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  1. It has nothing to do with my taste. It is an illustration of me recommencing something that I thought was fantastic. The poster asking could order it on their cruise and it could have been made and prepared different and therefore not be the same. How would they know what it was like when I had it? I have never asked for anything on board a ship in any restaurants to be made or be remade to suit my taste. If I don’t like it I will leave it and order something different or not at all. I have never starved or not had enough to eat. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  2. You can if there are cabins available. One passenger on the Summit now with a current thread ( Summit 10/14 Live …. ) shows some extra SBC for booking the next cruise while on board. By doing a booking on board you won’t have to worry about the tests as X does that for B2B cruisers. I doubt that they are having any fire sales. If it works go for it. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  3. Where is the form on Celebrity’s website?. I can’t find it thanks Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  4. Having cruised before there is really nothing you need to know. All the cruise lines are basically the same. They sail out of the same ports to the same ports. Get on and off at the gang plank. All sail away at about the same time. Buffets and pools are on the upper decks. Lower decks have the shops, lounges, and MDR Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  5. You pics and comments are now really getting me excited as though I wasn’t. Then I read that you are in the same SS 6124 that we hopefully will be in on the Summit in a few weeks for a B2B and that added to it. Thanks for taking your time for posting Happy cruising 🌊🚢🌅🇺🇸
  6. I have sailed many times in AQ and therefore always dined in Blu The menu is basically always the same but the food is different. It depends on the ship, chef, and how it was prepared. The first time I had soft shell crab it was fantastic. The second time it was over fried and was like the dregs at the bottom of McDs French fryer. The 3rd time it was sopping with grease, smelled bad and tasted worse. I spit it out and left it. Never ordered again Point is I could recommend it after my first cruise and you may have had it prepared the way it was on the others. Therefore my recommendations wouldn’t be at the top of your list. The best advice is order what you like. Or venture out of the box and try something you never had. If you don’t like it leave it. Don’t follow others advice. A person sitting next to us was ecstatic when he seen sweetbreads on the menu. He said it was fabulous. I ordered it, took one bite and gagged. In reality I should be thankful that I tried it because made me drink 2 glasses of wine to recover. 🍷👍 Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  7. Is anyone else having the problem of their replies not being posted? I will make a reply. Submit and then it is lost. It is frustrating that I take the time and effort and then see that it isn’t posted. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  8. If you sail in suites it is of no value. You already get a better version of priority tendering. The priority tendering is a joke as sometimes 75% of the passengers are at least Elite. Basically sailing in suites the only real perk of being Elite is the laundry, and another’s the breakfast option of the morning Elite breakfast break. If you get a suite with no perks the cocktail HH could be a plus but it isn’t really required as you can get more of a variety in the Retreat Lounge all day long Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  9. If you test positive can you test again to make sure it isn’t a false positive? Would the 2nd test be accepted and how would they know about the first? Another thought is to get tested a few times at different locations and submit the negative one if you can do that. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  10. Cafe al Bacio serves alcoholic drinks if you like beer with your cookies, and Pastries. There is no regular bar that has food. The Passport Bar and Cellar Masters (depending on the class of ship) did have a pay for all carte menu that offered burgers, bone marrow and some other items. Don’t know if they still do that. Cellar Masters also had cheese and crackers later in the evening. I think that bar has now been changed to the Craft Bar You may get some snack mix that consists of wasabi peas, nuts, and etc. at the Martini Bar. You can always get olives, cherries and etc. depending on the drink you order at any bar. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  11. Never understood that term of put your hands together. I went up to a CD and said to him to put his hands together, he shrugged and did it. I that said now that your hands are together are you going to pray? He said no he was just doing it because I asked him to, and I said you always tell us to do that. He still didn’t understand the point I was trying to make until I further explained it. That night he still told everyone to put their hands together. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  12. Were any ports really safe before the pandemic? Some ports were so bad that we were warned not to go beyond the secured area. We normally get off the ship and walk around the dock area and if at St Maarten into the town. On our cruises in Nov and Dec we aren’t planning on leaving the ship. We don’t want to be denied getting back on and don’t care about the islands. We have been to them many times. We are tired of being stuck on land and are looking forward to being on a ship. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  13. Gave up on the jacket as soon as it wasn’t required. Never understood having to wear a jacket, suit, tux or for dinner in the Caribbean. It is too darn hot. Wear a jacket into the dining room and take it off as soon as you sit down. What is the purpose? Same in the theater. Wear a suit to sit there in the dark. After dinner I would immediately go back to the cabin and change into something more comfortable. That is me. If anyone wants to dress up that is their choice. The fashion police are being defunded and don’t enforce anything except men wearing shorts, wife beaters and t shirts for evening dining. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  14. You are right. Thanks for the correction. My mistake. I forgot about Dimitri. He is also another with a great attitude and sense of humor. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  15. The worlds largest parking lot Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  16. That other person may have been in a suite. They may have been alternating venues. The AQ could also pbe a guest of the other passenger in Luminae by paying the surcharge. Could be a arrangement resulting in friends with benefits. 🥰😍 Have sailed in AQ many times and am very happy that they are very strict about non AQ dining there. There are no exceptions except if in a suite then they can dine there on availability. If they didn’t enforce this many families would be bringing non AQ family members into Blu getting the benefit without paying for it. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  17. I don’t think anyone purchases it as there is no need with a drink pack. I would think that the size would be a liter as that is what most of the bottles on board are. Could be wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time today. With a drink pack pick up a drink on the way to the cabin, need another go back to the bar and get one. Take both cards and get 2 drinks. My wife wised up on this as I would order 2 drinks and have one at the bar. Then order 2 more to take back and drink the other as a traveler. Sometimes it can be a long walk back. 🤷‍♂️ She no longer lets me go by myself 😰even though I told her I am just being considerate and waiting on her. 🤗 Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  18. Alex is great. So is his brother that is also a Captain on X. Captain Leo is another great captain. Honestly I can’t think of any bad Captains on X, they are all great. Now if you want to talk about Cruise Directors they may make a difference. Don’t like the one with the initials S D. I think a there is a shoulder replacement or operation that will be required from the constant self back patting. Eddy Jenkins is one of the best. Introduces the show and is gone. No corny jokes that we have heard numerous times. He doesn’t try to be a celebrity but his daytime shows are fantastic and the one about his life is a not to miss. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  19. Something else you need to consider is any travel insurance or medical insurance policies you have. You may think you are covered for everything but they usually exclude many activities that they consider dangerous and you may not. I may be wrong but I don’t think the cruise insurance you purchase thru the cruise line covers anything on shore. Looked at it years ago and never purchase it so it may have changed. I purchase a yearly travel plan to cover medical as I am not concerned about the cost of the cruise as that was money spent and won’t break me like any medical emergencies would. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  20. Doctor told me my heart is in great shape and guarantees it will last me the rest of my life. ????? 🤷‍♂️🤔 Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  21. Can’t check in for a Nov 22 on the constellation Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  22. I am over 70 and probably in better shape and healthier than many younger. It doesn’t matter. We are like old cars that may look good on the outside but you don’t know what is going on inside. I have had a few friends that were given a great bill of health after visiting the doctor and shortly after dying from a heart attack, or having a stroke Overall statics will win, and that is what they base their restrictions on. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
  23. My wife and I may be the exception but our first cruise was 14 days on the Carnival Jubilee. We booked it as listed a s Hawaiian cruise. We didn’t know anything about being on a cruise ship and it was actually a repositioning cruise that crossed the Pacific to Vancouver. We didn’t have any issues or problems. I would take the Princess because it is the inaugural cruise. You may get a few special mementos and be the first to basically use everything. Also be aware that because it is the first sailing there will also be some hiccups You can cruise on the Edge anytime but only once being the first on a ship for whatever that is worth Just my opinion for what it is worth. Happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅
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