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  1. That is exactly what I meant (2nd post) when I said it would be the next cruise. It was booked as a 20 day cruise and NOT a b2b.
  2. You will receive Elite Status on your NEXT cruise following this 20 day cruise.
  3. This is great news as we are booked on 11/04/21 Transatlantic and I was a little worried about it. Original date was 10/31/21 so we were not covered.
  4. Got notice from travel agent this morning that our September 4th Baltic Hertiage cruise has been canceled. She said she received email from Princess that states "As a result of the recent UK Government announcement on the roadmap to ease lockdown and international travel restrictions, we have cancelled UK-based cruises sailing roundtrip from Southhampton through September 25, 2021". Princess will move us to the 9/3/22 cruise (and price protect us) if we desire as option 1. Option 2 is a 110% Future Cruise Credit Option 3 is a full refund. We have 4/15 to select an option
  5. It was originally said October 2nd so I will believe it when I see it...lol
  6. Our transatlantic on the Enchanted in April 2020 was canceled. We were told it would sail now in May and it would open for booking on October 2. Needless to say, October 2 has come and gone and nothing has shown up. I do realize it is showing Caribbean cruises in January forward but with several weeks of gaps in the scheduling. So, it leaves to wonder if the Enchanted will really come to the US at all. Please no rude comments as they really aren't necessary.
  7. I am not too terribly interesting in cruising if I have to follow the submission that RCL and Norwegian presented. Our next cruise is a 14 day Caribbean cruise and they are suggesting nothing longer than 10 days) and if we can't get off the ship except to go on a ship arranged excursion, I will pass. I take Caribbean cruises to go shopping and have seen most of all of the sites in islands I want to see.
  8. Can anyone provide with me with what might be the obstruction from the balcony in M104? It is called "Deluxe Balcony Stateroom (Obstructed View)" but I cannot see what the obstruction is. Thanks for any help.
  9. 2021 I might agree, but I think stretching it out to 2022 might be a little too long.
  10. I am sure this has been answered many times, but I have looked back and can't find it right now and I am in hurry. Can I bring a 12 pack of soda on board with me? Thanks in advance for your polite replies.
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