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  1. I guess I travel on a different QM2 because I find the new iteration of the King’s Court well laid out and the selection of food really rather good; esp. the varieties of smoked fish and condiments available in the afternoon. I’ve eaten in a lot of cafeterias over the years and KC bears no resemblance save that you serve yourself. My one complaint, the pizza, hamburger and hot dog arrangements need upgrading.
  2. Just a related note on availability -‘now or wait’. I saw a QE Tokyo to Sydney cruise in October 2021 that had me salivating when one of you kind folks found it on another website before Cunard released the later 2021 list. As a previous passenger I jumped on it this week (the 25th) through my TA- even though he was on the phone early AM, my desired category had already sold out and I was booked me in a more expensive category-which had only two staterooms left (by late that morning!😲) and got me on the Waitlist for what I wanted. Wow! He is super good but desirable things can move like lightening. BOOK NOW AND SECURE WHAT YOU WANT. As my late mother used to say-think long and you think wrong.😉
  3. I’ve disembarked a lot at Brooklyn and I must say that our Immigration procedures are ‘getting worse and worser’. Three big ships came in that morning, Bayonne and West Side, and proceedings in Brooklyn were dreadful. The folks who were on transfers and tours were being jumped ahead because there were not enough Immigration staff, and there was proper concern that their connections and tours were being seriously delayed. I’ve no doubt the current hostile attitude toward foreigners has something to do with, it as well as the absence of subordinate senior staff in agencies which is intentional. Remember the war cry-‘destroy the administrative state’. Well it’s happening. Welcome to the USA.
  4. That 19 days really sounds odd if not bizarre. I started coughing recently on Celebrity - I had a post-nasal drip and knew that things were going right to my chest and trouble was afoot-I transferred to QM2 for my crossing home and continued coughing .The minute i got home I went to my GP who listed to my chest and prescribed Prednisone-not anti-biotics. He said i had a small chest infection but did not want me to in ant-bios. I’m fine now-I’m 76-. Your experience sounds bizarre and frankly rather irresponsible and offensive-I’d contact Cunard and relate the whole story. I do not think anyone in physical distress should be told to endure for over 2 weeks.😖
  5. Hi all, I just completed a 2week Ireland and Iceland cruise on Celebrity Silhouette and came home on QM2. I’ve read many comments about the food on both ships. The Celebrity offerings were varied and well prepared, the wine service was rushed and not one bottle I saw had a cork (all screw tops), and the Wine Waiters juggled several bottles at the same time. The tours were really superb. Good service and very friendly staff ( sometimes over-friendly), the ship was well maintained, room steward was excellent-overall a good ship experience; I did not like the GA of the ship, I thought it confusing, and the over amped live music-nearly everywhere- was often overwhelming; and indifferently to badly performed. That said I’ll go back to Celebrity but on their smaller ships. QM2 was superb and the food and service were just plain great. I would also note that the menus in Britannia were very innovative and not a selection of ‘the usual suspects’-which was the case on Silhouette. They’re trying different menus and methods of preparation on QM2 - hooray for Cunard! QM2 continues to be grand, beautiful and superbly managed and absolutely my fave.😁
  6. Two things ; there are no more cloth towels in the public lavatories-and the openings where they were to be deposited are now sealed up. The quality of the hot dogs has deteriorated. No more hot hors d’ouvres in the Commodore Club (3 things!)😉
  7. Taxis will cost you a fortune. Depending on your luggage, call a car service or take the train from Southampton Central to Waterloo. Others may have some good tips about cars.
  8. I am on Celebrity Silhouette now, I am a great lover of Cunard; Celebrity and Cunard are chalk and cheese. I will be sailing home on QM2. After the pictures I am a bit nervous about our stops in Iceland. 😟 I did a very long cruise on Holland America' Prinsendam-loved it. They're all very different; mostly in good ways.
  9. That beautiful poster would have been for London Euston to Liverpool service on the LMS-; before WW1 I believe all Cunard ships sailed from Liverpool. After that the express service went from Southampton. White Star was the first of the major Atlantic companies to shift to Southampton from which Oceanic and the 'Big Four' sailed before Olympic and Titanic. The London & Southwestern Ry. from Waterloo handled that service. Apparently Liverpool was a difficult port for the very large liners even though both Cunard and White Star were HQ'd there. Also Southampton was closer to London and the continental ports, The old White Star HQ is now a rather elegant and pricey hotel.☺️ Back in the day I sailed on QE and found out there was to be no Boat Train. Ship's staff said that after British railways were privatized, the ship had arrived on two occasions to find that there was no train despite arrangements. Cunard gave up and began the bus service. Also I guess more and more folks now are headed to the airports and tours, rather than London-still the train was fast and very comfortable. The tracks are there at the QE terminal, but they're used for car carriers; and there are no tracks at the new Ocean Terminal. 😞
  10. One has a table to one’s self- sheer bliss!😌
  11. I have used Coriander several times and have enjoyed it immensely-food and service are superb , and the transformation of that section of the KC is very well done. Kudos to Cunard!😄
  12. As to food-eat nothing you cannot lift!😉
  13. Hate to be a color ‘nudge’ but the wine and bar stewards wear ‘maroon’ vests; they can be a bit scarce on Embarkation Day in KC but they are around and as was stated , another steward will find one for you if asked. Bottoms Up!😊
  14. I did the WC on QE in 2016, I was in Britannia and I had an assigned table only for dinner. If your table mates are a problem-you can change-the staff were very accommodating. Bon Voyage!
  15. As a New Yorker, I advise being very careful about which train to take from Wall St. to Central Park. The Red disc #1 is a Local and will take you to the SW Corner of Central Park @ 59th St. and Columbus Circle-you can catch it at South Ferry in front of the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. The Red disc #s 2 & 3 are faster Expresses which you can take from Wall St. & William St. but you will have to change trains at Times Sq. and take a #1 to 59th. The 2 & 3 do not stop at 59th St. Also in front of the Ferry Terminal is a station for the Yellow disc M,N and R trains, which stop at 59th St and Fifth Ave on the SE Corner of Central Park-that puts you in front of the Plaza Hotel-you can the walk north to some of the museums or south to the fine stores and shops. Just make sure you give yourselves time to get back down to the Ferry ignorer to make your boarding deadline. Welcome to the Apple.😊
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