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  1. Eating at a large table and meeting new people is one of my favorite things about cruising as well. We have a cruise later this year that I actually hope will be cancelled because I don't think it will be much fun with "social distancing."
  2. They still haven't cancelled the November 1 Journeys cruise on the Pride, but I think it is likely that they will. I just hope they do it before the last minute.
  3. Who has been to the Ocean Discovery Center in Bermuda? It looks interesting on paper, but is it worth the trip? What is it near, and what is the best way to get there? We were also considering a tour that includes the aquarium, museum, and zoo. Any opinions on those places? Thanks a lot!
  4. What is your opinion of the Lord Baltimore Hotel? Someone has gotten us a good group rate there for the night before our cruise.
  5. I did book through a TA, if that makes a difference. I do have a cabin assignment on the booking, just not on the boarding pass I see, but it is too early for online check-in. The other cruise I have booked is even farther in the future and also has me at gold. I just wanted to make sure that I didn't have to worry about trying to get an early check-in time for boarding.
  6. It is very strange. It says gold next to my name, I can't find a booking summary, and when I clicked on "Print my boarding passes," it does say priority, but says TBA for room. We already have a specific cabin booked for this cruise. Hmmmmmm.🤔
  7. I have 12 days before I will turn Platinum. My next cruise will be a 14 day cruise, and I know that I should be considered platinum from the beginning. My question is: When I print out my luggage tags, boarding pass, etc, will they say platinum on them? Right now, everything is saying gold. Thanks for the input.
  8. My husband and I are going on a Carnival Hawaii cruise next year. It does make a stop in Ensenada, but we will probably stay onboard the ship for that port. I know that we need travel insurance, but, since we are going to be in the U.S., what should I look for in a policy?
  9. Which brewery? Can you tell me more about it?
  10. I am curious. Everyone says that if you let the Pan Pacific bellman take your suitcases, they will be in your cabin when you arrive. Don't they just go with all the rest of the luggage, or are they somehow "special" and get to your cabin directly?
  11. Thanks for the info, rkacruiser .What else is in that underground connection, if you can remember?
  12. Well, I paid the price and booked a room at the Pan Pacific. But I am not sure that we want to eat in the restaurants there. Are there any reasonably-priced places to eat near the hotel that we can walk to easily? Thanks.
  13. Besides Pan Pacific, are there any hotels that are close enough to walk to the pier. For someone who is 80, but in fairly decent shape?
  14. Thanks for all of the advice. The other hotel that I have booked is the Blue Horizon, by the way. So, are there any other hotels besides the Pan Pacific that are close enough to the port that you can walk? My mother is 80, however, and I don't think she could handle a long distance.
  15. I found a decent deal for the PPV Hotel for the night before my cruise. However, it is still about $100 more than the other hotel we have reserved. For those of you who have stayed there, is the extra money worth the convenience? Thanks for the input.
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