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  1. As a kid, I remember all the soft drinks came in glass bottles. If you were really lucky, the soda would freeze when the cap was removed. (I lived in Southern Oklahoma where the summer temps were often over 100. A frozen soft drink was a real treat.)
  2. Any test will have a percentage of false positives and false negatives. It's usually a trade-off, one can only reduce the false positives by increasing the false negatives. (or is it the other way around?)
  3. Googling won't give you the information you're looking for. TA are not allowed to advertise pricing different from the cruise lines. They can offer some small amounts of OBC which might be the differences you're seeing. You'll need to call the TA to get the best prices. BTW, most of the big name TA do not compete on price so calling them won't help. To give you an idea of what a real TA can do, I use a TA that offers about an 8% discount on all cruise lines. I found her through another frequent poster on CC. It is unfortunate but CC won't allow us to name specific TA.
  4. We've two anniversary cruises booked. We've discussed those special packages and decided a nice dinner in one of the better restaurants will be sufficient. You can bring wine aboard by paying a corkage fee. You might want to consider that if you're into very good wines. You can save a bunch by doing that.
  5. Appreciate this thread. It convinced me to book a cruise on Prima. Leaving Orlando in March 2023. Florida, CDC, and NCL should be BFF by then.
  6. Just booked another Haven (H4) for 2023. Once again celebrating our anniversary. This time on Prima out of Orlando. Hopefully, Florida, NCL, and the CDC will have reached some agreements by then.
  7. One wonders how sailing at less than capacity facilitates other cruise lines vaccination policies. Is that 5% unvaccinated 5% of ships capacity or 5% of passengers on-board?
  8. I have a question: those cruise lines sailing with a vaccination rate below 95%, are they sailing at full capacity or something less?
  9. It isn't discrimination if one can show a compelling reason for the exclusion. For example: It isn't discrimination to limit driver's licenses to those over a certain age. It isn't discrimination to administer vision tests for driver's licenses. The list goes on.
  10. No, I would not. If you can't afford to pay for her a haven suite, then your best option is to book a different cabin for yourselves that affords you the opportunity to share the total cruise experience with her.
  11. Absolutely not. How many others on the same cruise "couldn't afford the cabin"? Why not invite them as well?
  12. Absolutely, it wouldn't be long until some 'family' booked one Haven suite and another 10 or 12 in other classes of cabin and then brought the whole group to the Haven. We have a special (30th anniversary) cruise in march 2022. Wife wanted to share this with son and his wife. We paid their fare for a haven suite so we would not have these issues. There is an understanding that all other expenses are their responsibility. We will consider doing this again for our 40th.
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