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  1. Hi , There is the weather consideration as you live in the Snow Belt-but were I you, I would drive to NYC right after the Santa Claus event-if you are able and book a room in Brooklyn. You’ll be able to get a few hours sleep before you embark on the 8th. Bon Voyage!
  2. If you’re interested, grab a Red Funnel ferry to the Ile of Wight and take s short bus ride to Osborne House. You can buy an inclusive ticket at the ferry ticket office. There was a nice pub outside of the main gate where we had a very nice lunch; or you can go directly back to the ship and have a late lunch there.
  3. I’ve disembarked several times with luggage to collect in the hall. I am Diamond-and I suppose that’s important-but having collected my bags, gotten a cab to Southampton Central, bought a ticket and with no rushing , I managed to get the 9:30 Fast train up to Waterloo. I think it how quickly you can get off is the key.
  4. canoncruiser


    On the North Atlantic in April it’s almost anything goes as far as weather is concerned-except maybe for violent storms, but the way the weather out of Canada is behaving -prepare to dress warmly if you’re going to be on the outer decks. If there is really ugly stuff up north or- as happened last year there was ice more southerly than usual - the Captain may take your farther to the south and it can be lovely on deck. Enjoy!
  5. I find the HOLIDAY INN overlooking the port to be very clean and efficient. I know there are other places folks like but the place is comfy, close, reasonable and they lay on a decent breakfast.
  6. I did the full WC on QE in 2016--It was absolutely wonderful. We did not touch South America-it was Southampton to South Africa, Indian Ocean, Southern and Eastern Australia ,Rabaul, The Philippines , China, South Korea, lots of Japan, Taiwan , Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Dubai, Muscat, Suez, Malta, Spain and Southampton-I may have left something out. The overland tours were superb and the staff a delight. One not so great thing-Cunard in what was obviously a a misconceived marketing move sold two and three day ‘hop on hop off’ trips in southern Australia. Bad move Cunard! I ‘ve been on QE and QV but not since QV’s refit. Until now I prefer QE. I went around SAmerica on Prinsendam-that was also a great cruise-68 days- with outstanding tours. You’ll have a grand time-Enjoy!
  7. Book through a good TA-they can get the room you want if it’s available. Bon Voyage
  8. When you arrive at the Brooklyn Terminal be sure to tip the porters handsomely, I’d say $5/bag; that way all will be well and your luggage will be well taken care of. You will love QM2 and your ‘best friend’ may well not want to disembark after the treatment received in the kennel. Bon Voyage!
  9. I just got off QM2-wonderful winter Back to Back TA-didn’t even get off in Southampton. I would also differ on the slightly faded jibe-she’s just been done over-and she’s glorious and NOT faded. Criticism, I was in 5020, one of the very large Oceanview window rooms. They need to rearrange the furniture in all of the OV’s so that the beds are oriented the way the balcony cabins’ beds are and so that one can get to the window or porthole and maybe sit and relax and contemplate things in the AM with one’s coffee or tea. I note that the menu has changed in Britannia (good) and I think there is rather too much food served in the specialty venues. Fab-none the less.
  10. Way back in the day, I was crossing on the SS France, it was very turbulent and windy on deck; and one afternoon I was having a massage; there were two other gents having massages. We were well down in the ship where the gym was. One of the other gents was the Captain-well the ship took on an extraordinary list which caused the masseurs to keep us from falling off the tables! The Captain leaped for the phone and in very colorful French asked what the h...... was going on. He was informed that the ship-as big as she was - had been slammed broadside by very powerful sustained winds-hence the list. It was an experience let me tell you! . Things calmed down and cocktails and French Line cuisine sorted us right out.
  11. It’s no just you, it wasn’t broke and they fixed it. They did not need to. Only confusion has been achieved.
  12. It will also depend on the track the Captain chooses; once awhile back we were on a very northern track and it was cold mid-ocean, but 93F when we left NY and broiling hot when we got to Southampton. Also it’s hurricane season so you may be treated to a bit of rocking and rolling! Enjoy!
  13. I took a 7 day cruise with friends on Anthem-I will not do it again. It was during Spring Break, quell horreur!!!!!-Noise, singing, constant announcements, mobs of people responding to “special offers”. Then some young guy took a header off of Deck 14-we recovered a life-preserver, not him. And there were only 3 Immigration desks open for 5000+ people. A real downer. Never again!
  14. I really don’t mind the coffee on Cunard-I find it rather good with an edge, an eye opener, not mellow-and that’s what I need in the morning-I take it with whole milk and no sugar. I sometime use it during the day as an eye opener. In the evening I usually don’t take coffee after 8. I think for many folks their preference in coffee is as varied as their preference in egg preparation. But a hot mug of morning coffee out on Deck 7 seated under the zodiac roof with boisterous seas is my idea of heaven:D
  15. Hi, The ferry schedules can be found on the NY Ferries web-site; root around on your search engine and you’ll find it. ENJOY :D
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