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  1. Yeah, super confusing!! I did a double take at the screen shot, because it looked so similar but I knew it wasn't the same!
  2. Yeah, I don't like the Royal website at all! Glad to know I'm not the only one, haha! Annoying that if we want more details as to the types of beds we will have to call, but I suppose most people aren't that specific. Thanks so much for the clarification!
  3. This isn't the same as what I see on the Royal website, even when I click on the May 5, 2021- September 2021 range. Is this from Royal's website?
  4. Thanks for all of your insight! I will definitely have her double check.
  5. Everyone's family dynamics are different. Thanks though.
  6. No offense taken, Serenade #7570 is what is listed when I log into the cruise planner on the Royal website. Now what is interesting is if you look at the deck plans for our Serenade cabin for this summer (that was cancelled) it was #7162, which shows the diamond icon for sofa bed and pullman (so would sleep 4). If you look at the deck plans for #7162 for next summer, it shows the asterisk icon, for pullman only (sleeping 3). Could Royal be reducing cabin capacity due to Covid-19?
  7. There are 12 of us total- 4 in each cabin. I believe the other cabins would be 66 and 68, as 2 of them were connecting.
  8. I've never cruised Royal before, so I'm hoping someone here can help answer my question. Is it possible that Royal could (accidentally) book 4 people in a cabin that could only accommodate 2? Our reservation shows the 4 in our family (2 adults, a 4yo and a 2yo), and the deck plans for our assigned room do not show that a sofa bed or pullman are in our room. The logical side of my brain says that their booking system should not allow this to happen, but looking at the deck plans on the website (and other cruise cabin sites) seems to show it is only a 2 person room. So I'm trying not to pani
  9. That makes sense, thank you! Very sad for these ports, and all of those who depend on the cruise season to make their living. I'm bummed about potentially missing a cruise, but I know we will plan on 2021 or 2022 if necessary. I can't imagine the stress and turmoil these people are experiencing!
  10. Just curious: From the cruise line perspective, what is the difference between the one way cruises that are cancelled for the whole season and the round trip cruises that they *hope* can still sail? We are currently booked on Royal Caribbean RT out of Vancouver at the end of July- fully expecting and prepared for it to be cancelled unfortunately. Since this would be our first Alaska cruise, I wasn't sure why some were cancelled and others weren't.
  11. Oh I totally understand about the clothes! Both the drooling and the cute boat things! I even found a pair of scuba diver pjs at a garage sale before we went and he had to have them to wear on the cruise, haha. And then we had to take tons of pictures of him in the cute outfits, my husband just rolled his eyes!
  12. We cruised with my son to Bermuda at 16 months, so I know that is a lot older, but this is what I would recommend/learned from our trip: Take an extra swim diaper or 2: They don't take up much room, you will likely only need 1 per beach trip, but if one gets dirty, you will want an extra. I would take 2 swimsuits for him max: the one from day one would be dry by day 3 in Bermuda. Diapers: They are EXPENSIVE on the ship. We spent $35 on a package of 30 I think. Overestimate what you will need, then add at least 6 more, haha! Cabin: Will your room have a dividing curtain? If
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