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  1. So glad to hear the cruise is going well -- my son and daughter-in-law are first timers on that cruise.
  2. Any chance the Final Four and NCAA Championship Game will be shown on Caribbean Princess Saturday and Monday?
  3. Would be nice to read about Princess ADDING amenities instead of taking things away...chair - table - Happy Hour - foot stools - - embarkation lunch tenderloins and salmon -
  4. Would be nice to read about Princess ADDING amenities instead of taking things away...chair - table - Happy Hour - foot stools -
  5. I hate to knowingly sound stupid, but here I go! Other than being able to open my cabin door without using my hands, what exactly does the medallion do that my cruise card doesn't? I can use my cruise card at (gift) shops - getting on and off the ship - I know I'm missing the point somewhere.
  6. Maybe I’m missing something here (and I usually am), but the implication, I think, is when you make reservations via your personalizer ahead of time, you have to pay via your credit card. These embarkation day dinners with the coupon book are BOGO...so how do you go about getting one dinner refunded?
  7. Maybe I've missed it, but does anyone have a current drink list with prices? Also, International Café specialty coffee prices, if available? THANKS!
  8. I specifically asked TA about doing this and was told it was for new bookings and I would have to cancel with Princess and they would then book it and hope to get my cabin back.
  9. Am currently booked with Princess, but thinking of rebooking with TA with the 3-day sale; however (and this is BIG with me)...I might lose the cabin I have booked with Princess. Has anyone been able to rebook and keep their cabin assignment?
  10. Question for all of you Transatlantic experts...! Which season do you prefer...Spring to Europe (April) or Fall to Florida (late September)? I am looking at weather for crossing and completely understand each year is different and nothing is guaranteed. Also looking at combining with British Isles (after crossing in Spring or before crossing in Fall).
  11. Just re-fared my April TA to take advantage of the new promotion. It took two calls cause the first Princess rep told me my deposit is now non refundable. I was pretty sure the Landmark Sale deposits were refundable, but didn’t have the details in front of me so I told her “never mind” and I would call back if I wanted to change my original reservation. I reviewed the sale details and, of course, found that the deposit is refundable so I called back and got a different rep. This isn’t the first time I have received conflicting info from different reps.
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