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  1. With all the older passengers on board and basically everyone else as we all do this. Celebrity could save a lot of money by serving more beans and using this technology 70EC1736-8293-44F3-9982-365511EC249C.mp4
  2. In defense of some of those on the inaugural cruises I do understand that some changes have been made due to the passengers feedback and comments. It is still a work in progress. Thankfully we sailed in March and and it wasn’t the inaugural cruise. Even at that some of those complaints like no chairs on 1/2 of the Martini Bar would have made mo difference to us. But again if a passenger likes to sail on X to be able to sit at the martini bar and they couldn’t it would be a issue for them. , other dumb stuff like the performers roaming around bothering passengers in Eden is BS. It is a performance that’s starts at 10 and if you don’t want to participate don’t sit in the front near the flat stone in the center of the area or just say no. It is the same if you don’t want the comic in the theater to pick on you. Don’t sit in the front row or get up to walk out. Or those that go to a late night adult comedy show, sit in the x front row and then walk out yelling that it is disgusting. we found almost every chair to be very comfortable. A big improvement over all the chairs on their other ships that were either too low, too deep or just not right or comfortable. I am sure that you will love almost everything about the ship. Nothing is perfect except for Jesus Christ and look what they did to him Happy Easter. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  3. We were on the Edge for two weeks and debated about getting our deposit back before final payment because of all the negative remarks about the ship. We are very very happy that we made the full payment. everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we all have different experiences but I think a lot of the negative stuff was over exaggerated We loved almost everything on the ship and were happy to be on it for two weeks. We had a Infinite Balcony and love it. There may be some minor design issues but not as bad as wrote about. I would definitely book another infinite balcony if we ever sail on a Edge Class again. Problem is the cruises on the Edge are beyond our budget to keep sailing on it. There was more than one staff member and BT during conversations told us that many always come on board just to complain. We were also told by different staff members on other cruises that passengers that constantly complain are put on a “watch or Black list”, and eventually they will be refused booking a cruise. Makes sense because if you aren’t happy don’t keep sailing with us. Some stuff is just petty. We were in Blu on the Edge. It was the 3rd night of a 7 day cruise. The server must have asked the passengers at a table about 10 ft from us about how they liked the appetizer. The female in a very loud and nasty voice said it was too salty. Don’t know what the server ( the same one that we had every night and very nice) said but then the female started to almost scream that she wanted to see the chef and Maitre D. They came over and she continued to make a scene. Tried to listen to the conversation and then heard the female say that they wanted a free dinner in Eden to compensate for the bad service they were getting in Blu and the terrible food. Don’t know the result but we gave our server a very positive comment on the attention to detail card. I am positive that you will have a very enjoyable cruise. We did Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸
  4. It is for me. My last formal day and night was when I got married. 🤗. Our children had informal weddings. It was really more practical, just as meaningful, more comfortable and as much fun during and after. 😍🥰😜 happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  5. Reading all the negative stuff before we boarded the Edge I was thinking we made a mistake by paying the Finale payment. The mistake would would have been canceling. The ship is fantastic. We loved just about everything on it. Everyone is is entitled to their own opinion but most of the negative stuff is really way over exaggerated. Enjoy you cruise and don't pay any attention to the negative stuff. Our only real complaint is the cost of booking another cruise on the Edge is too expensive for our budget. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  6. Stick with the Equinox. We recently sailed on the Edge and really loved it but the prices are way too high. Our next cruise is on the Equinox. When on board you can book a future cruise that gives extra SBC and other perks and by then with other Edge class ships the prices may be dropping. The Celebrity ships are now very casual. Basically no shorts in the dining rooms in the evening. You could basically just pack a swim suit, cover up, some shorts and a few tops and dine in the Spa Cafe, Burger Grill, room service or buffet for every meal and Blu for breakfast. If you like to hang out on the balcony try to book a cabin on the slanted portion of the deck. They have the largest balconies. The largest are 1549, 1552, 1605, 1601, 1610, 1606 the next largest are 1547, 1554, 1603, 1599, 1608, 1604 Sometimes they will have reclining loungers In addition to the chairs and footstools. The Equinox is being Revolutionized so it will be a lot different than it is now and will have many things that the Edge has. Save your money go with the Equinox. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  7. We had dinner at in Fine Cut steakhouse. The charge is $55. I told you I was trying as many venues as I could! I do wish I had time to sample the MDRs as well to do a comparison I may have missed something in other posts and am curious to know who is the other part of “we” that you dined with? Thanks Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  8. I can understand your view on the drink pack. We cruised for years without one and survived. On all of our recent cruises we had the drink pack. We are finding out that sometimes it isn’t as much fun as it was without it. When we didn’t have the drink pack we would have a few drinks in the ports at the local hangouts, or purchase a beer from a street vendor, and stay in the port for most of the day. Now with the drink pack we can’t justify spending money for drinks when we can get them on board and get back a lot earlier. I guess it is also because we mostly sail in the Caribbean and been there many times. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  9. I worked in management the automotive industry and there was a word of wisdom. It is easy to spot the large problems as they are apparent, eg the main line broke and we have to send everyone home. It is the little problem that make the difference, are the hardest to find and what will cause the biggest problems so if you can spot the small ones and correct it you will prevent the big one, eg if someone would have seen that welds were breaking on the mounting brackets it could have been prevented. What are some of the little things on X that make them stand out The glass of bubbly on embarkation day. The little reception area coming back to the ship that has water and a cold towel. ( have you noticed that many other lines are now doing that) The flowers from the CC host The chocolate at night on the bed. Every line does it and do you remember when X decided to stop doing it? Occasionally the small cup of sherbet that they pass out in the Solarium. Some other cruise lines offer pop corn during the movies. It is a small thing and I am sure it is to generate beverage sales but many like it. Can’t cost any more than any other snack. I haven’t seen the wine and cheese concerts on the lawn recently. It was a nice option. We been to them for sail aways and a night under the stars. It wasn’t required to purchase any wine. Even better if you had a drink pack. The real cloth towels, and attendant in the restrooms. only one announcement per day over the PA. Depending on the Captain it is a must listen to. Especially when he says we are somewhere out in the ocean and hopefully headed in the right direction. I am sure that are a lot of other little things that really don’t amount to much but makes one cruise line stand out from the rest and when they start to eliminate some of those they are no better than the other lines. Every notice how happy your wife is when she receives a flower, ( especially the first dandelion that she gets from a son or daughter), or some other small item from you? It makes their day even though it doesn’t cost much in relation to everything else you do and provide, because all of that stuff is taken for granted as something you should do. It is the little things And yes the OP or I may be nit picking or trivial but it is the difference between a cruise and a great cruise. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  10. We had a infinity cruise canceled for a charter. They offered $200 SBC if we took one of the two cruises that were after that. Problem was the prices increased and the cabin we had and wanted was already taken. It was 1140. All the aft cabins were booked. We needed up giving our money to another cruise line and have booked more future cruises with them than with Celebrity. We also had a 11 day cruise on the Equinox shortened by 3 days for a charter. The adjustment ended up with a higher cost per day for us. The day that we wanted was the one that was cut off. We took that cruise but also took another cruise on a different cruise line for that date and also booked some more cruises with them. It happens a lot. Win some lose some. I think Celebrity in the long run loses loyal customers because of their policy of canceling cruises for charters. It is their business so it must be more profitable to do the charter and lose a few loyal customers. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  11. I can appreciate your experience. It has also happen to us thru the years. The survey use to be rated with exceed expectations. It never did and couldn’t because knew what to expected when we sailed on X as we sailed before. It rarely met what we expected. one example is the soft shell crab in Blu I didn’t know what it was and it was excellent the first time I had it. On our next cruise it was very greasy and smelled bad. The next cruise it was as if it came from the dregs of a McDonalds deep fried for the French fries. It was burnt and fried to a crisp. Celebrity has cut out most premium bourbons that they use to offer. On the Edge last month my wife ordered a Whiskey Milkshake that was on the menu in Cafe al Bacio. The main whiskey was listed as Woodford Reserve. She watch the employee use 10 High. The drink was listed at $14. My wife question the server and was told that 10 High was more of a premium used it because there was no Woodford but there wouldn’t be a up charge on our premium pack. On the Edge now they only offer 2 flavors of Gelato per day. We got our free scoop and one scoop of regular ice cream. I challenge anyone to pick what one was the gelato. One bottle of water per cruise in AQ. Seriously? OK we always get the drink pack but what about those that don’t. A case of water anywhere costs at most $3. Plush towels that seen better days that were almost thread bare Dishes and cups that have cracks and chips. We were always told to throw them out as they aren’t sanitary. Silverware with food still stuck on it. Being served a Martini with Lipstick on the rim. Robes with rips and holes in them The production shows and talent are about the same as any high school or JC. It may be nit picking but with the prices increasing like they are things should at least stay the same. It is just little issues but they keep adding up. Do those issues ruin my cruise? Not really but eventually it may be something that reaches the breaking point. they are trying to go paperless, They no longer publish the daily news papers. Somehow they find paper for all of the art action ads that are delivered every day to our cabin. happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  12. They have premium bourbon on board you just have to look for it. My wife ordered a Whiskey Milkshake in Cafe al Bacio from the after 6 menu. it is made with Woodford, Cocoa White, Frangelico and costs $14. My wife seen them using 10 High. She said that it is supposed to be Woodford and they told her that 10 High was the same and actually better. I guess they were right as I seen it hidden behind some bottles on the lower shelf at the pool bar. 😱 We had the premium drink pack so it really didn’t matter but if someone didn’t and paid $14 it would be a rip. A bottle of 10 High is about $10 and I think that is where the name came from, if you paid $10 you paid a high price. 🤗 A few few years ago we got to know a few BTs and they all said that they best value was the Classic package as 90% of the drinks that passengers drink are covered by the classic. The only way way to get the premium stuff is by requesting it or getting a drink that lists the premium as the ingredient unless you are at Cafe al Bacio. A few years ago they did carry Knob Creek, Basil Hayden, Blanton, Booker’s, and Bakers. I think they don’t carry it anymore because they change suppliers. Now they have added Bulliet, and still have Woodford, Woodford Double Oak, Markers, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, and 10 High. I think they may occasionally have some special stray bottles of really high premium stuff that was left over that was bought especially for some VIP and that is why there were those bottles of Blantons on board. If anyone is interested on board the Edge they have special bottles of Bourbon being sold in the duty free Liquor Store that is single barrel made especially for the Edge. I think it is Woodford. I don’t really remember. Drink up 🥂🍸🥃🍻🍹🍾
  13. The free laundry on a 7 day cruise or shorter is almost useless. Think about it. You need to turn it in 3 days before the cruise ends so it takes a few days for it to be returned. Unless you take dirty clothes on board to be washed you will still need to take enough clothes for 7 days. To be of any use you would need to turn it in on the morning of the 2nd day so you would get it back on the 5th day. So you could possibly save 2 days of clothes if lucky. I also don’t like the hot glued strips that they use for the laundry tags. They are rather irritating and scratchy. Depending on the garment they will also pull the threads when removing them. Laundry is ok for undies, socks and stuff that isn’t worth much. happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  14. I guess everyone has a different opinion. I liked the infinite balcony. Moving the chairs wasn’t a problem as they moved if needed when I open the bifold doors as the doors would slide them out of the way if needed, and most times it wasn’t required to fully open the doors to go in or out so it wasn’t a issue. When the doors were closed we never heard any whistling or wind noises with the window down. It was also nice to be able to close the window and still look out when it would get too hot, and it did. We would notice the cabin getting rather hot and humid when the doors were open with a open window but it would be the same with a regular balcony with the sliding door open. Having the bifold doors closed did help. We thought that the lack of a curtain would be a issue but it really wasn’t. But it would be nice to add drape and I don’t think it would be that difficult. Our only complaint is that the cost to book another cruise on the Edge Class is at least 50% more than the other ships. We loved everything on the Edge but probably won’t book another due to the high cost Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  15. Start drinking at 5 and keep hammering them down during the 2 hours of free drinks. Remember he that drinks the fastest drinks the most. 🤢 If you have a drink pack you can order anything that is on the package and you don’t need to limit yourself to the drinks on the Elite menu. 🤗 happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
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