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  1. canoncruiser

    "pure chaos" as Sunshine lists

    Way back in the day, I was crossing on the SS France, it was very turbulent and windy on deck; and one afternoon I was having a massage; there were two other gents having massages. We were well down in the ship where the gym was. One of the other gents was the Captain-well the ship took on an extraordinary list which caused the masseurs to keep us from falling off the tables! The Captain leaped for the phone and in very colorful French asked what the h...... was going on. He was informed that the ship-as big as she was - had been slammed broadside by very powerful sustained winds-hence the list. It was an experience let me tell you! . Things calmed down and cocktails and French Line cuisine sorted us right out.
  2. canoncruiser

    Is it just me..........

    It’s no just you, it wasn’t broke and they fixed it. They did not need to. Only confusion has been achieved.
  3. canoncruiser

    transatlantic temperatures in August

    It will also depend on the track the Captain chooses; once awhile back we were on a very northern track and it was cold mid-ocean, but 93F when we left NY and broiling hot when we got to Southampton. Also it’s hurricane season so you may be treated to a bit of rocking and rolling! Enjoy!
  4. canoncruiser

    Any Cunarders sail Royal Caribbean?

    I took a 7 day cruise with friends on Anthem-I will not do it again. It was during Spring Break, quell horreur!!!!!-Noise, singing, constant announcements, mobs of people responding to “special offers”. Then some young guy took a header off of Deck 14-we recovered a life-preserver, not him. And there were only 3 Immigration desks open for 5000+ people. A real downer. Never again!
  5. canoncruiser

    Baked Beans

    I really don’t mind the coffee on Cunard-I find it rather good with an edge, an eye opener, not mellow-and that’s what I need in the morning-I take it with whole milk and no sugar. I sometime use it during the day as an eye opener. In the evening I usually don’t take coffee after 8. I think for many folks their preference in coffee is as varied as their preference in egg preparation. But a hot mug of morning coffee out on Deck 7 seated under the zodiac roof with boisterous seas is my idea of heaven:D
  6. canoncruiser

    Red Hook to Manhattan Ferry Question

    Hi, The ferry schedules can be found on the NY Ferries web-site; root around on your search engine and you’ll find it. ENJOY :D
  7. I live in Manhattan-I use Dial7 car service. Hotel car services tend to be pricier than I think they need to be. There is also Carmel. You can find them both on the internet. They will tell you up front what the charges will be - tips are discretionary - folks here tip at between 15 and 20%. Cabs from Manhattan really don’t like going to the outer boroughs as they often can’t get a fare going back; and some of them don’t really know how to get to the Red Hook cruise terminal with any ease ENJOY YOUR CROSSING!
  8. canoncruiser

    Garrison Keillor: Dancing aboard the Queen Mary 2

    Thank you so much for posting. I blessed the marriage of Garrison and his wife when I was Rector of a parish in New York. He is an extraordinary man and his wife is a delight.He is very shy, but he generously made himself available to our youth groups to give advice, talk about life and careers ; he would often come to church but would slip out quietly and not stay for the ‘sacred’coffee hour.
  9. canoncruiser

    Hot Canapés served Prior to Dinner in The Commodore Club

    I was on a T/A last month and there were no hot canapés in CC and I was told that there were none after the re-fit-so what gives:confused:
  10. canoncruiser

    Changes on QM2

    Sorry-don’t know.
  11. canoncruiser

    Changes on QM2

    Oh yea I forgot, I was on QM2 for a R/T to the UK a few weeks ago. Having my usual pre-dinner drink in the Commodore and after asking, I was informed -no more hot hors hors d’oeuvres since the refit-a serious loss me thinks.:(:(
  12. canoncruiser

    Cab or Uber to LaGuardia

    Hi, I regularly use Dial7.com. They have always been reliable over the years; just tell them how many bags you have. They have large sedans and SUVs. They will confirm by email and will wait for you to disembark. The driver will call you once the ship has docked-I got caught up in a huge delay at Port Liberty among a heaving mass of very unhappy passengers-the driver waited and was very helpful.;)
  13. canoncruiser

    Cab or Uber to LaGuardia

    Hi, I arrived on QM2 on 3 August and there were plenty of yellow and green taxis lined up. The green taxis are regulated as are the yellow taxis, but the green taxis are limited to Manhattan above 96th Street on picking up passengers but like yellow cabs they can go anywhere else in the 5 Boroughs. So, the green and yellow cabs lined up at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal can take you to either JFK or LGA. ;)
  14. canoncruiser

    QM2 round trip questions

    Just got off QM2 R/T . My superb TA made two bookings for me but I stayed in the same stateroom. As a Diamond WC member, I got all the benefits twice. I think - only THINK - that you are re-upped at all Turnaround Days on your benefits, Maybe not. Not sure what happens when your R/T os one booking. Enjoy in any event. ;p
  15. canoncruiser

    QM2 Veranda Gone

    Well! Just off QM2 and had lunch in the “new" Verandah- superb Dover Sole with excellent sides, nice glass of Polly Fiume, and a killer Pavlova to top it off. My table mate had a steak which she liked a lot. Incidentally, I did a R/T T/A and had grand tables of fun folks going and coming. Service was altogether excellent, the ship is in vey good “nick” -A grand time all round. :D:D:D:D:D NB for Cunard-more staff in Britannia Restaurant;)