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  1. We met some friendly people from Iceland a few weeks ago at our golf course in Tampa. Now, we are going to play golf in Iceland as an adventure we will remember for life. Brautarholt Golf Club is our "private tour"...they will pick us up from the ship, provide rental clubs and a golf cart. The dramatic photos on their website are beautiful. They told us there are 65 golf courses in Iceland. Brautarholt is the oldest. We thought this would be a fun thing to do on our 2nd trip to Reykjavik. FORE!
  2. We are on the November 1, 2019 Far Eastern Horizons cruise as well. We've been monitoring the Travel Advisory for Hong Kong and it remains a Level 2 (exercise a high degree on caution). We took the travel insurance with Viking and rely on their judgement, so we'll see what happens...at least we know if there are problems at the airport with flight cancellations, Viking will take care of it. Our family & friends are more worried at this point than we are. For now, we are going to enjoy "In the Wake of the Vikings" starting next week on 9/11. 🙂
  3. Excellent. That sounds amazing. While I know we won't see everything, we will enjoy just being "in the moment" and the experience of a lifetime. Looking forward to seeing you soon on board as well! Marsha and Byron
  4. That’s great to hear! We are hoping to do the same. Thanks for responding! :)
  5. Just a summary of our Shore Excursion booking today (60 days out in a V1 category) for Cities of Antiquity and The Holy Land departing November 3, 2018. 1. We reserved "Nazareth & the Sea of Galilee" ($149/pp) with no problem. Very excited. 2. We reserved all of our other Included Excursions with no problems (i.e. No Included Excursions were 'sold out' as in the past, so Viking is doing great with resolving that issue). 3. The only Optional Excursion that we wanted which was Sold Out was Ashdod to "Jerusalem & Bethlehem." (note: it was also Sold Out from Haifa, but we didn't want that tour anyway due to longer bus ride = 12 hour excursion). We have opted for a private tour from Ashdod and Viking gave us recommended tour operators as well. Thanks again for all the feedback and recommendations!
  6. Last night (60 days out) we were able to book "Nazareth & The Sea of Galilee", which surprised us! Thanks for the recommendations. Ashdod to Jerusalem was sold out, but we have a backup plan.
  7. We are one day away from booking our excursions and see that 7 Optional tours are already Sold Out. Disappointing, but will have to book our private tours. I agree with what Senior Editor Colleen McDaniel with Cruise Critic writes... "Also worth noting is the disparity in quality between the ship's included shore excursions and its optional, for-fee offerings, which are, in some cases, significantly better." You just can't always get the optional shore excursions! We will see tomorrow what happens with the Included excursions.
  8. You will love this routing. Viking Air Plus routed us on the same....Bergen to Oslo/ Oslo to Frankfurt/ Frankfurt to Tampa. You will probably have a breakfast from the ship, then another breakfast on the 50-minute flight to Oslo, then another breakfast on the Oslo-Frankfurt. Once in Frankfurt, Lufthansa has its own Customs Control for transferring into the Euro Zone, which is REALLY nice with no big, long line. Then you can have lunch in the Lufthansa Business Class lounge before your TransAtlantic flight. It was heavenly. Since everyone speaks English, we asked a guy pushing an empty wheelchair how to get to Lufthansa and he took us up an elevator right to it and avoided the LONG lines. Have a great trip.
  9. We used onboard credit to pay for our gratuities as well which was really nice. (OBC was not always allowed for gratuities...they used to want you to use it for drinks, spa, gift shop, etc.)
  10. I don't post much, so I hesitate to push new buttons like the "+ (multi-quote button) because I'm not sure what it does. Anyway, everyone's situation is different and the new Viking VISA card will work for us short term since the timing is right for the next 90 days & we cruise in 79 days. There is 0 annual fee. We can book a few optional Viking excursions on the card and make non-Viking purchases for a total $400 shipboard credit. We're not interested in the rewards points that expire in 36 months, but will keep an eye on them. Our main benefits come from booking onboard (bonus discount of $400/pp for a 13-15 day cruise, and shipboard credit of $500/stateroom for booking future voyages)....all subject to change, but currently pretty good.
  11. I just want to be Karine Hagen's dog, Finse, and sleep on the couch in the Owner's Suite.
  12. Viking's VISA Credit Card applications: (855) 300-4662 (Call-in unless pre-selected from paying balances with a CC) Register/Online access/Benefits: https://comenity.net/vikingvisa Notes...No annual fee...For new bookings only...understood cannot earn rewards for existing cruise balances on CC (that's where the real $$$ is) . I suppose we can book a cruise on the ship and use this card (instead of our Marriott VISA) and get the whopping $100 shipboard credit; then pay the balance with eCheck as usual to save 3.3%. Also spend $1000 in the next 90 days on gas, etc, which is real easy for the easy $100. 5000 pts. receive $50 reward toward a NEW Viking booking. For no annual fee, how can you beat having Credit Card with a picture of a Viking Cruise Ship? hahaha! Viking Visa® Credit Card exclusives 3 POINTS for every $1 spent on qualifying Viking purchases* 2 POINTS for every $1 spent on gas & grocery purchases** 1 POINT for every $1 spent everywhere else Visa is accepted Earn SHIPBOARD CREDITS***: $100 SHIPBOARD CREDIT upon your first qualifying Viking purchase within the first 90 days of account opening $100 SHIPBOARD CREDIT when you spend $1,000 on qualifying non-Viking purchases within the first 90 days of account opening
  13. We are laughing because we never knew about it at all until we were reviewing Holy Land excursions on MyVikingJourney.com Didn't see it in the Viking Daily. We will definitely use the App on future cruises.
  14. This is good information for us to plan. Not sure what exactly we will be able to book when we get the chance but at least we have an idea of what we should ask for first. Since this is our first time to Israel, it will all be new to us and we look forward to seeing as much as we can. Thanks for your help.
  15. This may have already been discussed and we missed it, but just saw Viking Voyager announced on MyVikingJourney.com We just downloaded "VIKING VOYAGER" now available on all Ocean Ships... This is an app you can use once onboard your ocean ship to: - Book Shore excursions, dining and spa treatments - See each day's onboard activities - Manage your cruise calendar - Get port & destination information Once onboard, connect to the ship's WI-FI to activate. Very happy to see Viking introduce this! :D Available on iOS and Android. (My IT husband has been begging for this since Day 1 and now loves Viking even more)
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