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  1. Well! I was booked Last May 15 for Bermuda etc. - I made the mistake of accepting an Fcc for 2021-now everything is pushed forward to 2022-. I DO NOT want that- but I’m told that I have no choice because the FCC contract also carries forward-my choice: stick with Celebrity or lose $3000. Boy am I p.......d😠
  2. Wonderful report on your first encounter with also my favorite ship. My first sighting of QM2 in New York was a fantastic photo of her on the front page of the Daily News as she arrived upstream on her maiden crossing-she occupied the ENTIRE space between two sides of a shot down a side street . I went down to the pier that evening and despite the security with which we must all now live - there she was towering and lit-up - I just stood there grinning-a lot of other folks had the same idea; New York’s finest were reasonably tolerant but the security fence now keeps you away from the water’s e
  3. Hi all, There were discussions awhile back about whether fresh oyster were offered during voyages. Well, two menus from Titanic and also menus from Hamburg Amerika of the same period indicate that fresh oysters were on offer to First Class passengers during crossings. Very fresh mollusks that were kept on ice would have lasted for most the TransAtlantic crossings-I think; and there was excellent mechanical refrigeration by that time. 😋
  4. Sorry-we cannot be sure-the specs listed in the design web-site in another post indicated a passenger promenade on Deck 3-so let’s just wait and see how it shakes out. I remember Stephen Payne describing how they had to lengthen the ‘platform’ 30 feet for QV and QM in order to have a Cunard Queen’s Room. Presumably, they know how folks feel about a proper Promenade Deck and that it’s very Cunard-so it seems reasonable to anticipate possible tweeks to the new ‘platform’. 🤔
  5. Dear snaefell, Given the enforcement of the dress code - if you decide on QM2 you will be able to use the Kings Court and room service to eat and nothing else in the evening-if you need to stick with beachwear, try the more informal ships, I think you will have a better time and be more comfortable with your fellow passengers. Try a repositioning crossing, not as fast but much more in your ‘comfy’ zone.😉
  6. Mes chers, You will have a grand time! As others have said, QM2 is a very different ship from everything else on the water. I never have any feeling that I’m in a mob scene, walking the Promenade Deck (7) is an endless joy; if the weather is too severe you can still get outside on the aft decks-as well as your balcony; if you are doing a TA, other than in high summer, choose a sheltered balcony, you can get some air and privacy at the same time. I often take things to read-like piled-up ‘New Yorkers’-or a big book. Of course I always find stuff to read in the wonderful library-one just h
  7. Well, I’ll tell y’all-I’m booked to Bermuda in May 2021 and Cunard in August. I’m champing at the bit!😄
  8. Welcome, I hope, to the Winter Crossing Club!!!! A few years ago I talked a friend into a January crossing from New York-she was very nervous. Alas, while it was very cold, the Atlantic was pond calm-in January; she was pleased , I wasn’t. On another occasion we had ‘rock and roll’ waves in December and QE2 rocked and rolled - it was grand! On other sailings we’ve had mixtures of great gales and foggy calm. The maiden Atlantic crossings of QV and QM were very very rocky.You won’t know until..... Now the weather is becoming more violent and unpredictable...so with the ever changing Atlantic-Ya
  9. Hi all, these new singles are superb BUT NOTE-they often go VERY QUICKLY . Enjoy!
  10. I live in hope😊 No winter TA’s on QM2/QV 😡 So I’ve booked August ’21 QM2-QV(ice)-QM2-I really don’t think that Cunard is anywhere near tent-folding. I think that they’re trying to sort through how to restore their best service norms in light of ever changing info on health issues - and taking the time they need to get it right. Hope springeth eternal. 🙂
  11. I understand your ‘itinerary dismay’ but given the health crisis in otherwise glorious southern Africa, the political chaos in much of the Middle East-even Israel is s bit shaky-and South America on QM would mean around the Cape or around the Horn-there’s not much left. Not sure why no Shanghai but glad there’s a bit more Viet Nam. Don’t want to gloat but I’m glad I did the entire WC in QE in 2016-don’t think I’ll have that much cash accumulated anytime soon-and I’m getting on in years. 🥴
  12. PRIVATE EQUITY!!!!!!!🤢 Most of the PE acquisitions strip a firm of its cash and load it up with debt in order to reward themselves with huge fees. God forbid such a fate for Cunard. The acquired firm then spirals into overwhelming debt and starts cutting and cutting to pay off the debt; imagine such a fate for Cunard. 😠
  13. Just read the article. It sounds like carefully planted industry gossip - and entirely speculative. BUT The basis of the story is that Cunard and Seabourn depend on an aging and diminishing customer base and that Carnival wants to make more money with brands that cater to a ‘younger’ customer base that is more promising . But there is always an aging and prospering demographic who will want move beyond the mass market. I’ve spent a lot of time on Cunard ships and , yes there are a large number of ‘seniors’, but in my experience they are not floating retirement homes, there is lots of life a
  14. Hey all, Check out old films and still photos of folks dining in the First Class Restaurants of both QM and QE - not publicity shots - and you will see numbers of gents in dark suits. In them thar days- 30s, late 40s and 50s, many business men crossed back and forth regularly and did not often travel with dinner clothes. Their dark suits, good ties and polished shoes were sufficient. According to Jimmy Merrill, his father -the Merrill of Merrill Lynch - sometimes did so and always dined with his PA/valet in order to avoid , bothersome fellow passengers.😊
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