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  1. Excellent review, finally got home from Albuquerque and first thing I needed to do was catch up on your review. Loved the food p0rn, you must have been in your glory as you truly are a food connoisseur. Definitely a different looking ship. Not sure if this ship is for me but loved your review and look forward to your next one. You definitely should be doing something with travel and food reviews even just to supplement your income.
  2. I just read something on Google news that Richard Branson should be on board with you.
  3. @sid_9169all I can say is so happy you are on board. Cannot wait to read your review and see your fantastic pictures. I thin you need a new occupation. Travel or photography would all benefit from you. Have a blast.
  4. @sid_9169I am not sure how you can be walking straight and looking up after what you have drank. I would be lucky to still be standing.
  5. I totally agree, no way in hell would I even try it.
  6. Safe travels Sid and have a blast, you so deserve this. Hopefully things will be super once you get on board. Cannot wait to follow along and they better treat you like a Superstar.
  7. Nice neighborhood Sid, I live in the country and where I live there are no sidewalks and road is very tight. You take a chance of getting wacked by one of those mirrors that stick out on trucks. So, I have to drive 10 minutes to walk at the state park. The complex I live in is not big enough to go any distance. The only time it was good is when I had a hip replacement 3 years ago. Suited my walker and then my cane just fine. @AmyJA, enjoy your vacation. I leave for Albuquerque on Thursday morning for 5 nights, get home the following Tuesday and then leave for Bermuda on the Breakaway out of NYC on that Sunday. Let the travel begin. Still contemplating the Epic repositioning cruise from NYC to San Juan at the beginning of December. Waiting to see if the prices will drop more after final payment is due next week.
  8. You know what Sid, you have 1 life; so live it to the extent that makes you happy. Remember live for today as tomorrow is not guaranteed. I definitely plan to do just that, considering another cruise at beginning of December.
  9. @sid_9169, your meal and drinks looked fantastic. Happy Birthday!
  10. That doesn't sound good. I did a practice run yesterday at CVS to see what their turnaround time will be as we sail on 10/17.
  11. Totally agree, would stress me out waiting for flight information. I am a planner and definitely want to plan my own flights. That way no complaints. 😉
  12. After reading about the fellow cruiser who did not get her extra points I called my Travel Agent as I did not see it reflected in any of my paperwork. He confirmed it was on his paperwork and sent me a copy so I have it for my records.
  13. Be careful, I tried to open this and McAfee would not allow it, said it had a virus.
  14. Love seeing the Breakaway arrive in NY, sailing on 10/17 and cannot wait.
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