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  1. Great advice! Tried it at home this week before we embark next weekend. It is manually operated, as you push/pump the water through the reservoir and kcup and into your mug while the entire contraption is resting on your coffee cup. DH said it tasted great, and it smelled good to me. We will be taking it! So happy we can DRIVE to our home port!
  2. Also, I used the argument that if we got the drink package, dh could get his fill of specialty coffees, and that convinced him to let me order Cheers! We have had it before once, but I was yearning for it for this next cruise and he was hesitating, The coffee crisis was the deciding factor LOL !
  3. THANKS SO MUCH for the discussion on my question. i appreciate your thoughts and feedback. I decided to try one of these I saw on Amazon. It seems like a low tech French press. We will see if it works on our cruise in 2 weeks. It has not been delivered yet.
  4. I have searched and can’t find the answer..... ....may I bring a small travel kcup coffee maker to use in my cabin? I tried bringing my own tower fan once and that got taken until the end of that cruise. Now I carryon small desk fans with no problem. I would like for my dh to be able to enjoy his beloved hazelnut kcups, especially since the regular coffee offered is notoriously underwhelming. I know we can buy better coffee at the coffee shop, just wanted to know if we might be able to bring a small travel coffee maker with us for the stateroom. Would it be considered a fire hazard? Thanks for being kind to answer if you know.....
  5. If you have never done the Sea Day Brunch , you should definitely try it. It is several steps above the buffet for sure, and I like it better than the MDR breakfast. We missed out on it on our first few Carnival cruises until I read about it here on the forum. So glad we learned about it as it is a must-do at least once on every cruise for us now. I especially like the steak and eggs....it’s a tiny filet mignon, but it’s just right for me!
  6. Now I am intrigued! Sounds like fun and decent exercise for the aging population (ie me!). Had never heard of this and both my husband and I are PE teachers. Hope to to see this in some ships we will be sailing soon!
  7. Also reach out to them via Messenger on Facebook. i have gotten the quickest responses from big corporations that way. Good luck!
  8. Had been a loyal Royal Caribbean fan for many years. Thought the ‘party ship’ atmosphere I had heard about Carnival was beneath me. Was I ever wrong. First time on Carnival (out of necessity because I could not get an RCI ship out of my homeport at the time I wanted to sail) and I was blown away by how much fun I had on the line I mistakenly/foolishly thought I was too good for. I immediately changed my next booking to Carnival and have not looked back. I was Diamond on RCI at the time, and now my loyalty is to Carnival. The energy level is palpably higher, and I like that a lot. I am close to retirement age, have regularly sailed 5 different cruise lines, and Carnival is my choice. I am as surprised as anyone to be saying that!
  9. It’s our family tradition to sail the week before Christmas because of the more affordable pricing. We have done it for at least 10 years now. Can also do some Christmas shopping on the trip. One year we cruised again the week of NYE and that was fun! Cost was higher because it was a holiday of course, but it helped the post-cruise let down immensely knowing we would be back on the seas again in a week!
  10. Such a shocking and devastating tragedy for all. I am so sad for those who were lost and injured, and their families and friends. It impacts everyone in the cruising world, and especially those who have been to Ketchikan, or will be there one day. I remember watching the float planes taking off when we were there in ‘17. I longed to be one of the adventurous ones who booked those excursions. I seem to have gotten more skittish in my old age and was too frightened from previous reports of float plane accidents to book a tour. God bless all who were only following their dream for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to view the majesty of the beauty in the wilderness. May their souls be at peace and their loved ones find some semblance of comfort during this unimaginable time.
  11. I LOVE this tool! Had seen a version on FB, then got a positive endorsement from a friend. I researched on Amazon and ended up buying the Revlon version. PROS: it helps me manage my has-a-mind-mind-of-it’s- own wavy frizzprone hair very well, even on non-shampoo days. Cons: it’s a bit weighty (I have to use both hands to hold it) and loud. I haven’t had it very long, but I think I will be taking it on my next cruise in July. But I am fortunate to be able to drive to my home port. Not sure I would be willing to lug it on on airplane trip.
  12. Port agent stopped me the first time I ‘walked on by’ because I was unaware of the tax requirement. That was several years ago, and I guess I was obviously carrying a liquor box for them to spot me. Ignorance of the law is embarrassing when you get caught.
  13. I would love to see a couples plan, but my deficient math brain is not clear on this suggestion. Are you proposing a plan for 2, to share 20 drinks per day, at a total cost of $150 per day, or $75 per day for each person?? That would could be profitable for Carnival, but be a bit pricy on the combined wallets of the couple, no? However, some couples may be very willing to pay that. IMHO, it would be a nice option to have, and each couple would use their own good judgement on whether it makes sense for them.
  14. Agree! Lots of fun and energy on NYE cruises! We brought some of our own decorations and hats, and 2 bottles of champagne to enjoy in the cabin. But the crew supplies many of these things too during the festivities, starting with embarkation. There is also a late night breakfast offering in the buffet NYE night/early morning.
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