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  1. I have not been on the Legend, but I was just on the Valor, and the Red Frog Pub had a shuffleboard table. I would assume that the Legend might have the same. On sea days there will be trivia and games, plus, your sailing is a Journeys cruise, so there will be some classes having to do with your port plus some activities that will let you get to know your crew members better. We also had shuffleboard and bean bag throw contests. There are also people playing music in different places around the ship if you are into that. Not sure about the mini golf. Go to You-tube and you can get a virtual tour of the ship. If you want to do things, there will be plenty to do. I didn't get in the pool at all. Btw, I will be on the Legend with you in September. Can't wait!
  2. Katrina, is that the least expensive two queen room; that is what we have.
  3. It was 303 Canadian for a room with two queen beds. Plus tax, of course. AAA rate.
  4. Does anyone have experience staying at this hotel before a cruise? It looks like a decent hotel in a good location, and the price is hard to beat for the area. Comments?
  5. What do you think about ocean view cabins on Riviera Deck which is Deck 1 on Carnival? Pros and Cons? Thanks.
  6. lisagro

    Hawaii in January

    I think they are starting to skip Kona next year for that very reason and stay overnight in Honolulu. Thanks.
  7. lisagro

    Hawaii in January

    What's it like to cruise around Hawaii in January? I may have to change my October cruise to a January one and was wondering what it would be like.
  8. Thanks for the pictures; very cool! I did make a reservation to stay there.
  9. I am going on a Panama Canal cruise next month, and I think I am going to bring my boots, even if I look stupid. And I am going to bring a velvet shirt and pants for elegant night. I get cold on the ships!
  10. It sounds really neat to me; the only thing I am worried about is that I heard that there is no air conditioning/heating?
  11. What do you guys think about staying on the Queen Mary the night before a Carnival cruise? What are the pros and cons?
  12. What do y'all think about staying on the Queen Mary? Pros and cons?
  13. They would not give me a discount at all.
  14. So does this offer work to pay on a cruise that you have already booked?
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