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  1. We have loved our corner aft balcony Havana cabana cabins on Vista. They have been 90% private, other than when you are standing at the balcony edge looking up, down or sideways. But I DO always remind myself that there are cameras in many places for safety, so I always act accordingly. 😉
  2. Love that picture with the greeting in lights. Do you think it’s real? Or photoshopped?
  3. We usually cruise this very week right before Christmas every year. One year we planned to take my adult son, staying in the same cabin with us. He was unable to go at the last minute. We told them at check-in, but that was it, He was just a no-show, and we ate the cost of his cruise. Unfortunate things happen, and we just accepted it. I don’t recall receiving a refund on port charges, but that would have been minimal compared to the cost of the cruise. We understood that it is reasonable and just that we still had to pay the cost of his cruise. Not saying anyone here is disputing that
  4. I would be delighted to see a 50% return in the spring, and 100% by summer 2021. I have been resigned that it will be several years before we can cruise again from the US.
  5. I was sure this thread was referring to the GIANT HOLE in my life and my heart without cruising. I guess it sort of does! 😪
  6. The first masks I used were cut up t-shirts, so you could do that with your cruise shirts 🙂 Now I am trying to coordinate them with my outfits lol. And I know people make fun of those of us wearing a mask while driving our car, but I do it so I don’t forget to put it on when I get to where I’m going. I’ve got a lot going on in my mind during this time yikes!
  7. Never got an email so we called our TA this morning and he cancelled our 3/14 casino rate Vista cruise for us. Later today we DID get the “your cruise is right around the corner” email, even though we are officially canceled on the website. Oh well....
  8. That is what I think will happen....combined sailings, even more so now that there are so many more ships than there were after 9/11.
  9. Here is my take:: I have heretofore been in the “this is being blown out of proportion” opinion, until now. i realize I am in the higher risk group - over 60 - but I do not have underlying medical concerns other than age. I don’t expect to get sick, but then who really does? It has been a long time since I have had an illness that knocked me down for more than a day. That said, even if I did get exposed to covid19, and contracted it with minor symptoms, I have close family members who are even younger than me who DO have compromised immune systems. They do not need m
  10. Here is my original post that I edited because I thought it was off topic of ships cancelling. But since bury me at sea quoted it faster than I got the edit done, this is what I said, for what it’s worth. : I have heretofore been in the “this is being blown out of proportion” opinion, until now. i realize I am in the higher risk group - over 60 - but I do not have underlying medical concerns other than age. I don’t expect to get sick, but then who really does? It has been a long time since I have had an illness that knocked me down for more than a day. That
  11. EDITED because my comments were off topic and I don’t see a delete button yikes. Instead I will say that I agree folks are more concerned about being quarantined on the ships rather than getting sick themselves. But even the fear of being exposed is legit when you consider bringing back covid19 to family members who themselves have compromised immune systems. I can’t see both Vista and Freedom cruising out of Galveston half empty or less. I would think they would combine to have one fuller ship. But I am not in the cruise industry so I don’t know how they think in lig
  12. I live on Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. i was planning to take a 12-pack on Vista next week, but now it looks like I will be drinking it at home. I know they have regular DP on the ships out of Galveston, but not sure of the availability of the Diet DP. To be sure she is covered, you might think about lugging a 12-pack.
  13. We are to sail next Saturday 3/14 on Vista. No email yet from Carnival, or our TA, who we will call later today. It would be good if Carnival could put this information on their website, at least somewhere in the individual booking info for passengers who are scheduled on the affected cruises. Best would be a way to handle it all online to avoid the phone deluge they are under. But even in the best of times Carnival’s online presence has been less than stellar as most of us have experienced. I am still very grateful that Carnival has offered this option for upcoming cruises.
  14. I think this is going to happen, which is unfortunate for those who are wanting to go on their cruise. Of course a cancelled cruise is always a possibility when you book, for a variety of reasons, but this is unprecedented, and goes beyond just one ship. I am guessing that at least half of us will cancel and rebook. It seems doubtful that Carnival will be willing to sail ships that are only half full IMHO.
  15. Can someone explain “100% of cancellation fees”? Does that mean the entire cost of the cruise that we have already paid for the covered cruises?
  16. First, I am very grateful that Carnival is giving those of us with upcoming cruises this option under the uncertain circumstances. THANK YOU CARNIVAL. If the majority of us that are on the covered cruises take advantage of the rescheduling option, and I think that will be the case, I cannot imagine Carnival will keep their sailing schedule with half-empty (or worse) ships. I would guess that some significant changes would be made to consolidate cruises, no? Also, I am very sympathetic to the crews of these ships as they will be greatly affected financially. It’s such
  17. Just a mention that it would against the law to do this to avoid paying the tax.....but that is a personal decision to make. To each his own.
  18. Hmmmm, we also had the misfortune to share our Havana experience with some very loud guests on our December ‘19 Vista cruise. There was a lot of boisterous bantering between balconies and down to the pool area. It felt like we were privy to all of their conversations which were many, and mostly about cocktails. We laughed it off, but it was not pleasant. Alas, I agree that it is the luck of the draw, which can happen in any area of any ship.
  19. Good for you Jennifer, for coming back to the boards! What a blow to get that diagnosis, and I am proud of you for facing it as you are. No doubt you have many loved ones who are pulling for you, and now all of us here are rooting for you too! Many years ago, when my husband I were newlyweds, we never imagined cruising would be possible for us. We would watch The Love Boat every Saturday night (giving away my age here) and dreamed about what a cruise might be like. We took a quick 3-day vacation to a resort right before my first child was born, and we pretended that it was a
  20. I could be wrong, but I am guessing the OP may have mistaken the term “prepaid gratuities” with free gratuities? No offense to the OP, I just could not find such a mythical wonder in the cursory search I just did. That said, I would pick Freedom over Vista or Breeze. But that is a personal choice, and I have no young kiddos to qualify my answer to the question. I just think Freedom is an easier ship to maneuver. Whatever ship you choose, it will be a great trip! How special to be able to cruise with grandchildren!
  21. Hmmmm.....those are things I like most about escargot....soggy bread....with lots of garlic and onions masking the taste of actual snails. This might turn into a WIN for me LOL!
  22. Ooops... Havana area on Vista is at the BACK of the ship, but definitely close to alot of good stuff...Lido, food, Limelight Lounge (comedy club), Ocean Plaza. Only things you have to trek to are the spa, the Liquid Lounge (main theater) the Thrill and IMAX theaters.
  23. To answer your question.....IMHO it’s both....overall vibe on Carnival is higher energy and engaging.....and specifically the comedy club, consistent piano bar entertainers, and fun trivia and games.
  24. Here is the thread for that discussion.....trying to keep it all in one place. Coronavirus thread
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