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  1. We might be on the same cruise: DH and I booked Adventure of the Seas for its ABC Island itinerary almost two years in advance, before any theme cruises were announced. Now there is a Rocky N The Rollers Event going on. I'm staying optimistic that the more passengers going to the theme cruise events, the fewer passengers will be at the pool when I want to chill out!
  2. Parking at Bayonne is $22/day, but this is peanuts compared to parking at Manhattan piers (which, IIRC, is over $40/day). Sailing out of Bayonne on the Anthem is the best choice you can make! Anthem of the Seas is made for cold weather sailings. Two out of the three pool areas are indoors (one family, one 18+), the sports area is indoors (except for, of course, the rock wall and FlowRider), and the promenade area is great to walk around inside. Anthem has, apart from the MDR and the Windjammer buffet, a hot dog stand at the sports area, and pizza and pastries on the promenade, Solarium Bistro (Mediterranean), and Cafe 270, which offers breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. For extra charge, there's Jamie's Italian, the Steakhouse, Izumi sushi a la carte, Johnny Rockets, Michael's Pub, and Wonderland (molecular gastronomy). I've never done the specialty restaurants, as I've always felt the complimentary food is sufficient, but people marvel over Wonderland, which is more of an experience than just a meal. iFly and North Star book up quickly pre-cruise but you can book them on board. Do it embarkation day: you can go to the iFly signup desk or sign up on your phone app or stateroom TV. FYI: my first Anthem cruise I booked both on the last day and there were such high winds they cancelled both activities so I didn't get to go. Some people on the boards have even said that they did iFly or North Star early in their cruise and managed to book it a second time later on. There's also a free escape room on board that's fun for teens and adults and not well advertised. I went to guest services embarkation day and booked that. Can't speak to teen activities but I'm sure others can direct you!
  3. Thank you for the review! I'm sailing Adventure in November. Good to her the Royal app works on Adventure, I really enjoyed using it when I sailed Anthem last year.
  4. The weather in April in NY/NJ is always hit or miss; could get warm spring days, could get snowstorms. Being on the water will make it even colder than the usual experience on land. If you're worried about cold weather leaving the NY area, I agree with other posters and say book the Anthem of the Seas on RCI. This ship has been built for cold weather sailings and has 2 out of 3 of their pools indoors, their sports center is fully indoors (why it's taken so long for cruise lines to put their ping pong tables indoors is beyond me!), and the inside promenade is warm and roomy. I sailed out of NJ last November on Anthem and while the temps outside were cold, we still had a great time.
  5. hp_slash

    Bermuda cave

    Last November I went to Bermuda and did the Crystal Caves tour on my own. It was a rainy day on the island, plus Armistice Day (November 11) so many shops were closed, so a lot of people went to the caves. You can take the public ferry from the Dockyard to St. George's and then take a bus from St. George's to the caves. You will almost certainly not be the only cruise passenger doing this. Buy an unlimited bus/ferry pass at the transportation center at the Dockyard. It definitely takes more time than an excursion but I didn't find it difficult at all to navigate the ferry/bus schedules.
  6. While choosing a Guarantee rate for any ship is a crap shoot, booking a Guarantee Balcony on Anthem is particularly risky, as there are quite a number of obstructed balconies according to deck plans. If the view is far more important to you than the air, every Anthem inside room has a floor-to-ceiling "virtual balcony," a big screen on one wall that shows a balcony view in real-time. I've been in inside and window rooms on the Anthem and have decided I like the inside rooms better.
  7. I'll be there mid-November, so I will track this post and let you know when I get back.
  8. All of these posts about MSC have me very worried... I booked MSC Divina for me, DH & friends for a very low price to try to get our friends into cruising, now I'm concerned it will send them running in the other direction away from cruises altogether.
  9. I booked an OV Guarantee on Anthem and enjoyed the location quite a bit. If I recall correctly, when you are assigned a stateroom after booking guarantee you can call RCI and try to change your room to any other room within that same category (or lower, if you want, I guess). I did this when I booked Inside Guarantee and got a much better location. Of course, YMMV.
  10. Seeing as I'm staying down the block from Tom Jenkins BBQ pre-cruise, I'm so excited to hear a good review! This will be an easy choice for dinner the night before embarkation.
  11. Hi all, I'm sailing out of Port Everglades on a RCI cruise in November 2019. I'm planning to rent a car post-cruise until my flight out of FLL, which is the day after disembarkation. Where should I rent the car from? I noticed there are car rental offices right at Port Everglades but I usually rent from an airport location. I've only cruised out of POM before, where car rental offices will send a free shuttle to/from the airport so you can rent from there. If I rent from FLL will they send a shuttle from the port? If so, which car rental companies have shuttles? I definitely want to drop off the car at FLL airport, but don't want to pay for a taxi/uber initially to get there to pick it up. Any help from CCers who have rented cars out of Fort Lauderdale post-cruise is much appreciated!
  12. You can also wear whatever you like on formal nights as long as you don't plan to eat in the dining room. DH and I don't typically bring formal clothing on vacation and we just eat in the buffet on formal nights. One time I remember getting into an elevator with a bunch of people dressed in suits and gowns and we were in our bathing suits heading to the pool. So you can dress like a "slob" if you like but don't go to formal dining.
  13. Then I'll keep it under my hat 😇
  14. Same here. We saw it once and while the special effects and costuming were cool, the plot left something to be desired. I think it's worth seeing the first time but it didn't blow me away.
  15. Thank you for this post! It's good to know what's going to be available on the ship. Can you order shots of liquor on the easy drink package? (Not top shelf, but like the Capt. Morgan included in the package etc.) And if so...can you "hack" the frozen drink system by ordering a shot of liquor and a virgin daiquiri and mixing them together yourself?
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