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  1. My card gives 3% on travel including hotel rooms. That's $1050 that I can use for anything not just hotel rooms. I honestly don't need six hotel stays a year.
  2. Just another reason to favor cash back versus points travel cards. Several sites have pointed out that points can be re-valued and lose points, dramatically lose points. You still get the same number of points, they're just worth less. Probably caused by the number of cards with large signup points bonuses. Cash is much harder to devalue after it's earned.
  3. Most of the "amazing TA insider deals" I've seen reported on CC are of the form XX% discount or OBC. In those cases, the price tag of the cruise is irrelevant. A percentage is a percentage. Personally, I prefer my big box VISA card that gives a 3% cash back. I find cash back so much more convenient than points because cash can be used anywhere and is compatible with all promotions. BTW, this card does not have a $450 annual fee either. The bottom line: 10% discount from my TA and 3% cashback is the equivalent of a 13% discount which is far better than anyone gets from a cruise line. (Note: my TA gives the choice of a discount or an equivalent amount of OBC.) FWIW, a 10% discount on a fare of $1500 (inside guarantee) would be $150, somewhat better than " a cheap bottle of wine".
  4. Little known fact: even on the nudist cruises there is a dress code. No nudity allowed in the dining areas. (At least that's what I've been told.)
  5. As I've stated multiple times: - I don't dress up because I don't want to dress up. - "Dressy clothes" are uncomfortable, not because of the fit, but because I don't like to wear "dressy clothes". If I don't want to wear something, it's 'uncomfortable'. - I do not require someone else's permission to dress as I please. Therefore, I don't rely upon excuses to explain why I don't bring 'dressy clothes'.
  6. And, just all the noise of the MDR with tables so close one can easily reach the salt and pepper on the next table. It isn't the tables, chairs, tablecloths, servers, and the food. If CO becomes just a devalued roped off area, we won't be dining there.
  7. We've stayed as far away as Ocala and had no issues with being at the port by 11:OO. We do get up early. Lot's of places away from the port, just use Trip advisor to locate some options.
  8. Uber may offer various options you might consider. Here's a description of these options. Some sound rather luxurious. A limo is probably going to be much more expensive. https://www.ridester.com/types-uber-cars/ I suspect you may have to book ahead. I would contact Uber directly and ask.
  9. Would you think your cabana had been devalued if HAL strung some 'do not enter police tape' between some traffic cones pool side, put a lounger inside, and called it a cabana? If the 'special breakfast' consists of a roped off area in the MDR, then that 'special breakfast' has been devalued.
  10. Is it a terrible thing that some can afford to travel first class?
  11. Has absolutely nothing to do with "eating with the masses". I simply do not think the MDR is an enjoyable experience. It's too loud. It's too crowded. And, yes, I think it's too pretentious. Quite frankly, we enjoy the Lido far more than the MDR.
  12. If CO is just a roped off section of the MDR, then the benefits of being a suite guest have been reduced.
  13. It takes a certain talent. Perhaps the cruise lines should hire at least one 'good ole boy' to teach the proper techniques.
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