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  1. We did Corfu 3 years ago and yes it is spectacular. As you exit the port, you will notice 1-30 black Mercedes with drivers. I called out "Best city tour Best Price" one guy came up and said 50 Euros 1/2 day. Maybe we got lucky, but he was fantastic. Went to the palace, the mouse island thing, and 4 or 5 great sites. Good Luck!
  2. Please do and be prepared for it to be HOT!!!
  3. Same for us! I am NOT wasting the space that a sports coat takes up. If we have to eat in the buffet one night...so be it!
  4. Surgery bug hit and had to change to these dates. The itinerary is fantastic! Wife and I will be sailing. anybody else? Looking for fellow cruzers...
  5. Arrrgh! Sorry matey! due to ankle surgery, we pushed the cruz to Oct 7-14-Hope you enjoy and don`t drink all the grog!
  6. Wife and I will be sailing. anybody else? The itinerary is fantastic!
  7. Plat 18 ccl cruises. Got to port at 10:45.no more special lounge, shuffled off to a separate line. Started to ...Walk aboard and got stopped! Guy said you missed your Window! Got pushed into the rest, standing and waiting. Disembarking was even worse! Don’t get your hopes up with CCL plat! A.few old choc covered strawberries, pin and watered down drinks at D/P reception! Shop the best deal, do not be loyal to any cruise line,
  8. All non-relative travel to Cuba has been halted.
  9. According to news articles, trump has closed all non relative visits. Sure there will be more info to follow.
  10. Like HD2 above-Many thanks for all the information. We are so looking forward to this trip. My only concern is a formal night I don`t wear coat and ties anymore. After 25 years in sales! Is that a problem?
  11. We are booked on the Crystal in September for the Greek Isles. My wife noticed last night that there are 2 formal nights on the cruise, indicating mandatory coat and tie in the dining room. This could be a deal breaker as I wore those in my 25-year sales career and vowed to never put a suit on again. I will dress in business casual, but not put a noose around my neck again. Can somebody advise on this? Thanks
  12. We are back now and it is San Pedro Express Water Taxi. We used them and it worked out fine. The return times are a little funky as we had to catch the 12:00 return to assure that we got back to the tender port on time (2 hour difference) I would have liked to spend at least one more hour on the caye.
  13. When I hit that link, it comes up San Pedro ?????????????
  14. To all-Thanks for the great feedback. I went and ordered a gallon. Thanks again!
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