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  1. That is what I thought, but on one discussion, it seemed otherwise. thanks
  2. Do elite plus members still receive free internet minutes? acjv
  3. So, today I did receive a credit on my AMX card. Just to follow up and let everyone know that Celebrity did make things right. vicki
  4. Our cruise was in November. Who has ever heard of something like this? It seems to be deceptive. Vicki
  5. We are a married couple in the same cabin with one account on board. This has never happened before, and we had no idea that this would be a problem. How can they decide how to distribute the credit? Vicki
  6. We just received our AMX statement from November, and there was a charge from our Silhouette cruise. We had non-refundable onboard credit that was assigned to our onboard account. We did notice that while on the ship, when we checked our account, that the on-board credit was divided between the two of us. At the end of the trip, we had not used all of the non-refundable credit, so I made a purchase in the gift shop. The ship proceeded to charge the difference to my account, and did not deduct from my husbands account, which we did not know about at the time. In other words, the ship did not use our non-refundable credit, and charged the difference to our AMX. When I called Celebrity, I was out on hold numerous times. Finally the person I was speaking to informed me that since the credit was divided between us, that they would not credit my AMX, and that we owed the $188.00.. at this point, I responded that this was not acceptable. That was our credit together, and we did not make a mistake, they did. After being put on hold numerous other times, finally, a supervisor informed me that we would receive a credit to our AMX account. I requested an email outlining the problem and solution to be sent to me, and was assured that it would be sent. Two days later, no email, and now will see if the credit appears on my AMX account. The thoughts of calling them again, and going thru this whole procedure, is appalling. If the credit does not appear, then I will have to repeat this process. We have been sailing on Celebrity for 20 years, and this is the only time we have experienced something like this. Anyone else have a similar problem? Vicki
  7. Hello Jim, We are joining you on this TA. Claude and Vicki Mason from Duluth, Ga. We are elite+, probably never make it to Zenith. We enjoy transatlantic and this is our 6th. Look forward to meeting you on the ship? Vicki
  8. Thank you for taking the time to write your detailed blog. You really do a great job with all of the information that you include. I especially enjoy your descriptions of the food. I hope you will continue to blog on your cruises. What is your next one?:D Vicki
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