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  1. TwoGuysPBC

    Thalassotherapy Pool on the Edge?

    VT! Please let me know what you find out. We are on the Edge in March and will actually do the 7 day couples pass but can not book it at this point but see it as an option on cruise planner. I would rather do a day pass if available of course.
  2. TwoGuysPBC

    Thalassotherapy Pool on the Edge?

    Thank you for checking! I was trying to book the 7 day couples just to have a place holder but couldn't. Waiting to hear what the final deal is
  3. We checked in at 11:00 and boarded directly after. We were on board at about 11:15.
  4. Just got back from 3-day, July 6-9. I can confirm that there was not iPad check-in and key cards were given at check-in just as in the past. The photos I uploaded were accepted so no new photos were needed. Check-in was very quick and extremely easy.
  5. Get to the port early (11:00) and board right away. Go straight to the excursions desk and pick your cabana. I was just on the 3-day, July 6-9, and was lucky to be the 3rd to choose. You can only do this once onboard. I will also say that they did not sell out and about 50% were booked. Some items to note: The cabanas have been moved from up front to over by the jet ski facility. There are no bathrooms close by and the "bar" at the cabana club is very lightly stocked and had very little variety - no frozen drinks. The meal service is fantastic and convenient. The snorkel equipment is NOT in your cabana. You will need to walk back to the entrance to the Snorkel Shop and get your equipment using the voucher given to you at the Cabana Club check in booth. If anyone has mobility issues, please stop and get a beach wheelchair because they will need it.
  6. TwoGuysPBC

    4 Night Cruise Formal Night for Men

    I was just on the 3 day Mariner, July 6-9, and there was not a formal night and from previous posts, I understand that it is the same for the 4 night. We did see SEVERAL fellow passengers dress for night two. If you enjoy the formal nights, go for it. You will have plenty of company. You can get away with anything from a collared shirt and slacks, to sport coat with or without tie, all the way to a Tux! I wore jeans and a polo shirt each night and was fine. Hope you enjoy yourself!
  7. I just got off the July 6-9 and had Eggs Benedict for breakfast in the MDR each morning of the cruise (2 of the 3 days). They have all the traditional side options and a fruit / cereal / muffin buffet to supplement anything not on the menu. Each Benedict came with hash browns and grilled tomato. We added bacon / sausage / corn beef hash / etc as desired. There is not a formal night though many dressed for night 2 in the MDR. If you are looking for photos, the new digital photo stations blur the pictures and overlay a RCI logo on them so you can not view them very well. I will agree that the public spaces of the ship are well refurbished and look fantastic as well as the fun additions to the pool and sports decks. The additions to the Royal Promenade are uninspiring in my opinion though it looks fantastic. The food in the MDR is below average and the service was also below average all over the entire ship. This is either a brand new crew who are not comfortable or confident in their roles or a tired crew who just wants their contract to be over. We were highly disappointed in the level of service we expect from RCI.
  8. We were on the July 6-9 sailing and we did self assist walk off and were out of customs by 7:15 am. They say they start walk off at 7:00 am but the ship arrived at around 5:30 and was cleared by 6:40. Most ships have the Windjammer open at 6:00 am and folks start lining up on deck 4 at around 6:30 for a 7:00 walk off. Mariner has the windjammer open at 6:30 so we were close to first in line, finished eating, back to the cabin for the luggage, and was off the ship by 7:00. We were absolutely the only ones on deck 4 and went from ship through customs in less than15 minutes. The people lined up must have missed breakfast and departed before us leaving the lines completely empty. If you have an early flight, I strongly suggest you do the self assist walk off and grab some breakfast too! A 9:30am flight is probably not going to work for you. Port of Miami is not that close to the airport and may not allow you enough time to go through TSA and get to the gate. You will be cutting it VERY close.
  9. TwoGuysPBC

    Water Taxi to Atlantis - Don't do it

    We just experienced the water taxi to Atlantis and though somewhat fun, it was extremely difficult to arrange and get to. It is a far walk to the "dock" where they wait. We had someone in our party that was in a wheelchair and mobility challenged. She was fully able to walk short distances and traverse basic areas but the heat and wait is just not worth it. Even without any mobility issues, the water taxi drops you off several blocks from Atlantis and the signs pointing to the entrance are not provided at all. TAKE A STANDARD TAXI TO ATLANTIS by all means. It is the same price and they drop you off at the main ticket holder entrance.
  10. Thanks for posting! I've been waiting for someone from that 2-day to post some pictures. Very disappointing about no cabin refurbishment.
  11. Thank you! I will look into it. Appreciate the detailed response.
  12. Good for you! They do need our support and thanks! I talked to her today and she is looking forward to it even if she has to wait for a beach wheelchair or golf cart. She thinks the shade and the water will be fine to keep her cool but I'm ordering a power brick and USB fan! Love that we can do this
  13. Thanks Mary! That's an excellent idea. My mother has the mobility issues and also has COPD. The heat normally isn't an issue (we live in S. FLA) but want to plan for all possibilities so that she can enjoy her FIRST cruise at age 78. She is very adventuresome but likes to do too much and the heat only makes that worse. She's up for it though! Thanks again.
  14. Thank you for the good news - I was looking at the tram locations in order to see if there was some close by option. Glad to hear that they step up as required with the golf cart. I noticed that services such as that are available in the Labadee Cabana and Suite section. Between that and the possibility of beach wheelchair availability sure we will be taken care of. Now it is the July heat that I need to consider..... not sure anyone can help me with that! ;p
  15. Thanks for the information! Very helpful