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  1. I need to thank you for asking that question. I learned something too. We're staying in the Pan Pacific with the cruise package. The bellman picks up your bags in the room. We will tip there.
  2. No one is saying HAL should put all the eggs in one basket. Obviously X/RCCI/NCL/etc., consider their suites passengers important additions to their bottom line. Compare the prices X/RCCI/NCL/etc and their occupancy rates to HAL. HAL like any business needs to maximize revenue and offering suites lounge/dining would appear to offer revenue enhancing opportunities.
  3. Perhaps, but if you want to judge satisfaction of suites customers, compare the availability of suites on celebrity and those on Holland. I've been looking at 10-11 day Caribbean cruises on Celebrity. Some categories already sold out for 2021. Even with higher pricing, Celebrity seems to do better. Holland seems to rely upon paid upgrades to move their suites, Celebrity seems to get full value.
  4. Very misleading to attempt to equate a suites lounge/dining to waterslides or skating rinks. Compare the prices charged by X/RCCI/NCL for their suites to those charged by HAL and tell me again about how HAL is "doing just fine".
  5. You might find this thread useful. One of the posts specifically addresses your question.
  6. That's possible but it's also possible that those who would prefer a suites lounge/dining area know that they have to go to X/RCCI/NCL to get one. And, yes, HAL is reducing amenities. Perhaps adding a suites lounge/dining would be a way to reverse the trend.
  7. The celebrity boards were aflame when celebrity announced they were partitioning a portion of the MDR for suites dining. It's more than just set aside a few tables. The spacing between tables has to be increased to provide a suites level experience. I suspect they would get less kickback appropriating the Tamarind. Perhaps they could offer a 'Tamarind' pop-up similar to the Sel de Mer pop-up in the Pinnacle Grill. Problem is, HAL must do something and space is a premium.
  8. I'm no longer a teen and the cruise line isn't my mother.
  9. Well, I hope they do. Other cruise lines, X, NCL, RCCI, are implementing suites lounges and dedicated dining. HAL is trying something similar with CO on the Pinnacle class ships. It's a matter of time until HAL will have to do something similar on their Vista and Signature Class ships. Where else would you put the suites lounge and dining on the Signature class?
  10. Use google maps. Here are the rental car locations close to the pier. https://www.google.com/maps/search/rental+car/@49.2845487,-123.1058174,14z/data=!3m1!4b1 Close to the airport. https://www.google.com/maps/search/rental+car/@49.1726211,-123.1637626,11z/data=!3m1!4b1 This search capability is very useful for finding hotels, dining, wine shops, etc.
  11. My TA forwarded an email from HAL on the one upsell offer I received. I usually book NS so not a lot of chances for upsells. I did call HAL about some of the details and they did talk to me. I didn't accept that upsell but I got another one for half the price a week later that I did accept. I had to ask the TA to do the actual upsell.
  12. The best way to simplify packing is to take less stuff.
  13. Suggest you check with these forums: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/315-west-coast-departures/ https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/23-canada-alaskapacific-coastal/ The process is significantly different in Vancouver. Several good explanations in those forums. BTW, the process takes a long time.
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