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  1. Lake Bennett is a stop on the way to Caribou Crossing (Carcross) on the same track. Depending on the train, you either turn back at Bennett or go all the way to Carcross. See map link. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/fa/Map_White_Pass_and_Yukon_Route_en.png/300px-Map_White_Pass_and_Yukon_Route_en.png Wesley
  2. We rented a Jeep for a self-drive into Yukon from Skagway. The border crossing was easy in both directions. A few simple questions, including where have you been/where are you going and we were off again. Wesley
  3. We did land first (Canadian Rockies) with different hotels each night, etc. before our NB cruise on Radiance from Vancouver to Seward. Based on that experience I recommend land first so you can settle in on the ship for the remaining days of the trip. Hubbard Glacier was stunning. We did not go to Glacier Bay on our cruise. Wesley
  4. The Washington Post August 26 Travel section included an article about restaurants in Juneau https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/travel/in-juneau-locally-minded-chefs-are-redefining-alaskan-cuisine/2018/08/23/ebb3e118-9cda-11e8-8d5e-c6c594024954_story.html?utm_term=.ae88987833f1 Wesley
  5. We booked a combination Kenai Fjord and airport transfer with the ship. The cruise by Major Marine covered only Resurrection Bay. A Major Marine brochure posts the full Kenai trip as an 8 hour tour whereas our tour was 5 hours. And at 5 hours we were ok with the area covered by the tour. Wesley
  6. On Radiance of the Seas (August10) every night was casual night in the Cascades Dining Room. I upgraded to a sweater vest on Formal Nights. Leave the coats, jackets, dresses, and fancy shoes at home. Wesley
  7. I think I combined two fires when commenting. There is a large fire at Watson Lake that has closed the Alcan Highway. The fire I saw last week was the Windy Arm fire, south of Carcross on the Klondike Highway between Skagway and Carcross. Here is a report from local news: Wesley
  8. My last two cruises on Grandeur and Radiance have included begging for 10's on the survey as part of the sentimental last night waiter concert. The pitch went on and on. Is this true across the fleet? Our waiter and assistant were good, but not a 10. Since when is average not acceptable as an evaluation response? Wesley
  9. We rented a Jeep from Hoonah Adventures and did a self-tour using the route they provided. Great scenery and lots of bear-sighting opportunities. Wesley
  10. We drove through Tagish last Wednesday (August 14) and saw the fire. At that time the smoke was not bad and the main fire seemed concentrated in one spot. Looks like it was worse by the time you went through. We were in Jasper, Canada and were smoked-in a week before from fires in British Columbia. Visibility in Jasper was so bad you could not see the mountains surrounding the town. Wesley
  11. Can one get to Saxman Village by bus? :confused: Thanks! Wesley
  12. Copying this question over from the Alaska Forum. I have done a few searches using the search tool but have not found detailed info or a review. Thanks for posting new information about the pre-cruise tour. I have questions about luggage handling at the hotels. DW and I are thinking about packing a cruise-only suitcase that we won't need during the first part of the trip. Wesley
  13. Want to give this a BUMP to see if anyone has booked this RCCL cruisetour in 2018?
  14. I bought a used copy of The Milepost for $5 including shipping. Over 300 pages of very detailed information about all major highways in Alaska and the Yukon. Wesley
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