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  1. Thanks for updating/correcting me on Casa Camper in Barcelona. With or without free drinks it is a great choice for a stay. In fact, based on our stay there, my wife and I will be staying at the Casa Camper in Berlin next month when we travel thru Germany prior to taking a transatlantic cruise from Lisbon to St Martin on Seabourn Odyssey.
  2. We stayed 2-3 years ago, and there was beer & wine available in the area where you order breakfast and where much of the food was laid out. Perhaps that has changed.
  3. Casa Camper Hotel. A two minute walk from Las Ramblas so it is quiet but close to the action. Free drinks and a full free breakfast is included.
  4. As SLSD mentioned, laundry detergent is free. We always pack a few sheets of Bounce fabric softener sheets for the dryer.
  5. If you get any OBC from your travel agent, chances are very good that you can redeem it for cash on the last full day of you cruise. Lots of times that’s a better option than buying something you din’t really need. Plus, the cost of an iPad will not always be cheaper than what you would pay at home. To see if you have any refundable OBC, go to your online folio on your cabin’s TV. Any OBC that you receive from Celebrity, which is always non-refundable, will be lsted as one line item and will be identified with a code. If you have gotten any OBC from your travel agent or elsewhere that is refundable, that amount will also be listed as a separate line item, but the code used to identify it will have a “-R” at the end of the identifying code. For years, I have always tried to use up all of my OBC buying things just to use up my OBC. Once I found out that some OBC might be refundable, rather than buying unneeded things, I started going to Guest Services to get my refundable OBC in cash. You simply go to Guest Services on the last day and tell the agent that you would like your refundable OBC in cash. On our last cruise in May (Seward to Vancouver on Millennium), I was given $895, which was what my TA gave us (10% of our cruise cost) as an OBC.
  6. Like cruzzzinma, we also ask our butler to swap out the gift bottle of sparkling wine for a bottle of either white or red. We have never been refused.
  7. Looking for the same thing....!
  8. The airport is just across the harbor from where the ship docks. Barring any traffic issues, it is a 10-minute ride through a tunnel, You shouldn't have any problem.
  9. You should both join. As you start accumulating points and advancing to higher levels you will each get the benefits. Be sure both your and her CC membership #s are included in all your bookings.
  10. Googling Tropicana Havana will give you all the info you need. I suggest that you also look at the earlier postings on this thread. It contains advice on the best ticket choices to purchase.
  11. Tropicana has a website where you can order tickets and pay with your (US-issued) credit card. No problem at all. Taxis are plentiful outside the ship terminal to take you there. Our driver waited outside the theater with many other drivers, and we easily met him after the show to take us back to the ship. We paid him for the round trip when we got back to the ship terminal.
  12. Have a great time. My wife & I loved visiting Cuba. Hope that you enjoy it as well.
  13. No need to buy bottled water on the ship. Bottled water is readily available all over Havana and other cities we visited (Cienfuegos, Trinidad & Santiago de Cuba). Drank bottled water and tap water served in restaurants without any problems.
  14. We are sailing on Millennium at the end of the month - Seward to Vancouver. We are in an aft corner Sky Suite and try booking that location on all ships whenever possible. Love the view and it’s a nice, quiet area of the ship.
  15. We did a Rhine River cruise (Amsterdam to Basel) on Uniworld in '17 and loved it. Last year we did a Danube River cruise (Prague to Budapest) on Scenic and would not do another Scenic cruise. Scenic had a decent ship but our experience gave us the impression that Scenic (the crew, food and overall experience) has quite a way to go to get their act together and be considered a premium river cruise line like Uniworld. I would do another Uniworld. cruise but not another with Scenic since the two lines pretty much offer the same itineraries and are priced very similarly.
  16. Enjoy the show as well as your time in Havana and any other cities that you visit. We found the Cuban people to be wonderful.
  17. We bought the most expensive tickets sold by the Tropicana website. I suggest you buy tickets that are one price level cheaper. Those seats are one section further back from where we sat and I think would be better.
  18. My wife and I sat right at the stage. Wish we sat one tier back/higher. It's a big production and too close is not great.
  19. We took taxis a number of times in Havana, including to the Tropicana one night. Our driver waited with other taxis and we easily met him after the show, He did not want to be paid until we were back at the ship terminal. Taxis there are very safe and reliable.
  20. I have always given additional tips in cash,.
  21. We book Sky Suites almost exclusively and always provide extra gratuities to our butler, stateroom attendant & assistant, Michael's Club bartender & server and, since we almost always ask for the same waiter in Luninae. tip him and the bread server also. The amount we give to each depends on length of cruise, level of service and things that may stick in our mind relative to any of those listed. Hard to put an exact amount for each since each cruise and crew member is different. There have been instances when we have not provided an extra tip to some for various reasons.
  22. Cash or a credit to my credit card are both great options instead of buying something else I do not need! 😊
  23. Thanks for educating me....greatly appreciated!
  24. I did not realize that any unused, redeemable could be returned in the form of a credit to my credit card. That is a great option. Is this automatically done by the cruise line at the end of the cruise, or do I have to go to Guest Relations and request it?
  25. davekathy Thanks for the reply. We have been on 25+ cruises and I have never bothered to check how the OBCs were used up. It was only 2-3 months ago, that I realized that some OBCs from TAs could be redeemed for cash at the end of the cruise. We have always used the unspent OBCs to buy nice, but usually unnecessary things like liquor, cameras, electronics, etc.. When you have a remaining, redeemable OBC, will the ship give you cash for it and when can you redeem it?
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