, everything else just didn't compare with prior and recent Princess experience.


    I will agree with you on the Trivia, I think Princess hasn't figured that out but it is likely a ship by ship basis. Food variety on the Regal and Royal has been the best of any ship I've been on. The introduced a new menu a few years back that kind of killed quality but on the Royal in December, the food was some of the best I've had at sea.


    Oh, and comedy on just about any cruise is pretty bland.... they rotate a lot of the same comedians and content. I was brought up on stage by the comedian to help him come up with a story and felt I made his show significantly better, haha... but I may be bias 😉

  10. I would say it is likely. My wife does not like seafood and they have always replaced any seafood dishes with nice (typically vegetarian) options. 


    From what I gather this is typically the Mondavi menu as most people enjoy that menu best. On the Royal in early December we did the WM dinner and had the following:


    App: Tiger Prawn wrapped in prosciutto and croissant (my wife had a cheese tart)

    Soup: Lentil with granny smith apple and bacon (wife had it sans bacon and was no problem)

    Pasta: Gnocci  - *this is seriously delicious 

    Dinner: Filet with asparagus and some kine of potato ( I'm sure you could request a substitute for this)


    If you enjoy wine, the WM's dinner is not to be missed... our experience all three times has been great food, good conversation with new people and free flowing wine... almost too much wine if that's possible 😉


  11. Not to condone the rude attitudes and non-friendly experience but I would like to offer insight and personal experience. While I do not work in the service industry, the expectations are likely similar to working just about anywhere nowadays. Everyone is expected to to more with less, stretch beyond their personal responsibilities and show up early and leave late. The hours cruise ship employees (especially wait staff) put in would break the majority of people here in a week. Add being away from family for months, eating the same food over and over again, and spending what money you do make to pay for internet to communicate with you family back home... it wouldn't be easy.


    With that said, I have personalty experienced an immediate decline in service in a dining room on the Regal by our waitstaff at no fault of their own. When I say immediate, I mean within a day. Let me explain.


    Day 1 dining on the Regal, we were greeted by our very friendly waiter and his assistant, talked to them a little, asked their opinions on food and generally enjoyed their company. They provided excellent service.


    Day 2, the Maitre d' ushered a woman and her husband to a table near ours which happened to be a very lovely window table for 2. He apologized for something and asked them if this table would better suit them and they obliged. As it were, our waiter and his assistant were assigned this table and quickly met them with menus and introduced themselves. As they were speaking, she cut them off and said something about her request for a curry dish every night and if it would be met.... they had already waited 10 minutes for dinner and were "starving"..... 


    Throughout the rest of dinner on just day 2, they were forced to keep up with her constant nagging and nonsensical requests.


    Day 3 much of the same, she arrived late and her husband didn't join until 20 minutes later.... requested curry, etc. They had brought a bottle of wine to dinner and requested Riedel wine glasses and were given the explanation that the Riedel glasses were only to be used in Vines and that the dining room glasses were to be used. Again, she gave attitude until her request was met, again wasting time and distracting our wait staff for 5 - 10 necessary minutes. Also claimed to have paid the corkage fee and refused to give them her room key to pay when they asked.


    Day 4 or 5 who knows at this point, they show up at the dining room with full (overfull) glasses of wine (Riedel). Half way through dinner, husband leaves with empty glasses and returns again, with them full (overfull). We go to Vines regularly and know they do not over pour. Apparently the rules of corkage fees shall not apply to them so refilling in their room was a better option for them.


    At some point she closed the curtains to the window because she caught me looking out at the sunset.... not kidding.


    On our way out of dining one night we were sure to inform the Maitre d' that our servers were doing an amazing job the first day and really trying to maintain with the couple's lack of respect for them. Without asking he knew exactly who we were talking about and apologized and was well aware of the situation.


    So aside from my long winded story... we try to have a little more penitence for the crew now, knowing that they likely deal with truly disgusting, disrespectful people on a daily basis.


    I'm by no way suggesting that you or anyone here has been dealt treatment based on their own treatment of the staff... but it can certainly have an affect on all of us as a whole.




  12. As we arrive on embarkation day most cruises, we have a system to get our non-alcoholic beverages on board without having to fly with 4 cases of carbonated beverages 😉


    1. Pack an empty duffel bag or any collapsible bag in your suit case with cruise luggage tag attached

    2. Unpack said bag upon arrival to the airport

    3. Drop of remaining luggage with porters (don't forget to tip)

    4. Carry bag out of terminal, make a right turn and walk to store approx. 1/4" mile up the road

    5. Purchase non-alcoholic beverages and fill bag

    6. Carry bag back to terminal and offload to porter station without them noticing (avoiding a 2nd, unnecessary tip)

    7. Initiate general boarding procedure

    8. Receive bag loaded with non-alcoholic beverages with the rest of your luggage


    *If you arrive a day early, ignore all of that and just slap a tag on your Coke and drop it with the porters upon arrival to the terminal (they will make sure you know that tips are appreciated)*

  13. I was on this voyage as well. Food quality was excellent and back to a level where it was a few years ago before some of the new menu changes. Poolside grill burger quality was better than usual and everything about the food on board seemed fresh, hot and delicious. Only explored the buffet for light breakfast a few mornings. We also missed the comedian but did see Secret Silk which was a little slow for my taste but decent. 


    Our TV quit working one day ( a network error I believe as I found out a few TVs did not work). Our phone also experienced some issues (which the captain mentioned in the captain circle party)


    Overall the ship is still in excellent condition.


    I also witnessed shorts in the dining room, and in general a lower standard of dress on the non-formal nights. I did not notice anything unusual on formal nights.


    Went to Calico Jacks in GC, great deal for chairs/umbrellas and really good food.


    The rain in Roatan confined us to Fat Tuesday for most of the morning... and from what I remember of the rest of the day, the beach was nice :)


    Booked cave tubing and zip line excursion once off the ship in Belize with a local company and had an excellent experience for $80pp. + $10 for lunch (best bbq chicken and rice/beans I've had)


    Went to Paradise Beach in Cozumel, been there before and the experience was a little different this time. A lot more children and just didn't experience the quality of the first time. Chicken fajitas were good though.



    Good to see you had a similar experience.



  14. Was on the Royal last week. Only new beers were Goose Island Sofie and Gulden Draak 9000. Sofie is the only beer on board with any hop profile at all... and I did enjoy probably 10 - 12 of them throughout the week at $8 each. This is a bottle conditioned Belgian Saison... not bad but still not what most would be looking for. The first few days it took the bartenders a minute to figure out they even had the beer or how to ring it into the register... not a good sign (am I really the only one drinking this on a ship of 3500?)


     Also tried the Draak, not really a fan of this type of beer with the sweet malty forward to cover the alcohol. It was ok but I wouldn't buy it again.



  15. On 12/1/2018 at 3:21 PM, cruisequeen4ever said:

    As a Princess loyalist who became loyal at the ripe old age of 17, who is now 37, and who got her husband hooked on Princess at age 26, I can say that we appreciate the refined Princess experience and the ships that really look and feel like ships. We are almost always the youngest at the Platinum/Elite Captain’s Circle Parties (except for the occasional grandchild traveling with grandparents), but it doesn’t bother us at all. I have definitely noticed a shift in Princess’s marketing, and though I’m all for targeting people in our demo of young married professionals, I have not liked that they’re pushing hard for families. A large population of children would radically change the Princess experience for the worse. I’m a teacher, so I like kids, but I don’t have any and want an adult, calm experience onboard. Sometimes lately, it seems like Princess has lost its identity, but I am still hopeful it won’t.


    I have to agree with this 100%. My wife and I began cruising in 2008 ( I was 23, she 21)... we decided to try Princess based on the itinerary back then. Our first cruise was on the Grand Princess (when it still had the real skywalkers)... and we were hooked. The elegance of the ship, the formal nights, the food and the most friendly staff at sea is what got us that first time. While I have seen a decline of formal night just over 10 years, we still go for the glamour of it all and fully participate with the formal attire. We too are typically among the youngest at the P/E Captain's Circle Parties ( and I do admit it is mostly for the free booze 😉   )   We don't have children and typically do not enjoy other people's children so the family marketing tactic is somewhat unfortunate. To be honest, I have high hopes for Princess to lean a little more towards a young professional to middle aged demographic, mainly for entertainment purposes. Our cruise this summer had bingo in the lounge and elevator roulette one night in the Piazza for entertainment... I'm not kidding. The ship was practically vacant after 9pm. 


    We have met other couples on board in our demographic almost every time we have cruised so I know the customers are there, just need to entice some of them to move over from other lines with a few more incentives, fresh entertainment, ... ahem...better beer selection 😉 .


    Don't get me wrong, we are all for the R&R during the long sea days and I'm even up at 6am some days to enjoy the pool deck in peace before most people.

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  16. Some of the more commercial craft breweries are probably what we should be expecting. Sam Adams (not really craft IMO anymore but it's a step in the right direction), Dog Fish, New Belgium, Cigar City, Founders, Stone... something, anything let's get on it Princess :classic_blink:

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  17. We've been on Regal a few times. I tend to have a routine on sea days that I look forward too. I get up early enough to get to the Retreat pool while most are still at breakfast, get a lounger up front, put headphones on and listen to music or an audiobook before the hustle and bustle of the day. Once DW comes to join me (10am or so) I head to the terrace bar and get a bloody mary.


    We enjoy Vines and usually make acquaintances with one of the bar servers. If you engage them in conversation about the types of wines you like, generally show interest in them,  you may find yourself a few free samples or heavier pours.


    Alfredo's is always good as mentioned several times.... hard to believe it's free and so few people take advantage of it.


    If you like burgers, get a burger from the grill by the pool, head to the buffet to build your own gourmet burger with the various selection of cheeses, meats, sometimes bacon, sauce etc.


    Some days the lunch buffet has taco's... and sometimes..... Gyros!!! (from the meat spit including Tzatziki sauce!!)


    Usually a late night stop at the International Cafe provides a light snack, dessert or a nice cubano sandwich.


    If your a wino or even just a foodie who likes wine.... do not miss the wine makers dinner, IMO the best bang for your buck if you are looking to pay for a specialty dining experience... .while not huge portions, you will leave full and satisfied (and most likely gain a few new friends)


    Crooners is a nice spot before dinner for a cocktail.


    Best draft beer on the ship is served at the Wheelhouse bar (although beer selection in general on Princess is lacking) but it's always cold and always fresh.



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  18. 32 minutes ago, newport dave said:

    Wasn't it supposed to be 17 different beers???? 


    Yes, but this is the only evidence of any changes currently. I'll be on the Royal in early December and was really hoping for a full roll-out by then.

  19. Looks like the new list added Goose Island Sofia and another Belgian style Quadrupel.... I seriously hope that wasn't the big reveal of added craft brews.... C'mon Princess get it together.... Carnival offers Rebel IPA, Sierra Nevada, a white IPA, a decent amber and various others that, while not impressive by most, are still leaps and bounds ahead of Princess. Royal offers a decent variety depending on the ship. On Oasis a few years back I was never displeased with the selection. The flight to get to the cruise has a better selection.


    Let me pay a corkage fee for a 6 pack.

  20. No customs is GREAT NEWS .... So getting a cab once off the ship in Barcelona should'nt be a problem eithe? Heard stories of waiting an hour and half for a taxi :-(

    Thanks all for your comments...anything else you can think of let me know !


    Very easy to get a cab at the Barcelona port. You walk out of the terminal and there should be 50 or so cabs waiting... and a line to stand in which will wrap up around the end of the staging area and back down. We waited 10 - 15 minutes at the most.


    If it is possible for you get a later disembarkation time... I think we disembarked around 9:30 and everything went smoothly.

  21. Why can’t we bring beer onboard and pay something similar to a corkage fee after the FREE one?? Much discrimination toward beer drinkers as opposed to wine drinkers! Many dozens of wine choices...17 (?) beers to choose from! [emoji1361][emoji1361]



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    I consider myself a pretty well traveled beer drinker and 17 options over a week seems like plenty to me. However, I'm all for the BYOB or maybe a 6-pack per person. It's a step in the right direction but obviously can't please everyone.

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