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  1. TaliaBT

    Israel tour opinions

    GTI are doing both, but their main business are the small groups tour. The are offering the basic most popular tours out of both port and you can count them, as said in Hebrew, "with the fingers of one hand only", but in these, they are good. When it comes to private tour, I would recommend you booking directly with a guide. That way you'll choose the guide and you'll be able to tailor, together with he/she the itinerary in the best way for you. It leaves you a full control on almost all aspect of the tour, in the limit of time and mileage. Very easy to find and contact private guide using the Israel forum on TripAdvisor. There are guide who post there reguraly and you can contact them.using a PM. Enjoy your visit in Israel.
  2. I don't.know were you get you information. The official price Ashdod-Tel Aviv is 68USD. When taken from the port, it is a bit more. The problem.is that only authorised taxis can take you all the way to.inside the port... All the hassle of taking a shuttle to the city, finding a taxi and negotiating the price, and then do the same in Jaffa, and still have the issue of getting into the port... just doesn't worth it!
  3. Not Ruth, nevertheless. .. Your best option is a Taxi. In the terminal there is a taxi dispatch with an official price list. Your price is to Tel Aviv. Mind you it is one way and it will cost you around 80USD. You'd better negotiate with the driver for the price waiting for you and take you back. It should be around 25USD for an hour of waiting. Enjoy your visit.:cool::'):cool::cool::cool::cool:
  4. The sea is not rough. In general Mediterranean storms are nothing compare to the oceans storms. Mid October is not even winter...
  5. TaliaBT

    Recommendation for 2-day Jerusalem Tour

    You are right that all local suppliers, following the demand, offer only one day tours to Jerusalem, while on the second day most people go on the Masada and the Dead Sea tour. If you are looking for a 2 days tour to Jerusalem only, possibly with an overnight, your best option will be to hire a guide and go privately. Take into consideration around 1,100-1,200USD for the guiding and transportation only. I suggest you to contact directly a local guide, work with him/her on the itinerary, then come to your cruise roll call board and try to find partners. Most guides in Israel are using minivan on 6 seats so if you find partners it will end up with you paying less than you would have paid if booked the ship excursions.
  6. Masada and the Dead Sea is a great option if you didn't visit there. Jaffa is also a great option too but totally different . While for the Masada option you'll need to join a tour, Jaffa is one of those options that you can do independently, taking a taxi from the port, or even use the cruise shuttle service to Ashdod and take the bus, cheaper but yet I would have recommended the first option more.
  7. TaliaBT

    Early flight from TLV...close hotel?

    There is no hotel in the airport. But, from.any place around TLV it will take you 30min to get to the airport at night time.
  8. I suggest you to use the Israel Forum in TripAdvisor and contact a local Israeli tour guide. It will be surely cheaper and better.