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  1. Our room is already booked and paid in full, we didnt get an accessible room because for the interior that we chose there were no more available, we would have had to have gone to a more expensive balcony cabin. She doesnt like using the scooters anyway because she says after even a short period of time she is in a lot of pain. We may just go with renting a wheelchair
  2. She rarely uses her own scooter because she says being on it is actually painful for her, so she wouldnt want a scooter either way. I'm thinking about going ahead and renting a wheelchair. Looked at the rates and they really arent very expensive.
  3. I know the piers are pretty long. I was on a couple cruises last year where we went to Cozumel and Progesso. Cozumel had pedi cabs that took us right up to the gangway, does anyone know if any of the 3 ports?
  4. Hello, I am looking for suggestions for excursions for someone who is mobility challenged and cannot tolerate much walking. This is my moms first cruise and I would really like this to be a great experience for her. She has Fibromyalgia, chronic degenerative disc disease, and arthritis in her hips. So a lot of walking is not in our cards for this trip. She has a Walker that has a seat on it so that she can stop and take breaks when needed. She doesnt want to take her wheelchair or scooter with us because she doesnt want me to have to push her around everywhere (regardless of how much I have told her that I am perfectly fine with doing it) and she doesnt want the hassle of trying to transport the scooter so she has opted for using her Walker which has wheels and a seat. We will want to do things that we can easily take a pedi cab or taxi to, and where she will be able to relax and enjoy things. Food and drink excursions, or things with minimal walking. Thank you in advance.
  5. she isnt confined to using the wheelchair and can actually walk around, it just does get pretty painful for her if she has to do too much walking. i want her to be able to enjoy this trip as much as she can. Unfortunately with her ailments she is always in some amount of pain at all times so i just want to try to limit the triggers of her pain.
  6. I wouldnt even dream of leaving it in the hallway, i've seen too many kiddos (and some adults for that matter) running wild on the ships who feel like they can do whatever they want and I would be worried that someone would mess with it that shouldnt
  7. she is 69, she has a wheelchair and a scooter at home but just trying to see which is more cost effective as well as determine how difficult it may be to transport a wheelchair and/or scooter since we will be flying to the port location. I figured that it would be easier to deal with the wheelchair than it would be a scooter in regards to getting it on / off the plane? as for pushing her in the wheelchair, i have no problems with that at all, I was actually doing that for both my mother and father when they needed help going to the hospitals for tests or anywhere else. The wheelchair that she has is very easy to push and navigate.
  8. do you know what the typical rental rate is?
  9. The ship we are looking at is the Allure
  10. the one we have at home does fold easily which is fine since she isnt confined to the chair just needs it more for times when she will have to do a lot of walking. Walking through the grocery store can be difficult even for her so she usually uses the motorized carts provided in the stores.
  11. I am so very sorry for your loss as well. My parents would have been together 42 years on the 11th of this month. I knew that they would transport on and off ship as I went on a cruise with a friend who needed assistance on and off ship, i just wasnt sure about the rest. I appreciate your response and the information. You mentioned that you took your husbands chair. Did have to fly to your port or did you drive? We will be flying since we are in Ohio and and the cruise we are looking at will be out of Fort Lauderdale. If you flew, how is the chair stored on the plane? does it have to be checked?
  12. I have been on mulitple cruises, not on RC yet, but I am looking at possibly going on a RC cruise in September with my mom. My mom has not ever been on a cruise, but it was my dad's wish for her to go with me at least once. My dad had been sick for a while, the past couple of years he had deteriorated very quickly. He wasnt able to travel due to his condition and she was scared that if she left for a few days that something may happen when we were away. He just passed away a couple of days ago and over the past week he had made her promise that she would go with me on a cruise once he was gone. The issue is that my mom as fibromyalgia, chronic degenerative disk disease, and arthritis in her back and hips making standing, sitting and walking for long periods very painful and difficult on her. The only way that she will be able to go on a trip like this is if we use a wheelchair so my question is this... We dont really need an accessible room because she isnt confined to a wheelchair, she can get up and walk. 1. Will RC provide a wheelchair for us to use for the entire cruise 2. Will the wheelchair be one that can be folded/collapsed to fit into the room if we dont get an accessible room 3. Will RC require us to have an accessble room (which is more expensive) for them to provide a wheelchair
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